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Saturday, 27 March 2010


Last year, on Earth Day, I did what everyone else did and it felt good. Well, that was before Climategate (plus UPDATE ON CLIMATEGATE)and some research I did regarding Global Warming. Just like politics, one day you feel good about something, the next day you feel like strangling the same whatever or rather whoever who made you feel good earlier on...

This year, if anyone have read my thoughts in The Clouded Truth, The Convenient Lie, Hi, I'm Pah Nur. I am a skeptic. Hi Pah Nuuuuuuurrrr... you will not be surprised nor blame me for not feeling that enthusiastic about Earth Day anymore... here's a video that kind of but not exactly summarize my sentiments towards earth day;

Even if I think Al Gore's Global Warming is the biggest hoax of the century, I love the nature immensely and will not litter nor destroy trees or harm the animals...but for a reason purely that have nothing to do with Al Gore's and company's lies....But remember one thing, every time a group of people lie for self interest, there are other people who suffer the consequences financially too. I am not comfortable with "saving the earth" when "saving the earth" kills fellow's a kind of genocide, except done in a covert manner and legally.....I'd rather have the dinosaur do's less personal when another species destroy you....

Saturday, 20 March 2010

And finally, I give you the Online Islamic Sex Shop....

You know, I never get all this Islam this and Islam that...I don't get International Islamic University (when they offer the same courses as any other Universities), PUSRAWI (Pusat Rawatan Islam) etc, just like I don't get why Samy bothered with that toupe when he was there long enough for people to notice the Benjamin Button effect going on on that scalp of his.

Islam, like most other religion, at it's gist and core, promotes non segregation, unity and so on. So to say that a hospital or a higher learning institutions are built using Islam as a name by itself is a contradiction. It also contradicts the Hippocrates Oath where PUSRAWI is concern..oh..but who cares about Hippocrates and his oath right..he's just an infidel, why should any Muslim listen to him even though that oath makes sense. Oh, again, but wait..I just remembered..nobody abides to the oath anymore..well, almost nobody...

Here, soak it up with this latest Islamic sensation; online or off, this Islamic sex shop tops it all..
Read the article in it's entirety and authenticity as you click on the link below;
Online Islamic Sex Shop Opens for business

First of all, in business, it's location! location ! location ! Amsterdam is a bad choice of location for an Islamic sex shop because you can get better sex just outside the shop across the street for much better bargain.

Besides,....what are they trying to say by putting the word "Islam" at the beginning of the shop? That when you buy from Islamic Sex Shop, you get circumcised dildos?
The excerpt says:
“A condom is better for maximum sexual pleasure because the penis is not withdrawn when orgasm is reached. It’s important in Islam that both men and women reach orgasm. If a woman is not satisfied, she will use impure methods like masturbation or vibrators.

Dammit!! There goes one fine product and if anyone can calculate without using the same calculator used by the IPCC to calculate the predicted meltdown of the Himalayas, then it's simple mathematics to note that women outnumber men in market size and I don't think men could provide a better market than women when it comes to dildos.

Or are the Islamic condoms more righteous than the infidel condoms? The type of condoms that just dissolves the moment the Azan blasts off through the speaker, to encourage the Muslims to leave the sex scene and run to the Masjid instead.

Funny thing about some of the fatwa formers. When it comes to men, suddenly covering up their "heads" seem less important to decreasing humanly lust as compared to covering up the women's heads. It took them some time to agree to the condom. Talk about double standards huh.....Contraception in some parts of the "Islamic" countries, is discouraged in Islam, not that the world need more non bastard halal fundaMENTALists as a result of the propagate forth programme to take over the world by genetic multiplication...

Or perhaps Islamic condoms have that special kurma flavor or can make cum become zam zam?
Perhaps the Muslims can do better than the Christians?

Oh, let me guess, there definitely will be a whip available, Muslims are soooooo into whipping nowadays...they're just looking for excuses to use them, if not creating some.
Excerpt from that article ;
“People are afraid of Viagra; it’s a medicine. In Islam there are herbs which help. Poppy seed oil, pure honey. Scholars recommend these too.”

