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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

This Malay Annals

It's the time of the year where you can start finding calendars on sale again. Although I don't use calendar ever since I have indulged in this love affair with my smart phone, (Nokia - definitely idiot proof), it does not stop me from browsing through them, just for fun. Frankly, a bored general practitioner needs a life in order to actually have something to write about, in a diary. I can imagine what I would write just to show that I too, am interesting enough to have a full page written on a diary page.


Dear Diary,

Oh...sodding mournday....again. Remind me again, what is the purpose of life? And whatever happened to Sunday? F***, where's that oto-thermometer (the ear thermometer), I can't survive Mondays without it. These patients think that I was born yesterday. Hacks can only increase tongue temperature only 2degrees celcius, and I can counter that by saying "you're ovulating, body temperature a little up", but can't use that on men, obviously. Hot water, gulped urgently 2 seconds before entering the consultation room, may just get the job done. But you have to really look sick to have that amount of temperature rise. And that's where my oto-thermometer comes in....just when the patient thought that he'd managed to pull a fast one on me, I'd pull up that oto-thermometer and take another temperature reading from his ear. Unless his brains were fried from trying to figure out how to get MC from me, that thermometer should give a true temperature reading. Bring it aaaawwwwnnnnnn you bloody malingerers...

Tuesday all the way to Thursday:

Dear Diary,

Kindly refer to Monday notes.


Dear Diary,

I put my stetoscope onto his chest and all I can hear is the sound of music and laughter coming tonight's dinner at La Bodega's, drowning the sound of his heartbeat.

Saturday and Sundays :

Dear diary,

sorry, I'm busy living my life ergo no time to write on you. There's too many parties, kenduris (including for male circumcision....I don't support female circumcision...basically it's human mutilation), stand up comedy shows and lectures to go to.

See what I mean when I say we doctors do not need a diary?

Then my eyes were feasted upon this very Islamic diary. It made me wonder, what does it mean; an Islamic diary? Is it to show that this diary had circumcised it's extra flap of paper and converted itself into Islam? Only Muslims can use this diary? What is the fatwa's take on infidels purchasing this diary, let alone use it? Are we to write Islamic things in there? ( more writing bedtime version of "taking matters into my own hands"). Do one need to replace stories of celebration, to stories of celibation? Hmm...Can I write about the blow job done in space by our first and probably last astronaut? ( well, I don't know what else to call blowing soap into balloons that cost a lot of other people's money, unless you have a better suggestion). I was drowned in an abyss of ...well, basically dung thoughts. See, this is also why I find "Pusat Rawatan Islam" very mind boggling.

The mind boggling "Diary Islam".

And below is another alarming sign that caught my eyes at, Bangsar Shopping Village, of all places. You know how bad things are when posh and muhibbah places like this, gets infected with signs like these;

Buggered!! Now we've got a halal and haram why not make a separate lane for the Muslims to pay their beef, just to respect the Indians and the vegetarians? Then create another counter to pay for the condoms and KY jellies, label them "for fornicators" and "for non fornicators". While we're at it, come up with another counter for "those wearing tudung with underlying problems" and "those who wear tudung without underlying problems" (I said underlying, not underwear, please concentrate, thank you). Because, there are some people who wear tudung, that makes Shakira's song, "Underneath your clothes, there's a different story" (namely "fungal stories") a true story. I've treated many of them, so no one can say I made this up. Then have another line for those "who tak pakai tudung". I mean, if you're talking about respecting the community, why restrict to just respecting the Malays/Muslims sentiments only eh? Are you trying to tell me, the minorities sentiments are not to be respected?

When my eyes first caught sight of this book, I thought that it was about Anwar. Apparently, as I put on my glasses, it's actually the Malay Chronic-les.

I saw this cartoon on facebook, and I thought I'd share it with you.

I was walking around one of the shopping complex, when I saw this lovely old couple, still holding hands after all these years. Of course, it could be that they had just gotten married after some previous ugly divorce. But for a moment, there was bliss.

I'm so excited, I have to share this with you!!!! I now know where Superman lives. I'm still waiting to catch him dash out that door....

Below, my kid just demonstrated to me, how Darwin first thought of his Theory of Evolution. It was over lunch with his kid I suppose......

