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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

9/11...revisited...again...and again...

I have always been intrigued by the mystery surrounding the event of 9/11. Before we proceed beyond this point, let me make it clear to you that my interest is purely in uncovering the truth. As far as I'm concern, all life form is sacred and any average Joe with the interest for the truth can agree that the world have since changed after this tragedy, and not in a good way. Humanity died , yet again on that very day. Many innocent lives have been given up thereon in the name of "holy war" or "war against terrorism".

My prayers and well wishes are for all the victims of 9/11, be you in that building that day or the innocent lives that were sacrificed in the subsequent events pertaining to that black day of humanity. Because of that tragedy, many more lives, innocent lives, were sacrificed in wars that did not even justify the event of 9/11 itself. You were all a part of a bigger plan. Unfortunately, this plan was... I mean, is, not that of the higher being but by a group of war mongers who feed their very tummies and the tummies of their families with blood money and surrounded themselves with worldly riches yielded from this very tragedy that took your lives away from your loved ones. May justice find you in the here after. In the mean time, may the living seek the justice in truth until we all join you.

Now. Tell me how such terms can ever make sense to the human brains? "Holy War". There is nothing holy about wars. There is nothing holy about killing your own kind. In fact, there is nothing holy about killing. If you have to go to war to defend yourself and the people you love, then it may be noble, but remotely, holy. Somewhere somehow along the lines of "holy wars", "war against terrorism", "mother of all wars" whatever, innocent lives are taken, and 99.9% of time, these lives do not comprise of that from the royalty, or those powerful people who instigated and insisted that the war was necessary or important in the first place. Most of the powerful people who insisted that war is necessary ended up not dying from war they help created, but from a rich man's disease such as a heart attack.

When a person blows himself up to bits, did he know that he was going to make innocent children from innocent fathers and mothers bystanders become orphans? Or was he thinking of the promised 99 virgins he was going to have halal sex all day long with when pushed that button? The world lacked virgins, what made him think that there would be more in heaven?

Frankly, when any war happens, it's more like "Holy Shit" bullshit more than it is a "Holy War"....

The enemy isn’t conservatism. The enemy isn’t liberalism. The enemy is bullshit." —Lars-Erik Nelson, political columnist —

"War against Terrorism" . Now what in the name of cow's dung does that mean? You destroy terrorism by inflicting bigger terror ? So what does that make you? A certified Terrorist? Really, can someone tell me what the fish it means, this war on terrorism. I'm sure people like Gandhi would wonder, if anyone wants to die for a good cause, why not just fast to death to prove a point? I don't think Bush could have handled even half day of fasting though. He did not make sense with a normal blood glucose level, imagine what blunder, I mean, bigger blunder, he may have done with a low blood sugar in the brain. Then again, rumours has it he hired surrogate brains to do his job whilst he was off golfing half the time when he was in office.

What prompt me to rekindle my 9/11 research? It started when my eyes were feasted upon this article published this month, which originated from a 2009 article by Gordon Duff in Veteran Today.


Turned out, the conspiracy theorists theories were right - that Osama bin Laden was long dead before his ghosts started appearing on videos come political elections. Somehow rather reminds me how the syyyyyyyyyyyy...May 13th tragedy would float during our elections. Here are some articles back in 2001 that reported the "possible death" of Osama bin Laden. Frankly, I would really like to purchase Osama's dialysis machine that had been able to operate somewhere deep in the caves of Afghanistan and do justice to some of the patients suffering from End Stage Renal Failure because of it's durability not to mention the long battery operating capacity since 2001 when Osama had failed to turn up for his scheduled three times a week dialysis.

Meanwhile, many wars had been waged whilst they debated, "To decease or not to decease, is the Question" game. Many lives lost. Many hearts broken. Innocent lives. Innocent hearts. Just like Smeagol, his fickle mindedness had it's cascades of detrimental consequences.