Hmm...since when scholars go to science school? In Malaysia, our scholars cannot even recognize the ethanol content of tapai, nor locate the "anak bulan" (common, I'm 40 plus and still waiting for these jokers to announce, for once that all this time they spent polishing the mohor besar raja raja, they finally put the taxpayers' money to sponsor those trips to good, that they finally spotted the anak bulan despite the nicolas nimbus as thick as the skull of some of the politicians and religionists), nor can they appreciate that rape is not about the victim, but about the rapist. Imagine how scary it is for them to indulge in issues of genetic engineering, which way to pray when we finally colonize in Mars etc. Why do you think these people stick to safe issues like Inai on hand? There's so much a person's IQ can handle for the day...

So far, all I hear available in this Sex Shop are halal products, but apart from that herb which is that can overcum I mean overcome performance pressure, what other products are there that needed to be halal? Dildos are out, what is there left that one can't find in the 7-11 across the road?

Oh, let me help out by coming out with my very own list. These are the possible merchandise that can be sold in the Islamic Sex Shop world wide....

1. The head cover : Instruction reads : "Wear this and STRICTLY JUST THIS".

Here are some options...after all, to "improve the image of Islam", one have to point out that Islam has choices.
Or perhaps add in a few strands of thread...
This fashion come in three, in case you're up for Russian Roullete with your three wives..inny meeny miney more..
Oh...and the lady in the green burqa gets tonight !!!
Below :
If you're into submissions, then perhaps this burqa may be of help :

2. Miscellaneous stuff; Oh, here are some stuff you can actually buy from an Islamic court auction, which can also be sold in the Islamic Sex Shop :

Whips...hand gloves....wonder if that mask is for 3D visualization...

3. Sexy furniture : If one feels the need to extend their imagination into forbidden places, perhaps they can be a bit adventuress and purchase this champagne seat for fore play. This cannot be haram because technically, both alcohol and grass are products of greens and fruits...ask the vegetarians..they'll tell ya..

4. Lubricants made in Mekah. If their zam zam can allegedly cure all diseases, imagine what their lubricants can do !!!

5. Herbs and all; here's what Malaysians can export to Amsterdam

6. Books on sexual education:

Or books on doa doa; to quote my FB friend (I shall honor his anonymous-ity):

" A list of books in the Islamic Sex Store:
Doa-doa sebelum bersetubuh
Doa-doa semasa bersetubuh
Doa-doa sebelum klimaks
Doa-doa setelah bersetubuh
Doa-doa apabila isteri/suami tahu mengenai persetubuhan anda."

Talk about corpus interrupted....And should erectile dysfunction be the result of such method of love making, (totally expected of course) presumably with your lawful spouse, you may then need the halal herbs suggested by scholars, assuming they work at all. Who says Islam is not enterprising?

7. Sexy Posters : Or if you're a jihadist material, perhaps you can purchase the poster below, post it onto your ceiling so that you can imagine what all that 99 virgins would do to you....

The poster above are for those who finds liberated Muslim women to be orgasmic...A free CD by Neyo, "Miss Independent" is thrown in with each purchase of this poster.

What do I make out of that poster? Well, they are right indeed...The veil IS womens' liberation...liberation from thinking...

8. And last but definitely not least, performance enhancer

You think this is not Islamic? Think again. Look closer and you will see that on the iron rod that is extendable, the scale is printed in Jawi...(where did you think the term "Masuk Jawi" came from eh?)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Tiger Fest

Achtung everyone !!

Tiger Blogfest 2010 - 1st Announcement : Call for Participation

There will be a blogfest on Tigers manned by Planet of the Monyets, which I hope many can participate. Click HERE for full information (just in case you missed the first link ).

Let's make that change !!!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Bored? Watch "That Effing Show" lah...

I'm still recovering from that nasty viral fever. Will be writing again sometime soon. In the meantime, I'm quite some of you have seen this video on, well roughly current issues of Malaysia, but for those who have not, do enjoy "That Effing Show"....

Friday, 5 March 2010

Al-Islam 'journalists' should be charged or call for tribunal to remove AG. by Vijay Kumar Murugavell

I'm currently recovering from viral fever and thinking just hurts. So, I'm not going to write for a while, definitely not going to read the news or listen to them. No news is good news and when you have a viral fever that makes you head feel like it's pumping like the heart, you just know the last thing you need is the news.