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Latest on H1N1

*****Latest update Second wave hit Thailand....Malaysia...get ready folks for a second wave...

This morning, I attended the lecture given by Dr Christopher KC Lee,the former Head of Infectious Diseases Department in Hospital Kuala Lumpur, now heading the Medical Department in Sungai Buluh, one of THE man in handling the pandemic H1N1 that is hitting us today.

He had recently attended the World Response Conference on Global Outbreak of H1N1 and had shared with us, the latest updates on this matter.

I will present to you, in a very brief manner and as lay man as possible, to avoid decreasing your pre-existing short attention span, on factual matters. My job had taught me that humans are most likely to achieve full attention span when their attention are on matters like porn and politics. Oops...that's redundant, but you get what I mean right?

So here's the deal. The outbreak of such H1 viruses is not a new phenomenon to the human species. One of the earliest known outbreak was back in 1918, (America) , 1957 (Asian Flu in China), 1968 in Hong Kong. All have the same pattern - they have what we call a "second wave", which kills more than the first. 1918 saw a different strain, meaning the virus had mutated into something more potent. However, in the 1957 and the 1968, the culprit remained non mutated. Needless to say, we are expecting a second wave of 2009 H1N1, but this may range between 6 months to 2 years, with reference to the earlier flu outbreak.

I won't go into boring details of how the health side are expected to handle the out break. What I can say in conclusion is, I will not advice any doctors, or anyone to have any wedding plans involving doctors, just yet, just in case.

The H1N1 vaccine is already in Malaysia, but not yet accessible to public, nor anyone who is not as important as those who we call the VIPs (no, I don't mean "very important pricks"...although.....), of course you will not get this published anywhere. However, hopefully, if everything goes well, the vaccine will be accessible to the front liners then the public sometime by January 2010. But don't you worry, it'll definitely be before December 21st 2012.

And by March 2010, the seasonal influenza jabs will include the strain of H1N1. Currently, I do hope that you will not fall into that "cash rush" by some irresponsible clinics that insists the current Influenza Vaccination have protective properties against H1N1.

A note in regards to the anti viral medications. There are two types of anti viral tablets; oseltamivir (better known as Tamiflu) and zanamivir. The latter is not to be taken by those who have problems of bronchospasm, such as asthmatic patients and COPD (chronic obstructive Pulmonary disease, or smokers' asthma). The age group of less than three years old, will not benefit from antiviral tablets, unfortunately. Furthermore, people traveling to pandemic areas are not advice to take these tablets as prophylactic measures. This causes emergence of resistant strain of virus. The same applies to those who have already contracted H1N1, they should not take the tamiflu as prophylactic measures against re-infection.

So here's what you can do, to avoid contracting, or transmitting the disease:

1. Know your personal hygene.

Basically, shut your trap when you sneeze, cough etc. This is one thing I hate. People should have freedom of speech, but not in a form of sneezing and coughing. I really don't understand parents who love to tell their children to "salam doctor" when they damn well know that their kids use their hands to wipe their gooey nasal discharges. This is one occasion when I would love to tell them to F*** with courtesy. Parents who are unable to tell a simple thing like, "close your mouth when you sneeze or cough" should not be allowed to breed. Funny thing is, they have no problems telling their kids to shut their mouth up when they are being inquisitive yet have problems telling their kids to shut up and behave in public places, not to mention shut their traps when they cough and sneeze.
This is a YES....
And this man should learn something from the kid up there.....
Wash your hands frequently.

2. The simple common sense of staying away from crowds during an out break, blah blah blah..please don't let me repeat this.

3. Know how to perform self assessment/home assessment.

a. Respiratory difficulties : shortness of breath (SOB, not son of a bitch yaa), rapid breathing or purple or blue discoloration of lips. Tell your teenage kids to lay off Goth for a while and stay away from those black lipsticks.

b. Coughing out blood or blood streaked sputum

c. Persistent chest pain. But I do hope you don't rush your teenage girl to casualty because you cannot differentiate between chest pain from complication of H1N1, and the eruption of adolescent breasts, save yourselves the embarrassment. But if you really are in doubt, do not hesitate to seek doctor's opinions. Bomoh's opinion will only resort to blaming everything on the poor's bad enough that we're wearing their pants...let's just give them a break shall we?

d. Persistent diarrhoea and / or vomiting, with or without the history of ingesting food from the local mamak store.

e. Fever persisting beyond 2 days or recurring after 2 days.

f. Abnormal behaviour, confusion, less responsive, convulsion. Having said that, please do not drag some of the people sitting in parliament to casualty - those are not exactly the abnormal behaviour, confusion nor less responsive type I meant.

g. Dizziness when standing and / or reduced urine production. Dizziness in the presence of George Clooney and Brad Pitt, does not count.