Then they debated the authenticity of the videotapes released. BBC ran an article on video threat. Take not that this was going on since 2002. The U.S "experts" said the video is authentic, but the Swiss "experts" claimed it was not. Later the Swiss refused to verify other videos pertaining to Osama Bin Laden. Frankly, Swiss makes great pocket knives, chocolates and their watches have excellent time precision. U.S on the other hand, makes war and they had gotten good at it according to George Carlin. So I'd vote for those Swiss boys.

CBC ran a documentary on a movement comprising of Architects and Engineers who in 2006 decided to run an independent investigation on 9/11. It resulted in overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.

I had posted in my blog earlier, should anyone have the passion and patience to read and listen for the quest of finding the truth. You can read it HERE

In 2004 however, Webster Tarpley came up with a very analytic outlook on 9/11, in his book "9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA". (you can download it FOR FREE HERE, in pdf form. Notice the capital letter spelled for "free"? That is because I know we Malaysians luuuurve anything that is free. But you can buy his book at the local bookstore). You can also listen some of his video clippings..

Here's history and economics coming towards you.

Another architect involved in Truth 9/11 movement, Kevin Barret, also gave his take on 9/11.

They needed Osama bin Laden to remain "alive" , illusive ,un-captured, lost and undiscovered to enable them to wage the wars they already did, which never could have been waged had Osama been captured. The convenience came from ransacking the nations they wanted to ransack, in the pretext of looking for him. Did they know that he was dead back in 2001? Maybe, maybe not. More importantly, does it matter now?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Safest Sex is No Sex....especially for mosquitoes

You know how people like to say things like, "People who don't know how to use the public toilet should not be allowed to breed" ? You and I know that toilets in Malaysia not only is a perennial, but also a peri-anal problem, so not allowing these species to breed sounds quite logical. Scientists however, have not come up with ways to covertly make this happen to humans without them volunteering...yet... but the same cannot be said to the mosquito species.

Humans may suffer from narcissism and should be renamed megalomaniac-sapiens, claiming that we are the superior species ever to walk on the surface of the earth, but mosquitoes have long proven that they are more superior in a sense that they are more potent than our weapon of mass destruction, (which i reckon how Bush is passing his retirement time looking for) in killing the human species and not softly too. Bearing detrimental diseases such as dengue, yellow fever and malaria, humans have been terminated by the dozens of hundreds...

Just like the Irish and Bhai jokes, we make jokes pertaining to these blood suckers. Here's one:

"What is the difference between a mosquito with a briefcase and a lawyer? Answer: the briefcase".

So okay, that one was more for the lawyers, but you get what i mean. On hindsight, we doctors are blood suckers too. We draw blood from patients and the actual blood sucking takes place when we start charging.

But make no mistake about it, these species that we deem pests can take away our loved ones.

Here's a short video on mosquito, kind of an introduction:

( )

Science have moved on beyond mosquito coils, Baygon sprays and mosquito netting etc. Science have managed to come up with alternative methods to somehow curb mosquitoes from breeding.
Yes, while the Muslims are busy using our pseudo-creativity on ways to terminate human beings via orthodox methods used in stone ages, for example stoning adulterers to death (well, can't blame them for the lack of creativity to think outside the box...there were ample stones...just sitting there begging to be disposed..... ), the infidels are blessed with the freedom from mental curbing and have the liberty to actually use the god gifted brains to research on more useful things like how to kill mosquitoes who kill humans. Now, if THAT is not HUMANity, tell me what else is.

Basically amongst the ongoing experiments are :

1. Scientist looking for methods to intercept mosquito's' foreplay. How rude is that?

Do you know that mosquitoes make music to a specific synchronized note as part of their foreplay? I didn't know either. These mosquitoes literally make music with their wings, in synchrony to that of their sexual partners , a way for them asking, "Hey baybee, your place or mine? And I thought they were just being annoying. Perhaps the Singaporean government may benefit from observing the mosquitoes sexual habits and learn how to utilize music as part of their governmental initiative to increase their population. Something else noteworthy - the next time you hear your dog howling for no apparent reason, it's probably because they hear the musical foreplay of the sound of mosquitoes trying to bunk each other, and got horny too.

