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Friday, 28 November 2008

If a picture paints a thousand words........

Here's some of the interesting (to me) sightings I've managed to capture lately. They say a picture paints a thousand words. But just in case, I'll paint a couple of words, just because it's my blog and I can do whatever I want in it...

I saw this, what I call art in Kinokuniya. I was just awed by it's beauty....everything was sooooo....beautifully transparent, I cannot help but wonder would our government look this beautiful should they be transparent?

Rrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiigght.... I've seen someone drying their butt with this drier, must be some "women crisis"...Well, this is Malaysia, some joker may just dry their hair with this..Malaysia Boleh maaahhh

I think JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) should come up with some kind of a fatwa banning reading love story books in National Language. This is to ensure the faith of the Ummah will not digress into one full of "maksiat"...If they could solve a tough equation and came up with solution that Yoga can divert Islam from the right path, then surely they can do this math....

I was mesmerized with this piece of painting, hung on a well known restaurant in KLCC, only in a way a doctor can, after being traumatized by the visual experiences only her profession can give.....I personally name this piece "Self Portrait of a Female Gyenocologist, on her day off "...

Well, this one's self explainatory...

Now, last, but certainly not least, is a photo of a General Practitioner in her "on-call" room, "working"....the same one who have time to Facebook and Blog while getting paid by the hour.....The Smart One....

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

"Get Lost!!! "

In life,one of the easiest thing to do is to get lost. You don't think so? Well, then you've not been driving on Malaysian roads. Let me rephrase that, you've not been driving on Malaysian roads, and follow the sign boards. Oh, just to prove my point, try that stunt driving through Putrajaya. Don't worry, you wont get totally lost in this little experiment, just make sure the car has full tank petrol filled and the smart tag uploaded. One do not get lost in Putrajaya, merely delayed. And can someone tell me, why are the precincts in Putrajaya are not in sequence? There is a reason why Town Planners are called "planners"...or was there some precincts unplanned, like that accidents that happen with the type of condoms that gave Red Indians' names like "Broken Rubber"?

It amuses me to learn that a group of Singaporean got lost in Malaysian jungle some time back. I suppose they presumed that Malaysia, like Singapore have got proper sign boards that get the job done getting you from point A to point B. We Malaysians get lost following our sign boards in town, what makes the Singaporeans think that they won't get lost in our jungle!!

You can get lost in your thoughts. I do that all the time. I would be made to realize that I did just that when I start talking to myself with hand gestures thrown in, the moment my daughter would give me that look, equavalent to a rolled up eyeball and tongue in cheek moment. The latter would probably get her into trouble for attempting to be rude to the elderly, so she somehow had mastered this "look". The look that says, "you're doing it again....that talking out loud thing"

I remember one incident in an elevator when I realized I did a boo-boo. I saw this man giving me this weird look and before I could figure out why, the words,"Amma do mah thayng while you're playin' witcha", came out of my mouth in some distorted melody, as the earphones that blasted the Pussycat Doll's song prevented me from singing in tune. It doesn't help that the earphones were well hidden underneath all my big hair. I guess you can get lost in a song...

Then, you can loose your identity. That happens easily when you are married. Suddenly, you are no longer simply Mary for instance, rather, Mrs So and So, or So and So's mom. "Mary who?", say you. You play your part so well, setting your family as top priority, sometimes you forget to save a piece of you. There are occasions whereby, you don't recall who you really are, as an individual. You don't know what is your favourite song, because you are too busy running around at work, or running your home, or entertaining your husband's colleagues from work.( a non harlot sense of it..) to have time to indulge in simple things like sitting down comfortably on a cozy sofa with a cup of warm hot chocolate, listening to , well, Michael Bolton if you've just had a fight with your hubby and craving for wailing, suicidal songs . You no longer have time for the simple pleasure of having fun like dancing, or grooming etc. You've been to everywhere but you've not been to YOU. You're just hopelessly lost.

Then you can get lost in Malaysian politics. You start to wonder, where do all these politicians come from? I mean, Men are from Mars, women from Venus..... politicians? At the rate they are going, they cannot possibly be human. Watching the local news is like watching wrestling nowadays. You know they're staged and have a stupid plot where one gets cheering for hurting the other party, yet you just need to stay tuned to see how bad the plot can get and you get lost in that.

Sometimes, you need to get lost to rediscover something new, or to discover yourself. Of course we are not talking about getting "Bermuda Triangle" or "Black Hole" kind of getting lost. Just lost enough to find your way home.

See how easy it is to get lost? It's no wonder people like to say,"Get lost"..because getting lost is easier than "Go away" or "Fuck off" (how can someone have sex and disappear simultaneously, oh wait...invisible man, when he takes off his clothes..silly me..). I think I should abort writing now, because I can feel myself getting lost in my own writing.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Cinta ku sehingga di atas (permukaan) bulan purnama

We were at Kinokuniya last weekend in search of Bahasa Malaysia story books. It just dawned to me, (with the help of PMR next year of which my daughter has to sit) that my daughter needs to buckle up and pay more attention to Bahasa Malaysia as a subject.