Those who have the symptoms above need to be seen by the doctor in the hospital, otherwise, home quarantine is all that is needed, even if you're tested positive for H1N1. Another thing about testing is that "there is not much point in testing for H1N1, unless one needs to be hospitalized", as treatment is emphasized, based on clinical evaluation.

5. Be careful when you have what we call "co-morbidities" or "risk factors". They are:

a. Chronic respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD, and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). The latter pertains to obese people. It's the heights of self torture really, that you get so fat, you stop yourself from breathing. So, in short, try not to smoke your way to smokers' asthma and to not stay fat (unless of course you have a medical excuse to be fat)
b. Pregnant women, especially in their second and third trimester

c. Obesity.

d. Other possible predisposing conditions such as chronic cardiac disease (but not simple hypertension, so don't tension tension), and chronic illnesses including diabetes mellitus, renal failure, haemoglobinopathies, immunosuppression (including cancer, HIV/AIDS, chemotherapy, long term steroids). For those who cannot comprehend some of the terminology, then don't worry, it simply means you don't have it.

e. Adults above or the age of 65years, especially those with chronic disease.

People with co morbidities with symptoms need to be seen by doctors in order to start antivirals.

Here's a brief note by Dr Christopher Lee for further reading and I leave you with a video showing Dr Lee giving an update on H1N1 on NST. Stay safe folks.

Friday, 20 November 2009

The Meaning of "Malay"

I found this very interesting article by Shanon Shah titled "The Meaning of 'Malay' ", that I would like to share with you, unplugged (by me).. you can, if you prefer, read it from it's origin.

As for my take on this topic, I would say that, it's not the meaning of "Malay" that is important, rather, is there a meaning to being a "Malay" if by being Malays, mean insisting on defending the adat adat that are associated with negative values such as "malaise", "bangsa subsidi", disregarding the basic human rights of other races etc.

And below is the article that I had copied and pasted...

The meaning of "Malay"
by Shanon Shah

"BIAR mati anak, jangan mati adat." Quoting the Malay proverb that places culture above one's child, Prof Anthony Milner argued on 21 Oct 2009 during a lecture in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) that Malay-ness was defined by civilisation, and not descent or bloodlines.

The lecture by Milner, who is Basham Professor of Asian History at the Australian University, argued that the Malays of this region might have seen themselves differently from how they do now, certainly in contemporary Malaysia. After all, the concept of race was a colonial import from Europeans who were trying to categorise people from different parts of the world in a successful attempt at divide and rule.

But did the Malays here self-identify using the same racial framework? Could Malay-ness have possibly been defined differently in a pre-colonial, pre-racial Malaya? If the answer is yes, was there a moment when the Malays of Malaya stopped seeing Malay-ness in civilisational terms and exclusively in racial terms?

It is important to analyse this more closely, since so many now accept "race" as an inheritable and indeed inherent category of identity.

Civilisational Malayness

Emeritus Professor Datuk Dr Abdul Rahman Embong tells The Nut Graph, "I agree with Milner that historically Malay identity was much more fluid and complex, enabling one to talk of a civilisational Malay-ness." Rahman, a principal fellow at UKM's Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (Ikmas), does not discount the fact that the importance of descent and blood ties in determining Malay identity did prevail through history. However, he says the civilisational aspect remained pronounced.

"Even the Federal Constitution adopted a civilisational definition of Malayness, defining [in Article 160] a Malay as someone who habitually speaks the Malay language, practises Malay culture, and embraces Islam," he continues in an e-mail interview. Of course, he says this definition is limited only to Malay Malaysians because there are Malays in other parts of Southeast Asia who may not be Muslim.

The issue of Islam certainly adds complexity to the construction of the Malay Malaysian identity, says Dr Helen Ting, a research fellow at Ikmas. She tells The Nut Graph the phenomenon of political Islam was practically unheard of two to three decades ago in terms of the state's powers to determine who was a Muslim, and how a Muslim should or should not behave.