Also, don't forget to remember that when you break the mosquito's wings, you're actually depriving it of sex too. That is probably why there is a hadith on breaking both wings of insects when it falls into the water, to okay the drinking whilst the insect with both broken wings is still within it. This is to not just ensure, but double ensure that we are drinking pure/suci (from any form of sexual activities) water. Otherwise, I cannot for the life of me think of any other sound reason for this habit. I also cannot help but wonder how the tone deaf mosquitoes have sex though..questions...questions. Anyway, here's a video on this phenomenal event.

....or you can read it in detail from the Science Daily

So now, scientists are looking for ways to somehow de-synchronize the harmony of the mating tune, to what we Malaysians call, "potong steam". Well, I've always said that "The safest sex is no sex. That is why sex after marriage is safe, because the couple hardly have sex after marriage", but of course this is but another topic that does not concern the mosquitoes.

This experiment is on going. I can imagine the scientists working on how to throw off these mosquitoes' wing music, albeit I have a suggestion...THIS VIDEO may help these scientist? about loony tunes eh... I won't be surprised if these male mosquitoes may even join the monastery after listening to this particular video :-)

You see, the ulama wasn't joking when they say music can lead to sex ergo the haram fartwa...(or was it dancing can lead to sex?)... hmm...P. Ramlee may be singing "Getaran Jiwa", but these ulamas have long suspected (or maybe through their personal experience), that some anatomical parts of the humans may be vibrating harmoniously as they set into foreplay without intention, when they hear saaaaay...Lady Gaga sing "Alejandro".

Anyway, here are some excerpts from the article that I'd like to comment on:

"Interestingly, the mosquitoes adjust the harmonic resonance of their thoracic box to produce a harmonic frequency that converges at a frequency that is the females' third harmonic (three times her fundamental frequency) and the males' second harmonic (two times his fundamental frequency). The study also is the first to definitively show that contrary to previous thought, female mosquitoes are not deaf."

Hello!! How could the earlier scientists even thought that it was the female mosquitoes that were deaf!!! I think it's the male in ALL species that have listening problems!!

"By studying these flight tone signals, we may be able to determine what kind of information males and females consider important when choosing a mate," said co-first author Lauren Cator, a Cornell graduate student who works with Harrington. "This will allow us to release 'sexy' transgenic or sterilized males that will be able to successfully compete with wild populations."

.... well, at least we know that within the mosquito world, size does not seem to matter....

To conclude, since Jakim, Jais dan kawasan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya have almost always been intrigued by sex, I suggest that instead of wasting tax payers' money hounding the couples on Valentine's Day, why not spend some money studying sex amongst mosquitoes. Who knows, someday they may well live up to their pay by finally serving humanity by doing what they best do, prohibiting sex that has no certification.

2. Scientist who have already established a method to encourage female mosquitoes to have sex with sterile (genetically modified) mosquitoes instead of the fertile wild male mosquitoes. In fact thousands of GM (genetically modified...) mosquitoes were released somewhere in Grand Caymen Islands somewhere in the Caribbean (sterile sex in the Caribbeans..and a smoke afterwords) and they have managed to decrease the Aedes Aegypti population by 80%. Hmm...remind me why this reminds me of Singapore again? You can read it the article in April issue of Scientific American titled Outsmarting Dengue Fever.

Using Biological Control, Scott O'Neill of University of Queensland and his colleagues have been trying to curb the breeding of dengue by genetically modifying male Aedes mosquitoes making them sterile. (and by sterile, I do not mean dipping these male mosquitoes into a bowl of spirit, although if by "spirit" we mean tapai-like substances, then perhaps I have just found a more interesting experiment on mosquitoes which I would like to call "Mojito-ed Mosquito"). The video below may be how the experiment would go.

And that is why they are the scientists and I am not.

