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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Oooooo.. Heaven is a place on earth....

My recent reading of "Major Themes of the Quran" had enlightened me, amongst others, regarding the matter of hell and heaven, in a sense of their nature of existence. (Oh, and it's an excellent book to read by the way.) Of course I have given much thought about how to avoid ending up in hell, in the same manner of the medical motto "Primum non nocere" or "First, do no harm" except in this context, it's "First do no sin". Even if I don't, I'm sure there are many Men In Kepiah, who absolutely do not look at all like either Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones, (it's the black suit honey) who would preach hell in order to instigate fear ergo obedience towards Islamic teachings. If you listen to some of them too long, you may end up wondering, who on earth, apart from the prophets will actually not go to hell? What a waste of heaven land. Alas! That is but another story. But you know, there's more to Islam than not committing sins.

I grew up in what seem to a child as a hostile Islamic environment (not at home though), whereby everyone is motivated not so much to loving God, rather to concentrate on not going to hell. Apparently, our whole existence as a human being evolves around not ending up there. Of course, it is a brilliant idea, not to get into hell I mean, but there are other approach towards becoming a good Muslim apart from being motivated by fear, like, I perhaps? (and I don't mean the kind of love that attracts the four Men In Kepiah to the privacy of your home either)

"The great mistake that men had made in the approach to the concept of God is that he has often regarded God as the God, not of love, but of terror"
-Abul Kalam Azad-

In fact,at one point,I remember thinking that going to hell wasn't such a bad an idea after all, since most of the interesting and charismatic people like the Brad Pitt and George Clooney is prophesied to end up there anyway, provided their body guards do not end up there with the same job, then you won't be able to mingle with the stars even when you're in hell. Now that would be an utter waste of time spent in hell.

Well, apparently according to "them", ("them" as in the same bunch who spend more time at every possible quiet corners of the surface of the earth, stalking couples who seek a little quiet time, no matter how innocent it appears to be, leaving no one in the JAKIM or JAIS offices to settle actual problems like hunting down irresponsible divorced husbands to seek for financial responsibility to the consequences of their sperms, for one thing) even if you put millions of dollars into charity, but if you are not a Muslim, you will still end up in hell, because the Muslim God is not "their" God. That is how pack it is hell is going to be, with all these charitable celebrities amongst others. Perhaps in their minds,they are doing God a favor by taking away His job to judge, thinking the extra idle time may give God some rest and time to try out the PS2 games. But again, I have digressed.

"To GOD belongs everything in the heavens and the earth. Whether you declare your innermost thoughts, or keep them hidden, GOD holds you responsible for them. He forgives whomever He wills, and punishes whomever He wills. GOD is Omnipotent." (2:284)

I know now, what I did not know then, that learning to love God yields better results to becoming a good Muslim. Because if you love someone, you will do more out of love, rather than out of fear. Fear only makes you not do anything.
(more about heaven and hell, and a little stand up comedy video to cheer you up when you enter the rabbit hole)
Back to heaven and hell, interesting enough,I stumbled upon these surahs;

"They shall reply, All praise to God Who has kept His promise with us and has given us the earth as inheritance; we will make our abode in it's Garden wherever we will - what an excellent reward for those who do good!" (39:74)


"The day when the earth shall be transmuted into something else and the heavens as well"

"God will then create the next creation"

"We have appointed for you the death and non may excel Us in that We shall transmute(nubaddilu)you models (amthalakum) and re-create you in (forms) you do not know. You already know the present (form of) your creation, so why do you not take a lesson (from this)"

Clearly this indicates that the earth, after destruction will somehow be transformed into heaven. Or perhaps I'm wrong, but, something struck me, and I recall the latest theory of big bang,
According to Paul J Steinhardt and Neil Turok, authors of the book I read not quite recently, titled "Endless Universe"and were also the scientists involved in the WMAP project at it's infancy stage. It said,

"Scientists now believe, that the big bang is not the beginning of space and time, but rather an event that is , in principle , fully describable using physical laws. Nor does the big bang happen only once. Instead, the universe undergoes cycles of evolution. In each cycle, a a big bang creates hot matter and radiation which expand and cool to form the galaxies and stars observed today. Then the expansion of the universe speeds up, causing the matter to become so spread out that space approaches a nearly perfect vacuum. Finally after a trillion years or so, a new big bang occurs and the cycle begins anew. The events that created the large- scale structure of the universe today occurred a full cycle ago, before the last big bang."