I've read this interesting article before getting sick and posting it for your perusal. Hope you will enjoy it as much as I did reading it.

Al-Islam 'journalists' should be charged or call for tribunal to remove AG.
by Vijay Kumar Murugavell

Source :


While I respect Steven Sim's views on a Christian response — “that we offer forgiveness.” I ask for the charges to be pursued as too much of this sort of thing has been happening, Ahmad Ismails 'pendatang', cow head protest, Najibs assistant making derogatory remarks and now this :-

Protestors fuming over racial slurs from gov’t staff (Two political parties have lodged separate police reports against a Cameron Highlands district office staff for uttering racial slurs against a group protestors who were unhappy with the performance of the district officer. PSM Cameron Highlands branch spokesperson Suresh Kumar told Malaysiakini that the first report was Read the full story...

The cow head protestors were charged for sedition and illegal assembly only after much uproar, initially even the Home Minister defended their actions.

Is it any surprise then that bigots of every hue come out of the woodworks ?

Why is the Deputy AG and not the AG himself involved in a case of widespread public interest ? I suggest an appeal be made to the AG himself.If the AG makes a similar decision then a memorandum of protest should be sent to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong,

as the AG holds office at the pleasure of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

The question I have for the AG is, will he take a similar stand had it been a desecration of a Mosque ?

Article 145 (5)

Subject to Clause (6), the Attorney General shall hold office during the pleasure of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and may at any time resign his office and, unless he is a member of the Cabinet, shall receive such remuneration as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may determine.

Article 145 (6)

The person holding the office of Attorney General immediately prior to the coming into operation of this Article shall continue to hold the office on terms and conditions not less favourable than those applicable to him immediately before such coming into operation and shall not be removed from office except on the like grounds and in the like manner as a judge of the Federal Court.

Article 125(3) of the Federal Constitution provides for the removal of judges of the Federal Court on the ground of “misbehaviour or of inability”.

Article 125(3)

If the Prime Minister, or the Lord President after consulting the Prime Minister, represents to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong that a judge of the Federal Court ought to be removed on the ground of misbehaviour or on the ground of inability, from infirmity of body or mind or any other cause, properly to discharge the functions of his office, the Yang di-Pertuan Agong shall appoint a tribunal in accordance with Clause (4) and refer the representation to it; and may on the recommendation of the tribunal remove the judge from office.

Article 125(4)

The said tribunal shall consist of not less than 5 persons who hold or have held office as a judge of the Federal Court, the Court of Appeal or a High Court or, if it appears to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong expedient to make such appointment, persons who hold or have held equivalent office in any other part of the Commonwealth, and shall be presided over by the member first in the following order, namely, the Chief Justice of the Federal Court, the President and the Chief Judges according to their precedence among themselves, and other members according to the order of their appointment to an office qualifying them for membership (the older coming before the younger of two members with appointments of the same date).”

This is and issue that affects us all not just the Christian community, I hope the Muslim community too give support for such a tribunal to be called as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) himself forbade the desecration of places of worship.

If this too fails, please make your displeasure known at the ballot box.

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Haiyah.....can't even turn my back for a minute on these jokers....

So okay, my response to this whole fiasco is a bit late, but I was on holiday and for that I won’t apologize. Even Superman needs to send his super-underwear that he wears over his super-tights for dry cleaning right? What am I talking about? Well, THIS.

I am appalled, disgusted and ashamed that having a religion had not made these people any better than the so called un-enlightened. I mean, unless you are an imbecile, a retard who obviously have the excuse to not be able to understand the injustice behind this, is there a point to having a religion if religion makes you no better than the pagans? I do not need to quote from the Quran, Bible, etc to state my case because,frankly, an Atheist would be able to recognize injustice on the spot……shame on these Muslim journalists and the people who enable them to cause this shameful deed.

Here are some thoughts from my blog brothers, "Buat Malu Islam Saja!!!" and "JUST WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THIS", which pretty much covers my sentiments towards this atrocity...