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Monday, 26 July 2010

More stuff that makes us go, "WTFish"...

Okay. Some of my readers have e-mailed me, wondering when am I going to write about the banning of the Red Devils. Well, to be honest with you, I am quite comfortable ignoring those imbecilic comments made by the people who claim that they represent Islam. For starters, we have that, well, I call it "Breastfeeding for brotherhood" program. No, nothing like that good ol' free Milo drinks distribution during sports day. At least we don't have to suckle the Milo out of the other school children's' tiny breasts just to make them our "milky-sibling".

Then there was that Boobquake (catch it on the video below or for FB users, click HERE) . Come to think of it, the experiment to disprove it was more interesting actually. And that is why I always say that flat chested women are blessed in many ways than they realized ....less breasts, less risk for breast cancer. Less breast, less contribution to the Richter scale...

An observant chap I know from FB pointed out, perhaps the ulama' should not wear anything with buttons sewn on their attires, since there are cross stitchs holding those buttons up. I totally agree, since that may risk the Muslims listening to their sermon's Iman to falter while their eyes are feasted upon those buttons. As for women, I think all women, infidels and non infidels should just wear valcrow zap ons to substitute those dangerous buttons. Feel like bunking work that day, just skype each other and arrange for a gathering where all women zap off their shirts (made easy by the not using button situation) simultaneously showing off our boobs and walla...earthquake happens. Cool excuse to not go to work. At least it's a more original excuse than the cliched traffic jam ...

Let me just make this short and simple.



Incidental finding while Googling : I think I may have found the forbidden fruit that Adam nibbled and got us all into this mess in the first place....

Okay then. Why are symbols of other religions should be shunned? These are some excerpts from the newspapers, do read them :

“It will erode our belief in Islam. There is no reason why we as Muslims should wear such jerseys, either for sports or fashion reasons,” said Nooh, an adviser to the Johor religious council.

So fragile is our belief towards Islam that merely the picture of a cross or the devil, in which I find ironic since no one has actually seen the devil to know how it looks like, can erode it. Of course they will know at what level the devil will be able to take us on. I mean, it's their job to strengthen our Iman - so the people responsible in making sure our Iman is strong, if not intact will know if they've done their job well. Obviously some of them may need optional retirement, judging by the low level of threshold of our iman..since the mere sight of Red Devils and Crosses have potential of turning us into infidels.(ooo.....some people are not getting year end bonus this year ). It's like telling us that looking at Garfield will make us fat and lazy.

In fact, I think the Christians should stop their good work in preaching in order to convert people into Christians...just walk out in rampant and show the Muslims the Cross and immediately our Iman will falter and we will convert into Christians in no time. That was what probably happened with the Malays in Singapore maybe?

Another leading ulama, Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria, agreed that devils should be shunned, not celebrated..

Truth be told, actually, it's the Manchester United team, wait, the whole England team who should be shunned for their lame performance last FIFA is Paul the Sotong that needs to be celebrated for the most consistent and reliable performance..Oh but wait, they banned poor Paul too...I suppose Paul needs a simple process of circumcision in order to make him halal again...

Oh, and here's the champion of them all:

“This is very dangerous. As a Muslim, we should not worship the symbols of other religions or the devils,” said Datuk Nooh Gadot, the former mufti of Johor".

He's absolutely right, we should just stick to worshiping our own symbol of Islam. This one for example;

My 13 year old niece saw the picture of "Hajaral Aswad", or "The Black Stone ".(pic above) head cocked to one side and said, "Why...that looks like a....."...oh well, you look at it and tell me what it looks like.....

Hajaral Aswad, to enlighten those who have not a single clue of what it is, is the cornerstone of the Ka'aba where people push and shove each other in order to kiss it, 7 times any time during the circumambulation of the Ka'aba. Here, take a closer look again...medical students studying Anatomy should not get this wrong by the way....

Now, if oral sex is haram, then wouldn't kissing this be SYMBOLICALLY incorrect? So please, let's not talk about symbols shall we?