There you go. If we refer back to the Quran verses, it makes sense. The earth, just like any other entity in this universe, with the only exception, and that is God, has it's expiry date, just like Gardenia Bread, except it is annoying to have the annoying ones expire longer than they should, considering the negative impact they impose on the benign others, but hey, who are we to say. If energy is transferable from one form to another, or PKR can turn into frogs and join the rest of the UMNO frogs,( and vice versa), or even matter,like carbon (with the exception of graphite) may turn into diamond after undergoing prolonged earthly processes through time, and there is a possibility of diamond, turning into graphite in certain condition that includes deprivation of oxygen, so I guess there is no reason for us to doubt that earth may turn into this beautiful garden for the good people to inherit. So folks, don't keep your diamonds in the bank too long. Bring it out so it can breath, before it completely turn into graphite, and the bank may fire their security forces for the wrong reasons !! Some joker may ask, "Why bother with recycling and saving the world from an impending destruction?". Good question and it deserve a good answer, which is "It would be nice wait in comfort while awaiting for dooms day to happen".

As for hell, well, in the Quran,Hell is described as physical as well as psychological torture, the latter having more impact to these sinners. ( I say "these" because just like you, going to hell is not part of my daily agenda, and I suspect, that even if we try, there may not be enough space for people like me since it will be full of politicians from the beginning of politics). It kind of destroyed this image of hell that I have, after watching the "Matrix". I visualize, that rather than wasting all that fire in an open burning, might as well arrange the hell residence somewhat like those arranged in the film, with wires strap to their brains, simulating the sense of burning. It's when Morpheus said, "If real is what you can feel, smell, taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain.", that made me have this idea. I mean, think about it.

I remember when I was a student, I watched this on a currently absolutely obsolete gadget called the VCR/Play Back, a stand up comedy by Rowan Atkinson better known as Mr Bean. Yes, he does stand up comedy too, and minus the expletives yet it still is funny. It is titled simply, "Welcome to Hell". Finally, it reached You Tube. I leave you with this video and hope you will enjoy a little humor in hell hole..for those of you who have watched this many times, what's another time, right? Enjoy....

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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Let me see you ge'in jiggy with it........

One of the favourite question my patients like to ask me, is "How on earth do you stay slim?". My favourite answer is the standard, "Sorry, genetics. The only valuable thing my great grandfathers had passed down" (apart from the genes that enhances hair to grow everywhere, which would have proven to be useful, in the Ice Age, and not at the present day - my forefathers were Yemenis and the best choice in life they have ever made was to migrate from Hadhramaut to Tanah Melayu). Having said that, you have to have the discipline and the knowledge of how to make that God gifted genes to good use, and not be the first to tamper with those good genes by leading a sedentary lifestyle. You don't want to be remembered as the first person in your lineage to distort those good healthy genes right?

I love singing and dancing, even though I was told by the people who had seen me perform, to best keep my day job, just in case. Nevertheless, the show must go on, and to avoid distorting others' genes for good eyesight and hearing, I restrained my performances in the bathroom and within the four walls of my house.

Below is a video, of a deleted scene from the film "Step Up 2". The only reason I could think why it is deleted, would probably be because there is not a single half naked women prancing around in this one. Frankly, had my parents not insisted I pass all my exams all the way through, I would have picked show biz as my profession. It's way cooler than sitting on the ass dispensing Panadol. But since I can't perform like these guys in the video, I'll continue to practice out of humanly sight.

Just wanted people to remember, it's never to late to dance. It's one of the best way to exercise. I've had older patients coming in with severe backache, from an overnight of non stop dangdut. Except for the choice of dangdut, I fully understand the euphoria behind the cause of the backache. I sing and dance all the time, even at work (my staff had gotten used to me, having thought I was a looney upon our first acquaintance), when the clients are not looking of course. Like I always say, fidgeting is one of the best ways to loose calories. So when you're tired at work and nobody's looking, loosen up and dance!! Stay healthy and enjoy the fruit of all that hard work, and not spend all that hard earn money on hospital bills instead. Enjoy the video.... .
(A little footnote: Err.....for those above 40, or those who think exercise has all this time been an expletive,kindly consult your physician before attempting any part of this choreograph. It's safer to stick to dangdut )

Saturday, 16 May 2009

A belated May 13th

The reason why I did not write anything about May 13th on May the 13th this year, is because I am attempting to generate a new trend on how we regard May 13th; as something that we Malaysians need to put behind us. Well, that, and because I was consumed with trying to complete my read on this interesting book "9/11, Synthetic Terror made in USA" by Webster Griffin Tarpley, something I will mention later on in this article, or verbiage, well depends. I want to start the trend in Malaysia, whereby we forget May 13th as the date of terror per se, yet remember in our hearts, what constructive lessons we learn from it, regardless of what date showed on the calendar.

