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Saturday, 31 August 2013


I love my country. And this is a tragedy, as how Shakespeare would describe love. He did not? Shakespeare I mean. Well, at least his works had suggested it. Tragic is also for the students who had to learn Shakespeare and sit for the exams on his work, if I may add. Yes. With the current state of Malaysia, it is indeed a tragedy to be in love with her. But I do. I love Malaysia. Then again, I may have some un-diagnosed masochist tendencies similar to those who committed themselves into marriages. Dare I say, you are suffering from the same ailment too?

But here’s the good news. As much as how a little sad the state of our country is, she is not suffering from a terminal disease that is incurable. She is suffering from a disease, yes albeit curable. The very fact that we, the Malaysians do realize that our beloved country is in fact suffering from a debilitating disease and that keeping reticent about it will result in grave consequences for our future survival is already the first steps towards improving the current situation. 

What is the purpose of writing this article anyway, you ask me. Well, I have been invited to participate in the “Say Something Nice Campaign” (thank you for the invite) which most of my readers who decipher my style of writing will shall I put it…ROFLOL (that’s “Roll onto floor laughing out loud” in internet jargon). Perhaps this is THE reason I was invited (haha) because if nasty Pah Nur can say something nice, perhaps there is hope for Malaysian to “reconcile” after all. Truthfully, I do not really comprehend it when people keep coining that word, “reconciliation” among Malaysians. 

I don’t know about you but on the ground, the people are okay among each other…however, the only people that truly need reconciliation right now are those bunch of people we elected into Parliament. I mean, there must be a reason why the English Collective Noun “A parliament of Baboons” was created. And some even need reconciliation between the mouth and the end part of the digestive system ( the end that does not have any… erm ….French Connection) because some of the words that come out does not really have any clear distinction as to which end they emerge from..(hey....this is me being nice okay)

Here’s the thing we must understand. Whether we like it or not, we live in the same biosphere. Even a retarded monkey can decipher that entities that coexist in a biosphere needs to maintain the harmony in that particular biosphere because this harmony is vital for our own survival ergo existence. So, after the heat cools down, you know..the talk about boycotting this and that, the sudden rise in chicken price approaching Hari Raya, the Jonker Street racket and blah blah blah…we will realize and hopefully not too late, that we are basically stuck with each other and like it or not, we have to be nice to each other. Be nice or die trying. How to be nice to each other? 

We’ve got to start somewhere right? Let’s understand that while it is relatively okay to be racial, it is not acceptable to be a racist. I do hope you know the difference. Well, let’s start with embracing our similarities rather than our differences. Sometimes, we spend too much time whining about the things we don’t have, and we forget to embrace in gratitude, what are the things that we have. If anything, this will leave us with heart filled with grudges hence unhappiness. Let’s start this healing process with the feeling of gratitude and empathy. Let’s share together in recall, what we love about Malaysia, this country we are sharing. And this is what you can expect from my blog entries beginning Merdeka Day (Independence Day) to Hari Malaysia (Malaysia Day). Or I'll try....

I grew up in an environment comprising of multiracial entities. I, for one, cannot survive in an environment where there is only one race because this is just plain boring not to mention a non-competitive environment where people just fall contented with being complacent. Everyone dresses the same, eats the same food, sing the same kind of songs, speak the same language, and if there is only one race we will get bored laughing at the same funny stuff from that same race. It’s kind of nice to laugh at/with other races once in a while and being able to absorb racial jokes pertaining to our own…and etc, etc, etc. We won't be having some of the most inspiring not to mention funny Stand Up Comedians had we not comprise of such a wonderful combo.  Of course some regretfully may have to retire early soon after Samy Vellu stepped down, but I'm sure there are many more funny public character who can potentially deter these wonderful talents from an early retirement. Yes... I love it that I grew up in such an environment.  And I grew up fine too (although some if not many may contest this)… I think… no criminal record ..yet…

This is one of the reasons why I had accepted the kind offer to join this campaign. I want to share with my fellow Malaysians, what it is like to love Malaysia, and to reminisce why we love this country, in hope that the process of healing will begin from the very source of a healthy country, from us, the Rakyat …(the people of Malaysia).

Sure, it’s so easy to blame the politicians, the Jews, even the cows for alluring politicians into sinning ( a non-bestiality sense of it), and what not, but we must remember that the politicians are just a reflection of our society. It is we who are responsible in forming the society that coalesces into a bigger nation that will determine the nature and future of our country. I think it is high time we stop blaming just the politicians. In life, it is within us that we need to search for the answers as to why our country is the way it is today because that is how democracy works. If the society comprises of the corrupted and the racist, naturally the people elected by majority will reflect the same virtues. When we talk about bribery, if there is no giver, there shall be no receiver. It is not fair to blame just one party when the word “corruption” will not exist without both entities. Ask ourselves, who provides this stepping stone? Politicians gain power by popular support so if racism is a stepping stone then we must then wonder why do we allow it to be a stepping stone?  Reticence may also become the partner in crime.  If you blame the politician to use racism as stepping stool to their careers , ask ourselves, who do we go out to lunch at work every day, or who do we invite to our houses for just hanging out? Where do you send you kids to school? There…..there lies your answers...

So, let us go back to our common ground; what similar stuff that we share and we love as Malaysians. For instant the sentiments we put aside when Malaysians together witness our national heroes perform in sports for example, that beautiful feeling when we forget about everything else except that we are indeed Malaysians, one team against the world.….let’s feel it right this moment….I’m going to create a pause in my writing to allow time for us to reminisce that wonderful feeling of being just simply Malaysians.

Can you feel what I feel ? 

No? Ah well….if all else fails, let’s at least have a common hatred that can bind us together, let’s say over the darn Yusuf Tayoooooooooooooooob adverts that haven’t been changed from probably Before Christ. Only love can heal this country…well…maybe…then again sometimes love is not enough. Respect and empathy can go a long way….