Oh don't worry about it....They won't come after my head. After all, Islam is not a violent religion right?

Read more:

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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Not a racist..just a wee bit racial maybe?

Someone asked me a question that caught me off guard. Not many have done that because I'm one of those people who thinks that she has almost all the answers to the world's questions, all figured out, including the number "42", as the answer to life, universe and everything. And if I don't, there's always that answer, "Idiopathic", something the medical people use when they cannot explain the "why's" and we use to joke about it; "Idiopathic" means the doctors are idiots hence the patients becomes pathetic.

It was a simple question, "Do you have any Chinese friends?". Perhaps the reason why I was caught off guard was because, even as I know that most of my friends are Indians, they could have been Arabs for all I care, but they will still be them, as a human being. The reason I refer to them as Indians are partly because that's how the society would see them as, just as a form of description in general.

My simple rule in friendship is "You respect me, you will have my utmost respect", regardless of who or what you are. And as any "off guard questions" would do to me, it will submerge somehow in a latent period of time, when I'm sitting down pondering. Maybe that's the problem, my job have it's idle moments and well, you know what they say about people who have too much time to think....well, yes, apart from ending up on a psychiatrist's couch, we become tragically philosophical...Secondly, I don't have that many a friends. I have many acquaintances, but not many have I let close to me.

More disturbingly, I find myself saying , "No, not many" in answering that question. That is indeed disturbing. More disturbing is the answer "No, I don't have many friends at all"...but that is another story. But what few friends I have are the type who would beat quantity for quality any time of the day. Should I go out there and find a Chinese friend to get close to, just so I can say, I live the "One Malaysia" dream?

What I normally do when I cannot find a satisfactory answer, is that I will go back to my childhood in order to decipher any screw ups I have in my present life. So I did just that. On hindsight, in all honesty, I was a loner. In a way, I still am. I was brought up in a Convent School, and no, I have not indulged in any lesbians endeavours, to answer to the next possible "off guard" questions they may come my way. For that latter question, I won't even bother to ponder, for I am straight, that's just how it is full stop. (although there are many lesbian invitations that came my way during my short term hostel days, but that is another story.)

I was in a classroom of close to 40 students; 7 Malays, 5 Indians and the rest were Chinese. I was the one shouting at the top of my high pitched voice, "Moi Chow!!" instead of "Silence please!" as a class monitor, to get everyone to actually shut up. Well, I suppose they did so only because they found it funny that a Malay class monitor (nobody wanted the job and shoved it to me by the way, I took it because of the opportunity to abuse power and send up my homework whenever I felt like it...which was normally LATE; kind of a wage for the job nobody wanted) screamed in Cantonese just to get everyone to listen.

I was the one who would, during recess time, after quickly eating, go around and socialize with the group of Chinese girls when I feel like talking about studies, the Malays when I want to catch up with the latest gossip in school, and the Indians when I feel like having both type of conversations. And the sad part was, these group of girls hardly intermingle with each other. I never really felt "at home" anywhere amongst any group. Maybe that was how I became a loner.

I remember being in a tuition class amongst Chinese friends and I was the only Malay girl there. We got along just fine. I tried learning some Cantonese and gave up when my friends swindled me by telling me "You are a dumb ass", something I badly want to know how it is said in Cantonese, is "Ley hou tou pang yiau, ley chi tow mow?" (actually it means, "you have many friends, yes or not?"). I thought, if I cannot swear in a language, what's the point eh?

Then, a teacher sent me to head for the GPMS national gathering. I remember that some of the girls came back to complain to the teacher, that I left them to join the boys from High School during the whole session. Actually, it was my uncle's gang from high school and I found that boys were actually more fun than the girls...we spend most of our times there bunking the lectures and go on to doing something more fun like sit around and catch up with tokkok.. As a kid, after all that brainwashing in that session ( I suppose that was why the teacher sent me, to poison my brains after seeing that I'm very much comfortable with the Chinese), funny enough, I came back not hating the Chinese and not liking Malays more either. I just came back aware, for the first time in my life, that racism was still well and alive, not just a thing in the past. Now THAT was truly disturbing.