I know it isn't easy especially for those who's loved ones had suffered directly as a result of May 13th atrocities, but we need to instead of dwell in the past, going down the memory avenue, year after year, rekindle the hatred and the sadness of our forefathers,( even though during the incident in year 1969, for most of us now, our struggle at that particular frame of time may appear to be becoming the victims of the discomfort of not having Pampers invented yet, and had to put up with the uncomfortable good ol' plain napkins, that gave us nappy rash especially when our moms were consumed with trying to get information on the event, hence forgetting to change them nappies.) try to move forward into the future, armed with the constructive lessons we learned from May 13th, and the spirit of forgiving and working towards not allowing history to repeat itself and not in a manner of being threatened by it, whenever some politicians felt it convenient for them to do so. Let's not dwell in the dark blotch of history, instead, lets start creating a good one. Vendetta has to stop somewhere, and it begins with the goodwill spirit of forgiving. Without forgiveness, we can never achieve the unity we, the sincere Malaysians, work hard for, through time.

I know the actual motive behind May the 13th in a manner of the movie "I know What You Did Last Summer" . I remember how shocked and disgusted I felt when learning the truth, contrary to the stories fed to me since I was a child. Then again, as Napoleon Bonaparte would say, "History is a set of lies, agreed upon". By now, you cannot blame me for being adamant about my motto "All politicians are arshlochs unless proven otherwise". It makes me nauseated to learn the truth behind the whole camouflage of racial riot that claimed innocent lives. It is the disregard for human lives, the insistence that a small number of death is necessary in order to achieve a bigger goal in politics, is what makes a politician, a human weapon of mass destruction. The truth, just like a zit, will somehow find it's way to emerge from beneath the concealer.
(more should you choose to enter the rabbit hole)
Just let me touch a bit on the book I am about to finish reading. Apart from giving me a brain concussion from the quantum pouches of the cruel truth about how untrue that men have evolved from apes, rather men are re-evolving into these species instead, released insidiously, which made me decide to just stick to reading Chick Lits in the future, it made me confirm my suspicion that, well, "All Politicians are Arshlochs unless proven otherwise" in a more international scope. This book presented how the West manage to stay in power, long after they left the countries they occupied. It showed to us, that the people who are running the world, for self interest, is the silent government, the oligarchies who again and again through time, uses "religious fundamentalism" to instigate "terrorism" and later using "terrorism", which they nurture and funded, to destabilize a certain targeted country, for whatever twisted ulterior motives that ticks them. By far, the motivation is of course more money. Read this, and it may help you understand how politics work, even Malaysia is no exception, just because it is impossible to publish such books. You can actually download this book HERE, or get a copy at the MPH bookstore.

It's the same scenario with what had happened in Malaya in 1969. Politicians with bad choices, or should I say bad politicians with bad choices. Evil really. One cannot embark into something new and expect longevity, if it is based on fragile fundamentals. You cannot take away lives, disguising it with some other issue, thinking that you are leaving behind a generation that will not recover the truth and forgive you for the bad deed that you have done, or worst, embark in a journey of vengeance.

We will always have ashloch type of politicians running our country, because politics along with it's synonym of power abuse, money, Mongolian models..oops...I mean women, or more women, or for some - men, whatever, will always attract evil characters. It is up to us to deny them this pleasure, by sticking together as rakyat Malaysia.

My grandparents use to help people disregarding their races and religion, made more obvious during the Japanese occupation. They in turn, use to accept help from their fellow non Malays. How come our forefathers, who hardly obtained education, could grasp this simple concept of muhibbah, and yet, the later generation who hardly experienced or even remember what May 13th is, more educated, are still struggling to overcome the synthetic terror stunt imposed by certain politicians , and not fall for the same trick over and over again? Do we need another foreign occupation to make us realize that we are one? Let's not make it easy for these corrupted politicians by becoming their pawn in this wicked chess game.

All religion, at gist, discourages racism, and needless to say, encourages unity amongst all beings on earth. Name me one religion that tolerates racism and do not promote unity. Perhaps in the matter of racial equality and religious unity, Ayah Pin and The Sky Kingdom (hey, this makes a great name for a rock band) and his religious belief and practices may have practiced unity better than the rest of the religion. For those interested, click HERE to view the family portrait of Ayah Pin. Even Rastafara for that matter, beneath their dreadlock, or deadlock to some that hardly shampoo their hair, a religion of monotheistic, Abrahamic religion, deciphers the breaking of boundaries the power of music possesses in generating unity.

The Quran stated:
"O mankind, we created you from a single (pair) of male and female and made you into nations and tribes that ye may know one another (not that ye may despise each other). Verily, the most honoured of you in the sight of God is he who is the most righteous of you" [49:13].

And the Bible says;

"Then God said, 'Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth'. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them."
Genesis 1:26-27

From an ancient Hindu scripture Bhagavad-Gita, Lord Krishna said:

"One who is without ill will for any creature, is friendly and compassionate, impartial, free from malice, does not hate, has love, in harmony everywhere,…is dear to me."

And of course my favourite, from Siddhartha Gautama Buddha who said:

"He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye"

I have not met an atheist or free thinker who would disagree on unity either. In fact, some portrayed virtue of accepting others the way they are, respecting those differences even better than those who proclaimed to be "religious". What use is religion, or the possession of the book of God, if they do not enlighten us and distinct us from the pagans of which the reason religion was said to be introduced to mankind in the first place?