An excerpt from "Outsmarting Dengue Fever" :

"In December, British biotechnology company Oxitec released 6000 genetically modified male mosquitoes in Malaysia to the alarm of some groups that expressed concern about the possible effects of GM insects on humans and ecosystems. Results are not available yet"

Finally, Malaysia gets to be mention in an international magazine pertaining to sexual issues that is not embarrassing it's citizens. Thank god mosquitoes don't use mattresses, or Omega watches not to mention carrying around with them the registration cards. The "groups expressing concern about the effects of GM insects on humans and ecosystems" would probably be amongst a few; Perkasa, Hindraf , BN, and probably PAS (with it's 'propagating forth to Islamize the world via hereditary program ergo causing ecosystem imbalance ) only because they probably don't appreciate other species pissing on their trees.

In Malaysia, the results for the same experiment they did in the Caribbean is pending though. Being a Malaysian and cannot help but be infected by irony and pessimism. I suspect the cause of delay may be confusion amongst the scientists as they may have yielded the right results although not up to expectations, but through a process not clearly understood, leaving the scientists bewildered ergo the delay in announcing the results. This is because the tendency of male of any species, to turn bisexual in Malaysia is higher, especially if he is a politician and when the time is close to any form of election. So instead of having sex with the untampered female Aedes Aegypti, these GM (genetically modified) male species would probably turn bisexual and also have sex amongst themselves if not with the "wild male" species who before their encounter with these GM, never knew that they were bisexuals/gays, depriving the female mosquitoes of frequency of sex, but not decreasing chances in pregnancy each time they have sex. In short, these female species would be left to wonder "wtf?"...Love Hurts I guess..

Of coz there are ecological balancing issues that need to be studied and addressed when we introduce a genetically tampered species into the ecosystem or when we cause extinction of certain species. Funny how this discussion do not arise when the humans kill our own species in the name of God, genetic material which was believed to be more superior than the rest, race , political ideology etc. Or funny when we humans breed and breed and breed into the ecosystem in order to take advantage of democracy. Aren't these disrupting the ecosystem? We only care for our species when they are dead,not so much when they are alive, how ironic is that?

Well, for those who fear for the ecosystem, or even the extinction of species, here's one of my favorite videos depicting the wisdom of George Carlin....I can't never get bored listening to his stand up comedies over and over...

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Bagai Ketam mengajar ketam ketam lain "Cat Walk."...

In the age and time when some women over 40s have problems deciding whether the heat they're experiencing within their bodies is from the global warming or due to just the simple process of menopause, nothing is more irritating than the extra heat obtained (in a non conjugal sense of it by the way) , when the eyes are feasted upon irritating new paper headlines to start off their otherwise cool mornings. As for me, the sufficient sleep and rest I had overnight, gave me the opportunity to to put my body and soul's rejuvenation to good use, especially on how to tackle such headlines.

Let me run you through the article, posted in on UtusanOnline . You can read it in it's originality HERE.

As we all know, Malaysians are amongst the panel of experts on reading in between the lines when it comes to the news. Give us a simple article from a news paper cutting and we are able to translate it into something else than what is written in the black ink. We have had ample training, having subjected by force to listening to our mainstream media for so long, before the birth of multimedia super corridor. Thank you Mahathir Muhammad for that, and I'm quite sure those people who like to condemn you in the very portal you've help created , have within them, deep down, a gratitude feeling towards you if not subconsciously, for making it possible for them to make their condemnations, public.

I can only imagine the amount of messages in the bottles we would have to leave at sea to communicate with each other should Badawi precede Mahathir in premiership. Oh, but I digress.

Below is the article I was referring to. My comment is in read ;-)

Satu penghinaan bukan Islam baca al-Quran


Perbuatan orang bukan Islam membaca dan menghuraikan ayat-ayat al-Quran dengan sewenang-wenangnya tanpa perasaan ikhlas dan jujur adalah satu penghinaan terhadap kesucian kitab itu.