Ting does not use terms like "ethnicity" and "race" interchangeably. Ethnicity, unlike race, does not attempt to explain all behavioural, intellectual and cultural differences as "inherent" in any way. Rather, ethnicity denotes a distinct cultural group with a shared heritage such as a cultural system, language or even religion. This may or may not include a shared ancestry or blood ties.

As such, ethnicity in itself is value neutral. "There is nothing right or wrong about this identity unless this identity leads [an individual] to disrespect or reject other identities as inferior or inadequate," Ting explains.

Which then brings us full circle to the question of "Malay-ness" in contemporary Malaysia. Does the definition of "Malay" in Malaysia entail rejection or disrespect towards other identities? The opposite question also needs to be asked – could there also be a rejection or disrespect towards those identifying as Malay in Malaysia?

Confronting myths

This is where Parti Keadilan Rakyat supreme council member and ex-Umno maverick Datuk Zaid Ibrahim says it is counterproductive to dwell on definitions. He tells The Nut Graph in an e-mail interview, "There is no need, I feel, to dwell on the true definition of a Malay [Malaysian] since it has been so defined in the [federal] constitution.

"What is important is for the government not to continue perpetuating the myth that there is one set of special rights for Malay [Malaysians] and another for the rest of our people."

Although Zaid shuns making any overt definitions of his own, his reasons for writing his book I, Too, Am Malay seems to lean towards cultivating a civilisational understanding of Malay-ness. "I want them to accept the realities where only those with the right education, right values, good work ethic and willingness to accept personal responsibility will do well," he says.

"No amount of Malay political power can protect them since in a corrupt political system those who wield power are merely pawns of the capricious and the greedy, irrespective of race," he continues.

A paradigm shift is what Zaid, Ting and Rahman are looking for. According to Ting, ethnic diversity is not the problem in Malaysia. "It is more a bigoted view of those outside [certain ethnic, racial or religious] boundaries that makes problems," she says. And so, she says a shift in how Malaysians think about diversity and differences is in order.

And according to Rahman, that shift is probably already happening. He points towards the growing popularity of Najib's 1Malaysia slogan.

"Many of the young people see their future in non-ethnic terms. They want to see 1Malaysia — shorn of its political rhetoric — become a reality," he says.

But mindsets are not the only things that need to change. Systems and processes need to evolve also. Ting says there must be a way to penalise political leaders when they become exclusionary and reward them when they are inclusive. Rahman says the growth of a two-party system is also an effective way to keep racial politics in check.

Zaid, however, has a caution. "No peaceful changes or transformation can take place in Malaysia unless Malay [Malaysians] are willing participants in that process," he says.

The good news is that history shows us that Malay identity, and indeed any ethnic or racial identity, can evolve and be redefined. It's good news, because it means that things can always evolve for the better. All it takes is a bit of honesty and self-awareness in looking at the past.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Browsing through Scientific American, I found something amusing to read amongst the load of mentally taxing stuff and I thought, oh what the heck, let me share it with you.

Here, read this interesting article, originated from HERE, and of course, as usual, my crap will follow suit ...heh..heh..

A Sex Chip? Targeting the Brain's Pleasure Center with Electrodes
Could growing clinical use of brain electrodes lead to a chip for sexual stimulation?

By Gary Stix

A fundamental goal of neuroscience has always been to deduce the brain systems that underlie such basic drives as hunger, thirst and sex. In 1956 the well-known physiologist James Olds wrote an article for Scientific American, called “Pleasure Centers in the Brain,” that described how a rat kept without food for a day was lured down a platform by a tasty meal. En route to dinner, it received a pleasurable electric shock. The rat never showed up for mealtime, instead choosing to delight in the arousal. With the optimism characteristic of that era, Olds concluded that stimulation experiments would lead to an understanding of neural functioning that would allow “one drug that will raise or lower thresholds in the hunger system, another for the sex-drive system, and so forth.”

Fifty years later the promise of Olds’s vision has yet to fully materialize. Better drugs are needed to suppress appetite and spark sexual desire. But fascination has grown in recent years with taking Olds’s more direct route of stimulating the central nervous system.