Let us begin with a new chapter today. Let's begin by remembering May the 13th , not as a black mark in our history, rather, as a turning point for us to understand that the enemy is not amongst us the rakyat, rather, the enemy, our enemy, is the people who try to disunite us for the purpose of self gain. People who sell their integrity and their own nation, is the enemy. Let us work hard to pick up where our forefathers had left before the greedy, power obsessed politicians intervened. They have lost sight of the original struggles of our forefathers when they envisioned how Malaysia would become, after the British occupation. Let us rekindle the muhibbah spirit our forefathers had no problems portraying.

Let us remember that a country without unity is a country without a strong base and without a strong base, it can never move forward. We are in this boat together. Should we choose to not row in the same direction, this boat will remain at sea, going round and round in circles until one fine day, the rowers learn to row the boat in synchrony, moving towards the shore. Do something stupid and the boat may sink and we will all drown in an abyss of a lot more than just water.

Let us have one goal and let that goal be unity. Let us leave our children, something they can be proud of, a country we all can call home. Let's stick together like glue. Don't give these corrupted politicians the satisfaction of resuming the British occupation of "dividing and ruling". This is our country. Let's do our part in promoting racial harmony and unity. We can start by browsing through our state of the art hand phone contact numbers. If they contain mostly the numbers of our own kind, then it's time we change that. Michael Jackson may be wrong in the choice of plastic surgeons,( and the prerogative of children as company) but he probably got it right when he sang, "I'm starting with the man in the mirror". (Now, that's one man who had gone overboard with the muhibbah spirit...even the kids cannot get beyond the fact that he is actually African American!!)

Although there are bumps...... and bums yet to be encountered in achieving a true ONE MALAYSIA, we still need to start somewhere. Let us start today, before it is too late. Let's start with remembering May 13th in a different light.
(Rabbit hole ends here)
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Saturday, 9 May 2009

A story about love.....even for the emotional retards...

I reminisce the simple days of yesteryears. The time when 15cents use to be sufficient for school's "duit belanja" and quite decent meals too. My favourite dish was mee goreng kichap, and I love eating it with chopsticks, which had upset some "Nattekarens", quick to point out that I am a "Kafir" for eating with those chopsticks. Oh well, we were, what, Standard 5 then? (That's one thing about Malaysians - we don't recite age, but refer age as to in what level of school we're in). Even back then I had a smart mouth, and I told them, in Bahasa Melayu, (the only language they understood, having dismissed the English language as the "Bahasa Kaum Penjajah") ,in a somewhat condescending tone, that would have surmounted to a "duuuuuuuuuuh" in the current teenagers' vocabulary, "Do you know that Southern China is populated with more ancient Muslims than the whole of Malaysia, and they all eat with chopsticks? Besides, Nabi said to tuntut ilmu walaupun sampai ke negeri china. Perhaps you guys should practice the sunnah and learn how to eat with chopsticks". Well, needless to say, I was not very well accepted by my own people, even from back then, not that I've ever seek for any acceptance anyway. There is no point of being a part of a community with parochial and pedantic in thinking. They hold back progress.

I remember the first day of school. Don't we all. I remember looking at some kids crying and holding on to any piece of parents' garment they could possibly cling unto and I thought of what would have happened if they actually manage to rip the clothes off their parents exposing, especially mommies with their !! (well, they cry like they were still breastfeeding). My parents would have given me the standard punishment for being a whiny, yes, the effective threat of a two tight slaps (not that I've ever gotten any throughout my lifetime. Hitherto, I cannot imagine how two tight slaps would feel like, for the threat of getting one was effectively mind boggling, enough for a child to do anything just as to avoid the actual deed of being slapped itself!!).

Yes. My first day at school started off with my father, dropping me off in front of the school, on his way to work, and he was late that day. Oh and I remember not wearing a uniform on my first day of school. I don't quite remember the reason for this but I reckon that my dad have had no time to go shopping for it. I never did ask. They put me in some blue fancy party dress that made me look like awkwardly dressed flag pole. He told me to just walk into the school, and the teacher will get me sorted out.(try this stunt at present space and time and you may never see your child again). That was it. I was left right there on the side walk, in front of the huge gate with the bell ringing, feeling confused of what to do next. No bye bye kiss,(unlike every night after bed time story, we kiss our dad goodnight), no "good luck sayang", no "don't talk to strangers" (but then again, strangers were not dangerous to talk to those days. In fact they were quite helpful, unlike today, when we can't even trust non strangers not to cause us harm). Nope, nothing of the sort that morning.