Pressing the Pause button.

Wait se minit. How do one know whether someone is sincere or honest or otherwise? Has any of the Intelligence Agencies started using a new invention called ikhlas-meter or jujur-detector? You know, the gadgets, that makes the basis of the pre-emptive war. If sincerity and honesty can be determined on spot diagnosis, why all those con men bothered dressing up impeccably to make an excellent first impression? If such gadgets do exist then most definitely Jakim , Jais dan kawasan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya would have used these gadgets during their couples' round up on Valentine's Day for these folks are very up to date when it comes to busting couples in close proximity. Furthermore, if such gadget exists, I think our parliaments will echo not from the voice of wisdom but from the sound of sound waves ricocheting in an empty space.

And what do you mean by "suci"(pure/clean/untouched) when you say "kesucian kitab itu"? If by suci you mean "untouched" then we Muslims are experts in keeping the Quran "suci". We do it by keeping it on top of the highest point on the book rack to collect dust, unreachable, untouched, and sadly unread. We even need to take ablution in order to touch the Quran, if keeping it on the highest position is not deterring enough.

Yes, if so, we, the Muslims are the expert in keeping the kitab "suci". Perhaps that is why we need to ensure the non Muslims don't read / recite the verses too. We treat the Quran like a classic book... everyone knows it's great, but no one have actually read it in it's entirety. And we wonder where did we go wrong...Come to think of it, it is kind of ironic that the non Muslim politicians recites the Quran probably more than what our imams do at the mosques, for whatever agenda all have in mind. Anyone who listens to the sermons in the mosque would probably be able to notice this.

Which is more insulting? Non Muslims reciting the Quran or Muslims who don't ? After all, Quran is the words of God, and we should remind each other with it and of course, practice it as a deen more than it is a religion. Don't you think it is insulting to God that we don't acknowledge His words? It's like when your mom talks to you and you turn your face away whilst she's still talking. I don't know about your mom, but mine would correct my rudeness with a two tight slaps therapy. Funny. It usually worked.

Ia termasuk perbuatan membaca ayat al-Quran oleh pemimpin bukan Islam dalam ceramah-ceramah politik, terutama semasa kempen pilihan raya kerana ia boleh mendatangkan keraguan dan fitnah dalam masyarakat.

Is it because the Muslim politicians don't even know their Quran to begin with and feels intimidated by the non Muslims reciting the verses from the quran? What if the recital of the quran hits the context of the content of the ceramah and proven to be not misinterpreted? After all, Quran is not exclusively for the Muslims only. It is dedicated to mankind.

[81:27] Verily this is no less than a Message to (all) the Worlds

It is the Muslims who claim the exclusivity, along with the name of God. Thank god the french are allowed to keep their beards.

Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom berkata, ketetapan itu dibuat oleh Jawatankuasa Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan dalam satu muzakarah khas yang diadakan 3 Disember 2010. mean the same farters (sorry...I have this bad habit of calling words uttered through the other end of the food tract, farts) who claimed tapai (which swims in ethanol) is halal and poco poco is haram? (albeit the latter should be banned purely based on bad choreography).

Soooo, it's okay for the Muslim politicians to insert biased-ness into the Fatwa Council's fatwa decision making themselves, ergo using religion in politics but it is not okay for the non Muslims to use religion in politics? Why the double standards? Just because the Muslim politicians can? "Yes We Can" should have limitations to it you know. Along with power comes responsibility, ask Superman, he'll tell you that.

This is not considered manipulating religious bodies to influence a certain political outcome? Is this jujur and ikhlas? Why I say so, is because we are all still waiting for the real important fatwas to be announced. For instance, the fatwa on bribery.

But God said in

[2:188]And do not eat up your property among yourselves for vanities, nor use it as bait for the judges, with intent that ye may eat up wrongfully and knowingly a little of (other) people's property.