But I guess I'm blessed because my parents, more so my mom (my dad is a bit of a reserved man....he reserves himself from people, in a muhibbah proportion), who grew up amongst Chinese and Indian friends. Then again, that was during the pre BN time, where people actually lived up to the word "muhibbah", instead of just talking about it rhetorically. So, no, GPMS did not have any effect on me other than the take home message I decide to bring back myself; That I need to work hard and be competitive in a healthy manner, in order to gain respect from other races, simply because I was born a Malay, and the word "subsidy" tattooed on my forehead. And that was what I have been doing until today.

So I'm not a racist. Of course, I become an ultimate racist when I drive on the KL roads, I throw expletives at everyone in a muhibbah proportion, but that's just transient insanity right?). No, I know I'm not a racist. That I have established from before. If anything, I am against racism. I despise it with every bone I have in me. I'm a humanitarian. No, not the kind that eat humans, but the type who look at another human being and see not our differences, rather, our similarities. The same reason I literally sobbed uncontrollably in the cinema while watching "Mississippi Burning", the same reason why I'm against vernacular and private schools. The same reason why I hate politicians and religionists, because to me, these are the people responsible in instilling hate in our hearts in hope that the more we hate each other, the more relevant they become as a political entity. Same goes with religion, including Islam. Religion preaches love but opt for killing and turn their backs on humanity. Humanity needs no religion for us to comprehend. It's basic instinct. An atheist would have recognize humanity more than the clouded religionists. They spread hate more than they do love.

So why don't I have more chinese friends then, at present? Frankly, Now that I'm forced to think of them as a certain race, yes, my friends are mostly Indians and Punjabis, Chibhais (chinese + bhai) , mamaks and the hereditary confused Malaysians...I do have some Malay friends I'm close to, my blog sleeping partner is one of them Hazidi..but he's partly Kelantanis.. and Kelantanis is not a race, rather, an entity right? (wakakakakakka!!!.)....and they are scattered everywhere in Malaysia and outside. Maybe I'm attracted to my friends because they are more witty, funny and spiritual at the same time and share the same passion for lepak-ing in the Indian/mamak restaurant/stall? Never really gave it a thought as to why so. Maybe in my past life I was Indian/Punjabi? I have close Chinese friends but not many I suppose. One just got married and is busy with her new clinic and toddler. It doesn't matter if you're Chinese, Indian, Punjabi, Mat Salleh, or DLL (seem to be a race of it's own this DLL), when you have toddlers, you don't have time for friends. The other married a mat salleh and lives happily ever after, far and away, for now. Few more have migrated, but we keep in touch via FB, which they don't really get time to indulge in FB. But most of my friends, are loners like me. We are a bunch of loners with collective friends, who just happen not to be in one group. That's all. Maybe I have not found a loner Chinese friend who is funny witty and spiritual at the same time? Frankly I don't know . But I do know one thing for sure. That when I meet up with someone for the first time, I see him/her as genderless, race less, hierarchy-less otherwise it's just baseless. Did I answer the original question? Maybe.

Someone I know likes to say, "It's okay to be racial, but not to be a racist". Well, then, in that case, I may be a wee bit racial, but definitely an anti-racist. Now I can go back to sleep with a clear conscience......

Here is my favorite quote:

"He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye"

-Siddhartha Gautama Buddha-

And here's something which never fail to make my eyes blurry with tears every time I read it...I hope you feel what I feel when you read this..

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

And here's my favorite feel-Malaysian video, from PopTV

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

CLIMATEGATE - ROUND 2 pt. 2 : What you don't hear from mainstream media

As promised, this post compliments my earlier post on the Climategate Investigation. You will find most of the information you don't find in the mainstream media here. For those who do not see the relevance of this matter to us Malaysian...just wait till Malaysia start imposing carbon and me can predict more or less what will happen then right?