I remember following my dad's instruction and as I entered the school, late, everyone was singing this song that made everyone "frozen", only their eyes were moving, following me like that of the Monalisa, minus the mysterious smile. Everyone stood still whilst this singing was going on. Everyone, but me. I walked slowly, confused, and all eyes were boring into my skinny body, sending telepathic but confused messages with their eyes, some wondering what the hell I was dressed in, but mostly, tried to tell me to stop moving....OR DIE...... later I found out no one was suppose to move when the National Anthem is sung, even if it is badly sung. Today, I'm good at interpreting people's thoughts through the window of their souls, yes, their eyes, thanks to the early training. The easiest giveaway is when they roll the eyeballs up, and you will know what comes next would be something similar to the current Perak fiasco. Well, that skill and the ability to not give a shit about what people think when I know I'm right. We're Ariens. We are always right. So you people can stare all you like, until your eyeballs drop out of their sockets, that ain't gonna make me sweat baby!!

Oh how I wished that I had my Abah or Ummi to act as armour against those piercing gazes,albeit I never resented them for leaving me out there in the cold (it was cooler back then at 7.30am, oh but it was only because global warming was not heard of and Mahathir had not resumed power yet to make the time earlier by half hour....we need a Lat moment for this). In fact, many deworming tablets, Red-port cards, mom's love in the form of naggings, zit breaking exams, a couple of failed relationships later, I found myself acquiring wisdom through time, way beyond the wisdom growing out of my gum, and all I feel for my parents now is gratitude. Gratitude for teaching me how to become independent from day 1, not whiny and clingy like some of those long overdue breastfed children. I learned first day in school that stares don't kill, no matter how sharp they appear to be. More importantly, I learned how to survive in any situation I'm thrown into. Gratitude for teaching me good values, that life is about balance of wealth; spirituality, health, intelligence/wisdom, money wealth, relationships. ( Although I still produce red-port card in the money wealth and "certain kind of relationship" part - but I'm not dead yet, still working on it..working on it...). Gratitude for giving me all the love, attention and care they could possibly give. And that's just to state a few.

(Click if you haven't got bored reading yet....)

Which brings me to this word I just learned. A friend lend me a book titled "The opening chapter of the Quran"; it is the translation of Surah Al Fatihah. Quite a thick book for translation of 7 verses (and I thought I'm the only one who can turn a line into a couple of paragraphs!! How vain!!). The only thing about the book that's making me struggle a little bit, is taking care of it. I normally "terrorize" my own book!! I was taught to take care of borrowed stuff (well, actually, I was taught not to borrow things in the first place), and of course, return them back the way they were. ( Oh, there I go again digressing.)

Anyway, the word I have just learned is "Rububiyat", a word which holds very rich meaning and to my amazement, bears no synonym in the English language,so much so this word was retained as is, in the English translation of the Quran. ( One thing amongst others that I like about the English Language is that it has no gender discrimination. Don't tell me a he and a she words need to be separated, just like PAS planning to separate them in queues. Just feel like telling them, sperms don't fly) The term means "to develope a thing from stage to stage in accordance with its inherent aptitudes, needs and its different aspects for of existence, and also in a manner affording the requisite freedom to it to attain its full stature". My heart swelled at the thought of God's method of loving His subjects.

It doesn't take an emotional twit to figure out the magnitude of love, a human being is capable of. I can't say I'm speechless, because getting me to shut up takes extraordinary skill, but the word awed comes to mind.

Instantly,when looking for humanly examples, never nearly quite the same as the love of God, the love of our parents especially mothers' love, will come to mind when we think about this terminology. (Although, some fathers think fatherhood is synonym for sperm donor and continue to "dunno" throughout habouring the fruit of his labour) .
That is why, we have no excuse whatsoever to be rude to our parents. They may have some short comings, no human being is spared from imperfection, but they still strive to become the best they can be when it comes to parenting. I am never intentionally rude to my parents, unless under my breath, or in thought. As teenager, there were times when I felt like strangling them to cartoon death (meaning they relive after you pull a Tom and Jerry stunt on them), but as I grew older, I realize, just like Tom and Jerry, the bond between a child and the parents is a bond unbreakable.

"You've got to be sometimes 'cruel' to be kind" seem so true in parenting.
P. Ramlee saw that when he produced his film "Anakku Sazali".

Not everyone is lucky to have a set of parents, or even if they do, the non dysfunctional ones (although all parents are dysfunctional in the eyes of a kid within the rebel without cause ages). What I'm trying to say is that, it is impossible to become the perfect parents, but I'm sure all parents meant well. To human is to err. There is no specific manual on parenting. Sometimes books are written by "experts" who they themselves struggle to fit conjugation into their blackberries, let alone have kids of their own to experience first hand parenting. Only utmost feeling of love be the guidance.

As for single parents, it is tough enough to become parents in two separate human forms we call mother and father, even more so for one form to execute the entire function of two. I think they should come up with a special day for Single Parents. Until then, I think single parents should celebrate both Father's, and Mother's Day, simply because they deserve to.