So far no one has created anything like the Orgasmatron, first seen in Woody Allen’s 1973 comedy Sleeper. Undaunted, one clinician—who has trademarked the name Orgasmatron—ran a small, FDA-reviewed pilot trial to test the possibility of applying electric current to the spine to reverse sexual dysfunction. Stuart Meloy, a North Carolina physician who specializes in implanting spinal electrodes to alleviate pain, found by chance that a slightly off-kilter placement in the lower spine caused one woman to exclaim: “You’re going to have to teach my husband to do that.”

In 2006 Meloy reported that 10 of 11 women who stopped having or never had orgasms experienced sexual arousal with the temporary implant and, of that group, four had their ability to experience orgasm restored. Meloy is seeking a medical device manufacturer to bring the costs down to $12,000 for a permanent implant, about the charge for breast enlargement.

Neural electrodes may eventually move up the spinal cord to what is often characterized as the body’s primary erogenous zone. Deep-brain stimulation, the placing of electrodes at strategic spots far underneath the skull, now treats a variety of ailments, including Parkinson’s disease and dystonia (uncontrollable twisting of a body part caused by involuntary muscle contractions). An occasional side effect is spontaneous sexual stimulation.

Tipu Aziz, a neurosurgeon at the University of Oxford, speculates that better knowledge of the brain’s pleasure centers—combined with improved surgical procedures and control of electrical pulses—may make a sex chip in the brain a reality. “Lack of sexual pleasure is a huge loss in one’s life, and if one could restore that, that would enhance someone’s quality of life enormously,” Aziz remarks.

Some neuroscientists are not so sure. Morten L. Kringelbach, a researcher at Oxford who sometimes collaborates with Aziz and wrote the book The Pleasure Center (Oxford University Press, 2008), cautions that hedonic experience may consist of an impulse corresponding to “wanting” and another that represents “liking.” To succeed as a therapy, a sex chip would have to address the challenge of switching on neural circuits that activate both impulses. In a 2008 paper in Psycho­phar­ma­col­ogy with University of Michigan at Ann Arbor psychologist Kent Berridge, Kringelbach illustrated the distinction between the two by citing an infamous case from the 1960s, in which psychiatrist Robert Heath placed “pleasure electrodes” in the brain of a gay man code-named B-19, in part, as an attempt to “cure” his homosexuality.

The patient pressed a button compulsively to turn on an electrode that induced a desire for sex, but whether he actually enjoyed the sensation was unclear. The stimulation alone did not induce orgasm, and B-19 never expressed any real contentment while hitting the button. Kringelbach warns against similar misuses of contemporary deep-brain stimulation. “It’s important that we not get carried away by this technology,” he says. “It’s important that we not end up in another era of psychosurgeries,” referring to the mid-20th century popularity of lobotomies to treat psychiatric disorders.

In the end, a sex chip may serve as a prop for moviemakers, but turning on the current may never become a truly practical means of adding the buzz back in your love life.

Wow!! Finally the scientists are able to turn that line, "Turn me on NOW" or "Let's get it aaawwwwnnnn yawwllll" into, well, almost into a reality. That's how innovation comes by. We imagine something, and kabaaam, we work into making it a reality....for example, flying, landing on the moon, having politicians in parliament (well, we did imagine sometime back that we'd put clowns into suits...didn't we?), etc, etc, etc....

I thought I'd call it what Woody imagined it in his movie, "The sleeper", the "Orgasmatron". Of course we all now know how Woody is capable of making his imaginations come true, after all, he did marry his adopted child, talk about turning forbidden fantasies into real life. Let's call that but another story shall we?

So, apart from those who have lost their mojo due to medical reasons, who do you think would benefit from an Orgasmatron eh?

Here's some ideas:

1. Workaholic men who need a trophy wife, but may not have the time to satisfy the wife in bed can get this fantastic gadget as a Christmas gift. She needs it for the orgasm, while he needs it to get her out of the way of his work, his mistresses.

2. Busy people who only have time for sex at the time they can only have time for sex but are not horny at the time when they can have time for sex. If you're confused, you probably need one of this Orgasmatron too, or probably just a simple orgasm achieve by any means in order to clear your mind for you to be able to think sharply.