Is this not important enough for the Fatwa Council to come up with a fatwa on bribery?
Where is it then? Clearly Quran have many verses that ask the ummah to eschew bribery. Why emphasize on the ummah to eschew alcohol and sex only? Oops...I mean non halal sex probably uncertified by Jakim, Jais dan kawasan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya. Sex for the purpose of propagating forth in hope to spread Islam via hereditary is halal of course. Or is it because these bribery practices do not involve women in majority?

Ketetapan ini bertujuan melindungi dan mempertahankan kedudukan serta kesucian Islam selaku agama Persekutuan sebagaimana termaktub dalam Perkara 3 Perlembagaan Persekutuan.

Hmm... in that case, the Muslims ourselves have breached the Perkara 3 Perlembagaan Persekutuan in that we have failed to protect and defend the status of Islam as the state religion. How sure are we that what we are defending now is a the right Islam? How can we say we are protecting , defending the status and sanctity of Islam when we the Muslims ourselves have many times proven that we have failed to decipher the teachings of our own deen ?

We are more concern about flogging alcohol consumers who consume in public, (not stated anywhere in the Quran, and we flog a woman..why not a man?), we flog adulterers more so if they are women, (biased-ness against women) we insist that covering women's head is wajib and I won't be surprised if women will get flogged in the future for not doing so. Meanwhile, there are some people who run the country who gets away with murder ( pun intended here, just to be clear), and the people who dare write about them gets prosecuted.

We talk about being Islamic simultaneously we do about the importance of being a Malay. One cannot talk about the importance of a single race within the context of a religion that is universal. It is simply contradictory. The purpose of Islam IS to unite mankind, regardless of the color of their skin, their culture and who they pangkah during the General Election.

Then there is the issue of the mosque blasting the prayers followed by the sermons as though these method will ensure the words of Allah will be automatically embedded into our souls, when in 17:110, it clearly states that this is not what is intended for us to do.

[17:110] Say: "Call upon Allah, or call upon Rahman: by whatever name ye call upon Him, (it is well): for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names. Neither speak thy Prayer aloud, nor speak it in a low tone, but seek a middle course between

So, how come we are blasting our prayers and sermons like everyone is hard of hearing? We have no qualms pointing fingers at the Hindu Temples for making noises, yet we make the same amount of noise ( I am NOT talking about azan here, just to be clear and just in case someone has started to asah their parangs), 5 times a day, 365 days a year, and during the leap years, 366 days in a year. Is this fair? Are Muslims the only ones with sentiments worth taking care of? How is Muslim's sentiments more important then the non Muslims? Is justice not the core of Islam?

[4:135];"O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve, and if ye distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well-acquainted with all that ye do.

Last but definitely not least, we practice corruption at all levels. Don't blame the politicians for being corrupted because we live in a democracy system, therefore the majority of rakyat have got to be either corrupted, ignorant or both in order for the politicians to get elected to parliament.

"So folks, let me ask you this question, "What kind of Islam are we protecting and defending again?"

I suggest, we Muslims comprehend our religion first before lodging into this overzealous mode of passing judgments or decide to prosecute others or even die for it. For all you know, we may just be the product of some bigger plan, but not that belonging to the Higher Being.

How did we manage to do all of the above again? Simple. We had disregarded the words of our Creator, which is the Quran.

The Quran never stated that it is exclusively for the Muslims only. On the contrary, Quran is for all mankind;

[81: 27] "This is no less than a Message to (all) the Worlds.

[18:54] "We have explained in detail in this Qur'an, for the benefit of mankind, every kind of similitude: but man is, in most things, contentious.

So let's not talk about preserving and defending the sanctity of a religion we ourselves are struggling to fully comprehend. Being born a Muslim may make one a Muslim by chance, but not necessarily a Muslim by virtue.