And children, give your parents a break. They're only trying do the best they can.....
(Oh, don't worry, it's a technical screw up I haven't got time to fix; the rabbit hole ENDS HERE)
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Friday, 8 May 2009

A wish for the birth, enlightenment Nirvana, and Parinirvana (the passing) of Gautama Buddha.

"He who experiences the unity of life sees his own Self in all beings, and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an impartial eye"
-Siddhartha Gautama Buddha-

To all Malaysians;

Happy Vesak Day!!

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Swine...I mean H1N1 flu. What you need to know , that is not about the swine.

Okay, okay....I will write about Swine Flu, which by the way is no longer called Swine Flu as WHO had announced, just like Prince did when he avowed that he was then "Artist formerly known as Prince", that the Influenza is now called H1N1 influenza.
I get comments on sms and e-mail but never on my blog (it's as good as talking behind my blog, you know...) to write on this worrying epidermic. I blog to run away from work and you guys intercepted the sweet poopers!!

The decision to switch name from a swearing flu to H1N1 influenza has got nothing to do with JAKIM, JAIS dan kawasan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya, for a good change. Although it tickles me as a thought crossed my mind that WHO could have actually ban the Muslims in Malaysia from saying the "B" word, just to reciprocate them for banning the non Muslims in Malaysia to say the "A" word? What next on the alphabetical order? Ban the "C" word, to spite Americans for Capitalism? Oh but that is beyond JAKIM/JAIS's juris-DICK-tion right?

It's difficult for me to write about this disease, without it being outdated the next day, because, the progression of this disease is more rapid than Rapid KL. So I'm going to do the next best thing. I'll leave you with the lead to explore the rabbit hole yourself.

You can begin listening to this video here; CLICK HERE FOR INFO GIVEN TO GP ON H1N1, and DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT, oh, and also Swine Flu - A fast moving New Flu or if you want to know more, please, click on Swine Flu Alert
The good news is that it can be treated with antivirals oseltamivir and zanamivir,which are available in Malaysia. Should you wish to know the details, click here. As for vaccination, it's still on it's way to be produced. Perhaps it'll be available to the world in two month's time, and in Malaysia, Wallahu'alam.

If you want to know the updates in Malaysia, well, you can click on the Kementerian Kesihatan Link, HERE. The "Frequently asked Questions" is quite useful.
Now can I go back to my talk cock blogging? ;-D

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

"Scratch a lie, find a thief".....

It's been 3 weeks so far and I've attended to or at least heard of the news of victims either getting mugged, robbed, snatch theft and more worryingly, getting injured and mentally traumatized. Last three weeks I've attended to a case of a 24 years old male who got "pow-ed" at 10.30am on the bridge connecting Bank Negara and Sogo. (You know, the expensive and controversial overhead bridge that sometimes gets, yes, flooded when the drainage is clogged. Let us not even go there, err....the topic I meant). Mind you, it was 10.30AM , broad daylight, with people passing by, women, unwilling to help and he was mugged by 7 Indonesians, one pointed a knife at his neck. 10.30am, WTFffffffffish?!! What are we? New Yorkers?!!! Men getting robbed in broad daylight with passers by who walked on by? The looters managed to run off with merely RM100 because the victim told them to take whatever they want so as long as they did not hurt him. Of course they took the money, and of course they hurt him. He suffered mild cuts from the knife, luckily superficial wounds...

I carry maximum 20 ringgit in my pocket. I sometimes go around with 5 ringgit in my wallet. My worry however, is the criminal may run off with my purse, only to turn back to beat the living daylights out of me for pissing them off by having only little cash in my pocket!!! You're damned if you do and damned if you don't...just like a relationship I guess....and we are not going anywhere near there either...

The week after that, a lady economist from China put up at Lanai (new Bank Negara kind of convention center, with lodging facilities) and she came in with raccoon eyes, nothing to laugh about. Apparently she was allegedly mugged by 2 Indian men on motorcycle and because she put up with a struggle, they hit her head and she suffered counter coupe injuries, ergo the raccoon eyes..What's more, the criminals ran off with not Zimbabwe dollars or Rupees or Rupiah, but USD2000 ( a currency that worth more than it deserves to but of course that is another story). Now, I don't think China is all that safe in comparison to Malaysia too, and the victim and another lady friend with her were warned of the danger of walking in quiet spots, but somehow rather, it's either the instructions were given in a language they don't understand, like Bahasa Malaysia, or the translator spoke in Mandarin but screwed up the translation, whatever. Either or, this is one economist who have failed in the risk calculation part of the calculation. It's kind of an enormous embarrassment to Malaysia, to have our guests beaten to a raccoon's eyes..