3. Singletons out there who wants to practice abstinence, unless you're a Muslim who actually believe that fellatio and masturbation are prohibited. (you are really screwed then, with or without the sex). With all that sexually transmittable diseases out there, the safest sex is to not have sex at all. (Hmm....and that is why sex is safest amongst married couples...because married couples hardly have sex anyway). But when one decides to get one of those Orgasmatron, be sure you be quick in getting these gadgets before JAIS or JAKIM or even PAS finds out and starts cumming....oops...sorry, I mean coming with oneeeeeeee fart...sorry...I mean fatwa..

4. Women married to PAS and Arqam members or any fundaMENTALists who have 4 wives and believe in the “sunat malam jumaat”. Each wife gets to get laid only on malam jumaat and you need to wait a month until your turn comes, that is of course, if your menses don’t fall on that day. So this Orgasmatron may come in handy while waiting in line.

5. People who just got bored with dildos and need to get turned on looking at those dildos.

6. People who due to medical problems or allergies, cannot tolerate viagra, chialis etc. But Viagra by no means can be compared the power of Orgasmatron, because viagra's function is just to get it up, or orchestrate a standing ovation, at the slightest thought of sex (which basically is an exacerbation of how the penis works anyway), minus the pleasure of the stimulation. So, for those who have invested heavily in viagra, both in the pills as well as the stock market, I suggest you keep an eye on the cumming...I mean the coming of Orgasmatron.

7. Women married to ugly but filthy rich men for their money and fear going to bed every night or just tired of faking orgasms. You can then experience how true orgasm feels like.

8. Married couples too long in a marriage, (or perhaps that it just feels long) and have lost physical attraction with each other

9. Just old married couples.

And last but certainly not least;

10. Samy Vello. We just need to get his mind off politics so that he'll become like "The rat never showed up for mealtime, instead choosing to delight in the arousal". That may be the only way to get him to retire.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Wahhabi who?

Pah Nor asked me what exactly is this Wahhabi movement and I found it hard to explain mainl because my knowledge of the movement is probably more than two decades old and it has not been updated since then.

So I thought I'd do a little revision on what it is before I have to watch Malaysian news in the near future.

Just to share it with you. Here are some interesting links.

Wahhabi in Western eyes -

Wahhabi according to Dr Maza -

Wahhabi in the conspiracy theory -

Wahhabi according to one Journalist of Jewish descent -

Wahhabi in Iranian eyes -

Wahhabi in a Sufism movement’s eyes -

Monday, 2 November 2009

What's love got to do with to do with it....

How can I pass off this eye catching topic? Here, read WHY WE KISS. Apparently, a man and a woman need to kiss each other because there is a cytomegalovirus that needed to be, well, kind of vaccinated into the woman, so that she will built natural immunity against this virus. The virus is not dangerous to the kissers but to the pregnancy. Nothing personal really, it's just a kiss to vaccinate the mom in order to protect the baby. And I thought it's the most romantic thing to do....just kiss for the longest time. These scientists had to spoil romance by researching the reason behind kissing. What can I say. Oscar Wilde was right when he said, "Thinking kills romance".

Hmmm....apart from the selling of rethorics by some reckless politicians, the mouth have found recognition to it's actual use to mankind after all. First there was that blowjob to immunize people from HIV , and now there's this. Hmm...maybe that is why prostitutes refuse to kiss the customer, (so I was told). Why waste time when she's not planning to carry his child. But a fellatio, now that's something else. More blow jobs means increase immunization against HIV.

A few issues boggles the mind though:

1. What if a gal have multiple partners, would she be super vaccinated hence super immunized?
(Actually, I know the answer to this one. She may get superimmunized to cytomegalovirus, but she will increase her probability to getting Herpes Simplex 1 or cold sore instead)
2. So why do gays kiss then?
3. What about the Muslim men with four wives. Basically sharing a mouth is as good as sharing a needle for vaccination. Any plans to research that?
4. What happens if one kisses a smoker? After all, smoking involves a cigarrette at one end and a fool on the other". that's what that song "Kissing a fool" meant....would it be a good vaccination, or they will have to kiss again after the smoker stops smoking in order to get a good immune response.

After reading the hypothesis proposed by these scientists who had just killed romance, I can almost hear the cytomegalovirus singing, "What's love got to do with to do with it....", every time I see two people are kissing....or worst..when I'm kissing ...probably a fool....