Perbuatan itu perlu dihentikan dengan segera kerana ia boleh menyebabkan timbulnya suasana tidak harmoni dalam negara serta benci-membenci dalam kalangan masyarakat berbilang kaum dan agama,” katanya

Silly me, I thought the Muslims are doing a great job at instigating hate amongst ummah ourselves and well, the race-based political party handles the rest of the excuses for humans to hate each other I reckon. Frankly, I think my grandfather and my father's generation not only understood the "One Malaysia" concept, but had actually lived it. I can't say the same for the later generation. Just go out for lunch and observe the sittings and you will notice that "One Malaysia" is a myth. In fact don't talk about one Malaysia unless we are prepared to talk about abolishing the vernacular school system (sekolah kebangsaan if anything is also vernacular).

Otherwise, we should all just have a "One Shut the Fish Up " Day on Sept the 19th to celebrate the hypocrisy of it all.

As for the Muslims doing a great job at instigating hate amongst ummah, anyone who disagree with me should try to explain, in less than 500 patah perkataan, why the Sunni and Syiahs pray to the same god, circumbulate the same Kaabah, but kill each other in the name of that same god.

So really....... do you think a few non Muslim politicians citing what the Muslim politicians should be citing in the first place, (if not practice it), is going to really make a huge impact on instigating hatred amongst ummah?

Beliau berkata demikian ketika menjawab pertanyaan Datuk Ibrahim Ali (Bebas-Pasir Mas) ( this guy is still not getting it, in his second chance in life) mengenai tindakan kerajaan bagi memastikan al-Quran tidak dijadikan gimik politik oleh pemimpin bukan Islam, di Dewan Rakyat hari ini.
The fact that he gets the terminology "keistimewaan orang melayu" wrong shows how un-Islamic he is in this aspect. He doesn't get that "Istimewa" is more like how we refer to the disabled rather than "ketuanan" Melayu. The word "Ketuanan" itself is un-Islamic. Hmm.. maybe his excuse for not reading the Quran is because he is constantly struggling to grasp the Quran from the highest point of his book rack at home. Guess that is his ...erm...short.. comings.

Menurut Jamil Khir, dengan keputusan itu, pihak berkuasa boleh mengambil tindakan undang-undang mengikut Seksyen 298 Kanun Keseksaan terhadap sesiapa sahaja yang berniat mahu melukakan hati penganut Islam.

Seriously, being self centered is so un-Islamic. Is Jamil Khir trying to imply that only the Muslims have "hati yang boleh dilukai"?. What about the rest of the people, the ones we brand non Muslim. Are they heartless? Who decided that "Allah" is exclusive to Muslims only? Has it dawned upon anyone that the other religion who have been using the word "Allah" longer than Larry King had gone Live, may have their hati terguris and dilukai for being accused of trying to steal the Muslim God away from them?.

Mengenai dakwaan Siti Zailah Mohd. Yusoff (Pas-Rantau Panjang) bahawa keputusan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan itu bakal menakutkan penganut bukan Islam, beliau berkata, tuduhan tersebut tidak berasas sama sekali.

Agreed. Siti Zailah's accusation is definitely baseless. I think some of the keputusan Majlis Fatwa Kebangsaan like the ban on Valentine's Day and the Poco Poco dance is just scary, regardless of whether you are Muslim, non muslim, or human beings reciding on the planet earth or other intelligent beings in the universe...or any intelligent beings anywhere for that matter.

“Kita bukan mahu menakutkan orang bukan Islam, mereka bebas untuk mendalami Islam, tetapi dalam kes membaca ayat al-Quran, ia perlu disertakan dengan keikhlasan dan bukannya bersifat politik semata-mata,” jelasnya.

Unfortunately, this lesson has yet to be learned by the Islamists and religionists around the world. The "enemies" of all religions only feed on the confusion and ignorance of their disciples in regards to their own religion. Even the Satan works merely by the power of suggestions.

end of article and my erm..transliteration..