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Over the previous weekend, over the labour day cum weekend short break, were 2 house break ins in my neighbourhood. One at about 5am and the other during, again, broad daylight. Although, I notice the similarities of break ins is that both occupants of the houses are flashers. I don't mean flashing their private parts kind of flasher, but fond of flashing their jeweleries. Well, some women just love to wear jeweleries, bangles all the way up until the elbows, so much so, when someone were to ask for directions, they'd probably have to use their upper lips to point towards the direction as it may be too heavy to lift their hands for such a gesture. Personally, I'm not into gold, not because of sour grapeness, but I was made aware of the danger of people's eyes looking at these ornaments, some with jealousy, some with intentions, which, bears unfavourable consequences. The best place for gold is in the bank. Maybe that is why, thank God, I'm spared from my house being broken into. No point luring crime into your house...let alone your life.

Don't get me wrong. Crime is crime, whatever excuse there is. But to solve the problem, we need to look at it's roots. If there are people out there stealing, robbing and hurting people just to get money to eat, then society is partly to be blamed. Letting people starve is a crime too. But whilst holding out our hands to offer help to the poor, we need to be caution and not tempt the desperate by flashing our wealth in front of their eyes. It's called "common sense".

That's two incidences of theft. Then yesterday, my nurse told me that her car, a proton, was stolen over the weekend. I cannot for the life of me comprehend why people would want to steal a dumb car like Proton. It's like dumb stealing the dumber... Don't get me wrong. It is not my intention to be condescending. I drive a Gen2, and as far as I'm concern, my buying a national car has got nothing to do with patriotism or similar bullshit. It's what we Malaysians are made to afford and as my idea of a car is that it transports me from point A to point B, safely, a Proton seem condusive and more importantly, affordable (although it's still a rip off). Although my Gen2 gets the "safely transporting" part done, I cannot say that it did not give me trouble along the way (except for the far), more off than on, it makes me have that little Smeagol debate in my mind whether to C4 the Proton Service Center (obviously they created such center because they made sure even new cars end up there), or to be contented with it..Proton-what-next, that's what I nickname my Gen2. As far as I'm concern even a three way will not increase the performance. Oh, but how did I digress?

So people, let's do some math here. I'm one person coming into encounter of crime victims almost every week, just imagine how many crimes were witnessed by many more and even more alarmingly, how many crimes are committed each minute in KL. Then use the power of exponential and calculate the crime rate in Malaysia. If you are not hyperventilating yet, you should. It's an alarming figure. Police? Phhh!!! The last time I called a police because I distinctly heard activities of thieves breaking into my neighbour's house, they came 45 minutes later, which is a shame because it will take me less than 20minutes to reach KL from where I am at that hour's traffic..How far is the police station from my house? Let me put it this way. If I were to have Swine flu right now, I hardly have to sneeze and the police would have contracted it from my breath. What excuse could these imbeciles give for not turning up on time. Locomotively challenged?

They have been conducting road blocks and "checking up" on mostly foreign construction workers. I've heard rumours that these culprits, and I'm not talking about the foreign workers, are extorting money from these foreign workers. I am not surprised if the rumours are true because my immediate neighbour complained that they stopped his car (he was in the wrong in the sense that he was transporting boxes of goods in a non commercial car.....and,unfortunately, he can pass off as a drug addict, with that ponny tailed hair that sometimes made me thought he was his wife from the back profile; but this is one case I vouch "Don't judge a book by it's cover" coz my neighbour is one smart being), only to demand "duit kopi" from him. My neighbour just created some story to avoid him getting out of his zen mode and shoved them 2 cakes which they, the police men happily took without remorse. As my neighbour carried on his way, another three police from somewhere else passed him by, met with the earlier police eating the two cakes and decided to chase after my neighbour to get more out of him!!! This time, my neighbour had decided that he was going to hang his zen and that was when he told these three policemen who chased after him for the cakes to bugger off and share the two cakes he'd given earlier, which they obediently did just that!!! My degrading!!! And this is our police force mind you!!!!!

And there are some who actually wonder why our crime rate is faster than the turnover of a cancer cell....You tell me, when the government announces increase of Levi for foreign workers for instance, what does that translate to in daily practicality? Here's how it's going to go down. The employers will deduct whatever extra they pay to our government, from the foreign worker. What the government will do with the extra Levi charges is of course another story. One side these foreign workers are getting squeezed by the employers, and another from the auta-rities...Who in the right mind will say that this is fair for these workers!!! And we act surprise when they break into our houses to get money to survive the jungle out there. Wait! We ARE the jungle!! And we allow discriminations and extortions to happen to the poor foreign workers. This is so wrong!! How did we become this society?