If you walk up to a kid picked at random, and ask them what they understand about Climate Change, you will probably encounter the same scenario and answers from them as the ones posted in this video. Take an eavesdrop into this video:

You have to agree the mainstream media is biased towards "climate alarmists" right? Ever wonder why? Just in case you don't know yet, most mainstream media are tools for imperialists to achieve what we call a Propaganda Control's mind control basically. And if you think I'm talking nonsense, then I suppose the Silent Government has succeeded in their task to keep the majority under some kind of mind hypnotism.

Look at how mainstream media was used during the Iraqi invasion for example. Generally, the American and their allies' government know that their people are reluctant to go to war unless a scenario of them being under siege is put forth so much so, going to war would look like self defense. Why people go to war to instill peace is another story altogether. But bear in mind that countries like the US are that of military complex. In short, war is business to them. How do you think only a few people in this world got filthy rich? Obviously they don't think like you and me....

Let's talk about the Science behind Climate Change..forget politics behind it. Here's Prof Bob Carter's simple explanation of an update to the situation of Climate Change. Apart from his eloquent and articulate way of presenting his arguments, another one of the reason why I love listening to him is he has his House MD moments...take a listen..

Again, here is the science to explain the science to prove why human is not a major cause of climate change.

Here are two lectures in two parts, delivered by Roy W. Spencer PhD, explaining why the IPCC model is wrong. Spencer, in 2006, had criticized Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth saying,

"For instance, Mr. Gore claims that the Earth is now warmer than it has been in thousands of years. Yet the latest National Academies of Science (NAS) report on the subject has now admitted that all we really know is that we are warmer now than we were during the last 400 years, which is mostly made up of the 'Little Ice Age.'"

For yet another article on evidences of why it is not man who are responsible for the climate change happening, click HERE.

Below is a video in two parts, that shows why the Climate Model is not wrong:


The issue here, is not climate change. Climate changes, it has been changing, still changing and will always change, period. The issue here is the manipulation of certain parties to gain personal benefits out of this otherwise normal changes. Al sodding Gore, has been going around to schools to make sure that the next generation gets their minds embedded that Global Warming is human's fault and we have to stop it. Gosh, George Carlin comes to mind right now....when being reminded of human's habit of inserting self importance ...the arrogance of it all...Let's take a break and listen to the wisdom of Carlin.

This video summarizes why Al gore is wrong, but too late, he's already gotten the Nobel Peace Prize for coming up with one of the biggest scam of the century...Funny that the other recipient of the Nobel Prize of the same category as Gore, John R. Christy, had declined the award. He wrote THIS on the Wall Street Journal. Of course we won't get to hear about this on CNN and BBC news.

The issue of climate change is more of socio-political rather than the science itself. Ever wonder why? Well, listen to these videos that you won't get to listen from the mainstream media, that may instigate you to make your own research and not just swallow what is shoved by the mainstream media into our throats, without question, and make your own conclusion.

Climate will change. The universe have the capability to absorb changes and re-balance it. Our duty is not to stop that change. That's just arrogant. Our duty is more towards the survival of the species living on earth, in adaptation towards these changes. That's what we do...that's what all species do...we adapt. Maybe that is what is meant by :

"Life is not about merely surviving the storm, rather, learning how to dance in the rain"?

Okay, maybe not....but who knows what technology can do if we channel our energy into the right channel...remember what happens to the sperm that went into the wrong hole?

Al Gore is wrong on two occasions. One, Global Warming is not the fault of the humans. Two; The debate is far from over.

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Sunday, 11 July 2010


"The only thing more dangerous than ignorance is arrogance."
—Albert Einstein--

Ahh...finally the long awaited "independent" investigation into Climategate, came to it's conclusion. As expected even without seeking the aid of Paul the Octopus, we can more or less predict the outcome.

But before that, here's a quick recap,on Who's Who in the Climategate plot; in case you're interested.

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And here's the conclusion of the "Independent" Investigation into Climategate. Take a listen to this snippet;

FB readers may excess the video by clicking HERE . Or you can read it HERE in pdf form, should you find looking and listening to Sir Muir Russel, revolting. Hey, I'm just here to pamper you with choices.