Funny though, how the simple subject is made complicated. After all, it is our mother tongue. Somehow rather, I took for granted that one just need to add a couple of "i"s to an English word and walla!! we have a word of the same meaning in Bahasa Malaysia. Apparently though, the technique still don't work , just like it never worked during my time sitting for the major examination in school. I had to take up tuition...yes, I repeat it in a different manner; I, a Malay, who speak bahasa Melayu at home, had to undergo tuition just to come up with a "C" during my SPM!!!

It appears as though history is about to repeat itself, with my daughter and somehow rather that reality hit my panic button and as a consequence, saw me in panic mode, scouting around for books to read, of course in hope to improve her BM.

These are the books available in racks, let your eyes browse through the titles;

I've never seen so much love in like about 5 book racks in one room...
I felt a tidal wave of disgust traveling from my toe up to my head, before that wave triggered another panic attack throughout my body. I could not figure out which panic was in larger magnitude. Panic because I can't seem to find any decent Malay story books that can help improve my child's Bahasa Malaysia, or panic at the kind of reading the teenagers prefer , ergo the future.

"I'm a lover not a fighter", suddenly Michael Jackson's voice rang through my brains, in a song "That girl is mine"...Then anger swept me. Damn them!!! They ban all sorts of harmless things like Yoga, and not see where this is going?!!! Bloody morons!!!

Of course you can't force writers to write stories that don't sell, and well, banning these books is totally stupid, as the act of banning itself. ( Since we're at it, banning to me, is just a short cut to management...).

Well, at least they should address this matter!!! Create some tax deduction for profit gained from writing educational stuff. Or, perhaps come up with "Kempen Jangan Membaca, cinta sahaja"....or I don't know..that's why I pay tax, to let the "experts" do the things they are suppose to be expert in. No expert? Well, bloody create some then. What are the people in Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka doing then? A couple of magazines issued monthly obviously is not enough.

You are what you read, just as you are what you eat. Hmm....maybe that is why some bomohs made the last minute kids who have not been studying all year long, sitting for major exams, to drink the water from soaked text books....well, this story is not fact checked, just rumours or more likely either a myth or urban legend...but looking at some of my fellow Malays in the work force, especially those working in the government sector, I prefer, with a heavy heart, to believe that it just may be true. If I may digress, my favourite quote in fact is "if you want to get screwed, don't go to the prostitutes. Just have a dealing with the government departments and you'd get screwed good, for free".

Well, there was however, surrounded by oceans of book on how to love and be loved, one book that stood out and it was written by Azizi Ali. Yes, the Azizi Ali who wrote "How to become a Millionaire" and beyond. His book by the way, was useful to financial morons like me albeit I'm still struggling with the "death by credit card debt" part. Anyway, he wrote a new book in bahasa malaysia that has got nothing to do with love per se. "Equinox", which I bought for my daughter to read and is still waiting for her to comment on it.
A thought just occured to me. We spent billions sending the first, well, the Russians call him cosmonaut, the Americans,astraunaut and Malaysians, gay-or-not, into space to inspire the next generation. I guess these books will inspire them to spread more love beyond the universe..............Talk about "Make love not War".

Thursday, 6 November 2008


Someone left a comment on Facebook saying,"Obama enters White House. What should it be called next? The Black House?"

Funny though,from my perspective, I am not really euphoric over Obama's triumph simply because he is the first African America to enter the White House, but rather, he symbolizes hope,that, there are good politicians out there who are sincere enough to serve the nation, rather than serve their own interests.

If you follow his autobiography, you just cannot help but admire this man, and wish that Malaysia may some day be blessed with such a leader.

Not many will know that when he was the Senator of Illinois, he forbid his staff, including himself to travel via private jet. They travel via commercial airlines. This is to avoid exclusifying themselves from reality of everyday struggles of everyday people.

He understands the word "empathy", such a lonely word besides "honesty", they should make a song for it.

Having said all these things, we have yet to see the actions of his words, as we all know, that action speaks louder than words.

Amongst my favourite Obama Quote is "an economy that honors the dignity of work"...something we Malaysians have to work on, against cronism, against a bunch of politicians who are busy politic-ing instead of doing what politicians are elected to do, that is to govern the country of the people who got them there in the first place.

Beyond color, culture, religion, gender. It sounds idealistic because people create reality to make sure ideals die and impossible to exist. That is when, once in a while, we need a "hero" a champion in a form of leadership to guide us in our own ailing country..that is what hope is all about...and Obama reminds me of that hope..

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Okay...I know this is pretty freaky. I thought I'd post this video while awaiting for the verdict of a long ongoing, best reality TV series I have been aptly following for quite some time now...yes...The America Votes......heh..heh..There is, apparently, a place called Obama in Japan...I'm going to sing along now....LAAAA...LA LA LA LA OBAMA!!!