As for local criminals, why are we bewildered as to how they come about? With the foreign worker influx, and the reluctance of employers to employ the locals, most likely because locals know their rights and it's hard to extort them,(and of course we locals tend to be bums) locals become jobless and why are we surprised that some turn to crime to survive? Another thing. We should not act appalled when we see Indians especially, turned into criminals. The auta-rities we call government spent more than quarter decade abusing the NEP, when it should have helped the poor regardless of their race, religion etc. This is the by product of that abuse. I am not saying that all poor people become criminals,as that is so not true since we have people running the country who are just happen to be lucky in the geographical sense of the interpretation of the word "criminal", who have the necessary contacts to avoid being sent to where they actually jail. That is why I am less sympathetic towards Bumiputeras becoming criminals, because with the NEP, the Badan Kebajikan, Baitul Mal etc, they absolutely have no excuse to steal anything, unless of course it's for Kleptomaniac purposes, which no degree of compassion should be offered. And if they don't benefit from NEP due to power abuse from auta-rities, they should actually rob their Wakil Rakyat instead on account of failing to do what they're there to do.

People who have nothing to loose, and desperate, tend to do anything to stay alive, resulting in increase of crime rate. It is the duty of the public to ensure such things like people stealing for food, not to happen. We cannot depend on the police force as we know it's not longer a myth what monstrous creatures some turn out to be.
Here, read THIS if you don't believe me. If NST is reporting this, things MUST be really bad already...

So who end up paying for all this? Let me see. Apart from the poor, don't forget the middle class who gets squeezed by the government, by having to pay tax that not really reaches the poor and the poor-people-gone-bad, in turn robs the middle class because the middle class can't afford body guards as their money are used to sponsor government's entertainment such as Disneyland trips worth 1.7million and pay their bodyguards (who gets to tag along to play with Mickey and co) to guard them against whoever they've oppressed. Yes, the middle class gets screwed from top and from the bottom. If these middle class tax payers are former M.C.GayGay graduates, I'm sure they will be silently enjoying the bottom screw, whilst the rest of us, the mild mannered ones may just suffer in silence and later develop debilitating diseases , when finally, one fine day, if the system failed to kill us, the hospital bill may just as well finish the job...

Where does that leave us, mere mortals? Honestly, it's a frustrating subject to talk about. I think we all know the answers. What we desperately need is answers as to how we can do what we need to do without getting killed, ISA-ed, C4-ed in the process. Honestly, I'm no martyr material, but at this point, the anger within makes me completely decipher why some people blow themselves up for a cause they think is worth it....naaaah...on second thoughts, no one should die from a blow job. Told you I'm not a martyr material.....
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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Proposal of a Social Contact....oops...I mean Contract!!!

Tired of nagging our discontent about Malaysia? Well, I'm not. My jaw feels like its going to drop off at some point of yakking away my disheartenments and I don't even have leprosy to begin with. Why we nag then? It's because deep down, we all share the same sentiments, we love this country, regardless, and we know we love each other as citizens of Malaysia. It would be great if we can say the same about the imbeciles...oops, people running it though. (sorry, I'm still under treatment for my verbal diarrhoea).

You may be Malay Malaysian, Chinese Malaysian, Indian Malaysian, Dan Lain Lain Malaysian, Wannabe Mat Salleh Malaysian, Wanna be Malaysian from Bangladesh Malaysian, but at heart, we know deep within, despite all the expletives we avow to express our anger at our local issues, in our hearts,deep down somewhere, we know we are ONE MALAYSIAN and we all love this country...we have come a long way, why give up now? The people of Malaya never had problems integrating with each other as evidenced by the mixed marriages, products of "Mamak" as we all know them and also the Babas....(no, I don't mean Baba as in double B.A. Honors, but the Baba and Nyonyas), or just simply rojak mixed, which I think is extremely cool. It's when the politics gets the better of us, that we tend to forget the aspiration of our forefathers in working towards a country to call our own, a country we can be proud of, and a place we call home. We may be of different religion, color, culture, but we all know how to swear the authorities in all different languages, now dare I say could that be a start towards unity? Besides, unity is what the gist of all religion teaches us, albeit I've never met an atheist or free thinker who would say otherwise either. Have you heard of any religion who teaches hatred towards others, regardless of our differences? Let's rekindle the same kind of spirit our forefathers had shown in the past.

Enough of my rantings, let me get to the point (well, finally). While most of us spend our time endlessly complaining about this and that,a good,exemplary Samaritan of Malaysia, Anas Zubedy, have taken the effort of unity to the next level. Instead of just bitching about things, he had come forward with an effort to unite Malaysians by putting a full page advertisement in The Star due May 06th (this Wednesday ; finally, a reason for me to buy local papers besides getting a few tickles before actually hitting the comic strips). Here, click I PROPOSE A SOCIAL CONTRACT THIS WESAK to find out more about the list of contract. I think it's a noble thing to do. And I love the logo. Do your part people...go on....spread the love..spread UNITY...let's make it contagious!!! Let's not look at the past mistakes unless with intent to learn from them. It's time we look forward to building one nation....ONE MALAYSIA, in all honesty......It's the best gift we could ever give our children - hope of a great nation....