Why did I say that we can predict the outcome? Well, come on...we're Malaysians, we are the creator of "Independent" bodies to carry out any investigations concerning any screw up that happens in our country. "Independent" bodies plus Mat Rempits are basically made in Malaysia, since we cannot produce submarines and even buying one causes problems.

For starters, the person leading this investigation is not an independent, in fact far from it. The name Sir (Alastair) Muir Russel KCB DL FRSE suggests that he had somehow rather pleased the right bottoms to get that title. Again, we are Malaysians, go figure.

Even before Muir Russel went on to take up this task, people are questioning his "independent" status. It doesn't take an oracle octopus to predict the outcome of the investigation. Back in December 2009, people like Paul Joseph Watson was cynical about the choice of Muir Russel; you can read the why-s HERE

Then let's recap the damaging e-mails of scientists in East Anglia University.

(CLICK HERE in pdf are all the mails, in case you have all the free time in the world to scrutinize them).
Here's an excerpt from one of the e-mails that had given rise to the Climategate, read for yourself and judge;

This one's from Phil Jones;

"I've just completed of having Mike's trick of adding in real temperatures to each series for the last 20 years (i.e from 1981 onwards) and from 1961 for Keith's to hide the decline."

Now, the Climategate investigative Committee pulled this explanation from testimony by the CRU itself, which stated:

…as for the (now notorious) word ‘trick’, so deeply appealing to the media, this has been richly misinterpreted and quoted out of context. It was used in an informal email, discussing the difficulties of statistical presentation. It does not mean a ‘ruse’ or method of deception. In context it is obvious that it is used in the informal sense of ‘the best way of doing something’. In this case it was ‘the trick or knack’ of constructing a statistical illustration which would combine the most reliable proxy and instrumental evidence of temperature trends.

Folks, we don't have to be a rocket scientist to go, "Wtf???" Even for someone like me who learned my English and Science in Bahasa Malaysia can comprehend that the damaging word there is not "the trick" but more for the words "hide the decline". Nevertheless, let's here it from one of the scientist who have been amongst the most verbal ones ergo giving these scientists in question, pain on the butt. Dr Stephan McIntyre, had something to say about that. And I think you should tap on the link and read that. It's just shocking.

Conclusion to the Investigation:

"The committee contends that when Jones stated “hide the decline” in an email to his colleagues, he was referring to discarding erroneous data, rather than deliberately concealing it."

Another "wtf" moment. This kind of reminded me of Uni days, when we would create data to fit into the conclusion of an experiment. I mean, we know the end product to be a solid theory, why not save time creating data to fit into the well establish theory. The extra time saved can be used to study the subjects that matters to get us into the Medical Faculty. Well, didn't encounter much physics in the medical line, but that is another story. will be our little secret.

As how scientist McIntyre points out that at no time did even the CRU (Climatic Research Unit) itself contend that any of its data was “erroneous”, so to conclude that it had to dispose of such data is ludicrous:

In addition, their suggestion that Jones and others were doing nothing more than “discarding data known to be erroneous” is simply absurd. There was no testimony to the Committee (nor has it ever been suggested) that the tree ring data was measured incorrectly or that the data was “erroneous” – the data is what it is. The tree ring data goes down instead of up – but that doesn’t make it “erroneous”. It only means that the data is a bad proxy – something that was concealed from IPCC readers.

Here is another interesting article, "Forget the E-mails; Code Discusses 'Artificially Adjusted' Temperatures".

Obviously these scientists learned something from the Malaysian Uni students like me, as proven in this excerpt from that article:

“People are talking about the emails being smoking guns but I find the remarks in the code and the code more of a smoking gun. The code is so hacked around to give predetermined results that it shows the bias of the coder. In other words make the code ignore inconvenient data to show what I want it to show. The code after a quick scan is quite a mess. Anyone with any pride would be to ashamed of to let it out public viewing,” writes Steve Mcintyre.

Stephen McIntyre , the editor of Climate Audit, had THIS to say. Some excerpt:

"I guess the main question coming out of the Muir Russell report is when is he going to be appointed to the House of Lords and his choice of appellation. Lord Muir of Holyrood?

