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Friday, 6 June 2008

The good thing about a bad thing that happened....

I knew I missed something when I saw an unusual traffic jam during a usually non traffic peak hours in front of the clinic I worked last Wednesday. Serve me right for not paying attention to the Malaysian radio and television. Apparently people were queuing up to get the last RM1.90 petrol into their car. A gesture I fail to decipher because lining up in the queue with your car engine on for hours would probably burn the petrol you were supposed to have saved anyway.

Then after, it seems that the talk of the Kedai Mamaks are no longer who throwing who the fancy expletives in the Parliment, rather, just the Rakyat throwing expletives because that is the only thing Malaysian can afford pretty soon.

I am not going to nag about how the oil price going is to retard our lifestyles, even though the hard truth remains that there is no way the oil price will not be increased when the world oil price have already been up since last fortnight.(hey, I listen to CNN and BBC, I would be terribly amazed with Pak Lah should he be able to not allow the petrol price to go up).

Let's look at the bright side of the increase oil price.

1. Less air pollution. People will finally understand the importance of preparing a complete list of groceries carefully to avoid forgetting some items and going back to the same shop twice.

2. People travel less, go on holiday less, and the bloody overpriced hotels will be forced to come up with promotions. Good for consumers.

2. Less motor-vehicle accidents as not many feel like stepping on the gas pads too hard nowadays

3. Less Mat Rempits

4. More chances of rubbing asses with each other in the sardine packed public transportation system. Perhaps only then humans will comprehend the Sardines' dilemmas and learn to respect the sardines, and other animal species.

4. Less polygamy as the basis of allowing polygamy is "men who can afford". Good. Now men can't afford (to fuck around and legalize it)

5. Doctors will make more money because many people will get stressed out and line up for painkillers and blood pressure check. Some may also have an excuse to take MC and not go to work to save petrol money.