I have to agree though, that using religion, whatever religion it may be for the purpose of gaining political grounds is just simply indispicable. And yet, it has not stopped anyone from doing it though, not even today. In the past, the CIA for example, had used "Islam" in it's "fundamental" form in order to achieve a certain political outcome. Osama bin Ladin was trained and sponsored by the CIA when the Americans needed to get the Russians out of Afghanistan. The Mossad, had created Hamas in order to counter Fatah, namely Arafat. The result is fundaMENTALism of course. Having said that, it was the Muslims' ignorance of their own religion that help made the job of these "enemies" an easy task.

Before you start yakking about the infidels using Islam as a tool to manipulate in politics, do yourself a favor by reading the Islamic history, and no, not the crap they sold us in school. We have done it just like the Christians and other religions had. the Muslims were also the experts back then, in using religion to gain political strength. Religion hitherto, remain amongst others, one of the most effective tool for governance. Anyone who claims that Islam was not spread via the mighty sword, after calculating the amount of blood shed throughout the "Golden Era" of Islam through it's history of domination, not to mention those of the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad himself, needs to get a cognitive test done stat, or change to the capua (abacus lah) to calculate blood loss. You may be having what Ibrahim Ali is having and we're not talking about the halal tapai juice that can be either shaken or stirred.

How can Muslims today justify the wars in the past that led Islam to it's "Glory", when clearly in the Quran, it states that war is only for self defense and when oppressed?

[2: 256]"Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.

Which part of the "Let there be no compulsion in religion" bit we did not comprehend?
One can safely conclude after reading the history of Islam, that Islam as a deen is not doing as financially good as Islam as a religion. Then again, how many of us Muslims read, even though though the "Iqraq" or "Read" is the very first word uttered in the Quran.

Today, fundaMENTALism have gained worldwide grounds, and it's establishment comprises of those who sincerely are looking for true religion to feed their soul, only to be manipulated into a religion that narrowed their mental scope to that of a pedantic and parochial mode, making them the perfect weapon of mass destruction.

FundaMENTALism had sabotaged the real Islam. In a more simple term, Islam have managed to gather strength from a majority of ignorant trusting fools,hence the outcome is what rubbish that comes out on the media on daily basis. In some part of the world, raped women who are unable to supply 4 witnesses will be stoned to death. How can we qualify ourselves as being human if we accept such inhumane law, one that is contradictory to the core of Islam and any religion itself, which is JUST. It's no wonder Allah said in

[6: 116]"Wert thou to follow the common run of those on earth, they will lead thee away from the way of Allah. They follow nothing but conjecture: they do nothing but lie.

Basically folks, let me break it down to you. What we are witnessing today, are ...well, let me put it this way. Have anyone seen how dogs would pee on trees to mark their territories? Well, the Muslim politicians are angry at the non Muslim politicians for peeing on their tree. That's what this is all about frankly.

Of course the Muslim politicians are pissed because it is easier for the non Muslim to piss on trees compared to the Muslim politicians. For the latter, many intricate processes are needed in correlation to Muhammad before they are able to let out that pee. It would make it easier for them if they can recall easily the doa masuk tandas. And for that reason my friends, is how I am convinced that it was not Anwar in that sex video. There was no video coverage of him reciting the doa before having sex. As whether who circulated the video, remains amongst the clusters of illusive truths....which is somewhere out there...not in here.

"Dear politicians,

Really. Is this the best you can offer us ....and we have to pay you with our hard earn money for this dumb humor? It's not even ha ha funny anymore. Why don't you guys start talking about the issues and not distract us with the stupid ones.

"It's the economy stupid!!" - Bill Clinton - (and no..we've had enough of Monica Lewinsky jokes, no there is none here).

As for the Muslim politicians who wants to stop the non Muslim politicians from quoting the Quran, out or in context, here's an old Malay proverb to revive the memory, because, you know lah...Melayu mudah lupa kan?

Kata kata mutiara untuk ahli ahli politik:

Kalau dah ketam tu, tak payah lah mengajar ketam lain Cat Walk.

As for those who still wonder about my political stand, here's a kata kata mutiara worth pondering this week:

"Politicians are like diapers; they need to be changed often and for the same reason."
-Mark Twain-