They adopted a unique inquiry process in which they interviewed only one side – CRU. As a result, the report is heavily weighted towards CRU apologia – a not unexpected result given that the writing team came from Geoffrey Boulton’s Royal Society of Edinburgh."

He, McIntyre also the same chap who said, in regards of the "Hockey stick" controversy;

"In financial circles, we talk about a hockey stick curve when some investor presents you with a nice, steep curve in the hope of palming something off on you."

It's no wonder Michael Mann, including a few more scientists, wrote to the Independent Investigator Sir Muir Russel, complaining about McIntyre..READ IT HERE (in pdf form) for yourself. It would be interesting to note that they dare "suggest" things to an independent investigating unit.

Another scientist, who we may never hear being interviewed in the mainstream media would be, Tim Ball. Ball lived up to his name when he wrote Climategate Investigations Are Arrogant Insults.

Andrew Bolt, wrote on the Herald Sun , "Even a whitewash can't hide the faults"

Okay then, what next? Let's try to stick to the science behind the climate change, not the politics behind it. Here's a good video and a must listen for those who want to have a centrist scientist's point of in view of the climate change. You listen and you go out there and do your own research. My job is to fill in for the failure of mainstream media, that is to bring forth the voices that are not heard and not given the chance to.

I shall be back with a related post soon...maybe after the finale of the FIFA World Cup eh?

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Aaaaaand the FIFA World Cup 2010 Champion goes to.....

I know it's too soon to announce the winner, but my world Cup is more or less over anyway when Argentina cried for me despite my telling it not to....the truth is, I never left it....okay, it's 12.33 am and my jokes are running let's get on with the announcement shall we?

Aaaaaaannnnnnnnnnndddd.....we have a winner in the FIFA WORLD CUP 2010 !!!

Kindly drag it down puhleeeezzz, merci boucoup...



Paul the Octopus !!!

How can he not be the winner when by far, he has a 100% record prediction for this world cup!!! And we humans think we are soooo smart...Click HERE to view Paul's prediction record for this World Cup 2010 for Germany plus what he predicted in the Euro 2008. (well, he was still in training back then...but did pretty well for a trainee). I think the reason why Paul is still alive to be able to predict Spain is because German had not played, the probability of Paul to end up at bullet train speed in someone's tummy is higher since Japanese don't really waste time cooking their food.

He has become a kind of celebrity. His trainer, whatshisface....was interviewed instead ...well Paul can't talk because he still cannot decide which language to converse in, Bahasa Malaysia or know how it is, with all the death threats and all, Paul must be careful not to intimidate the Keris apologists...

Check out the interview on CNN...

Whilst his latest predictions have managed to save other octopuses yet, Paul himself is in grave danger whilst receiving many death threats, even was being suggested as a menu by the Argentinian Chef, [Nicolas Bedorrou posted on Facebook that "We will chase him and put him on some paper. We will then beat him (but correctly!) in order to keep the meat tender and then put it in boiling water."] after the Germans took them Messi-lessly out 4-0.

Oh wait, Argentinians lost because the Germans had Messi by the really,....literally.. should have seen how upset Hitler was when he heard that German had lost to Spain...

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He too, wants Paul on his susyi menu...

(For FB users click HERE)

On top of all this money making from bets in soccer, there are bets taken on Opus Paul on whether he will or will not get his last prediction right

As for Malaysians, apart from sending one referee, who will probably get Datukship the moment he comes back from South Africa, and many bookies of course, we would probably be able to send down our submarines, (assuming that by the time all this is over, we will manage to actually sink our expensive submarine underwater...oops....wrong link.THAT boat is already sinking....try THIS ONE..), to kidnap Paul the Oracle (or I would call him Opus Paul), to aid the our next General Election:

Hmm....looks like Paul is not going to end up a susyi, but C4-ed to make the meat tender then cook into a sambal petai sotong instead....(this picture is taken before they put money in the box with the Daching symbol...hey...even a sotong's got to make a living right??)