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Saturday, 25 July 2009

The Clouded Truth.....Watts Up, Or Watts Down?

It all started with this post; "Are we humans causing Global Warming? Are You Sure?". Of course being in the business of science I tend to trust the scientists, as evidenced by the comment I left in response to the article. We were taught about what to believe today at the University, almost a 2decades ago, how could that go wrong? The matter kept boggling my mind, especially after fresh from reading a few conspiracy theory books that convinced me, that nothing is what it seems. It was upsetting to learn that people, driven by greed for wealth, used science as a tool to get what they want. The "peak oil" for instance, was a scam. Here's why as explained very well by Webster Tarpley; that may awaken some of us, that science too are susceptible to being twisted and manipulated, even generated in order to serve certain interests (you can come back for it later, because there are more relevant links and videos coming your way). Same goes with the theory of scarcity of food, it's just a way of governance to gain more power and wealth by a small group of people, oligarchy.

The obsession for science itself is purely academic to most who dare indulge in it, but with the whisperings of greed, science become a dangerous tool. Clearly, for example, when the German scientists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassman discovered nuclear fission, it was purely an indulgence for the obsession of satisfying their curiosity that drove them to fulfill the obligation of scientific discovery. I'm sure they intended their discovery to benefit the human race, and not to destroy them, as the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki had proven how evil the human race are capable of becoming. Bad politics, and not science ergo, kills good intentions and is harmful.

"We run around in circles and suppose, when the truth sits in the middle and knows"
- Stephan Hawking-

The problem with "we" is that "we" are human, and human are without a doubt, full of their own agendas. Out of millions who exist at the same period of time, only a handful are sincere and truthful. When someone is lost, he tends to make a circle and end up where he started. The truth however, is what it is...the truth. Problem with the truth, is that not many like it, because most of the time, the truth hurts or can hurt someones interest. Some may even go to the extent of obscuring, twisting, omitting the truth with the purpose to achieve something. In some places like the in some politicians and lawyers vocabulary, that word had ceased to exist.
Unlike mathematics, which is a knowledge of certainty, (it is either you are wrong, or you are right...nothing in between), science on the other hand is a knowledge which runs on hypothesis then theories and finally, if the observations are confirmed by many, it becomes a "law". It is in their "theory" and "hypothesis" phase especially, is when it becomes vulnerable towards manipulations as no one knows the truth anyway.

With mostly everyone out there are busy securing their own interests, how do we know who's faking it and who's not? I mean, if women can fake orgasm and get away with it (watch the video I posted below for a simple demonstration), is there any hope in knowing the truth, that is...out there...laughing at the human species...

So how do we find the truth? Solid reasoning my friend. That is the only way. But first, for the benefit of those who thinks global warming is Woodstock going global, take a look at the simple understanding of global warming. Go ahead, click on it or read it on Wiki. And here's a simple explanation of the greenhouse effect., or HERE for a graphic summary, or you can wiki it yourself. As for the effect of global warming, I found one, posted below; (put your glasses on to read the text)

(The babbling above is just my warming on to find out, watts up or watts down.....)

I found an excellent explanation by Dr Roy Spencer Phd, a climatologist and former NASA scientist, regarding how this global warming bugle may perhaps be what it is, just a spook. Read in his article "A Layman's Explanation Of Why Global Warming Prediction by Climate Models Are Wrong". Here's what I found in his side of the introduction; "Dr. Spencer’s research has been entirely supported by U.S. government agencies: NASA, NOAA, and DOE. He has never been asked by any oil company to perform any kind of service. Not even Exxon-Mobil." The last word means he's not one of the Seven Sisters boot lick-er, which says a lot regarding the sincerity in his field of work.

And here's something interesting what IPCC has to say.

According to Spencer, basically, the ongoing debate is as weather, I mean whether, the thinning clouds are the effect, or the cause to indicate their response towards natural global warming. The irony of us humans who think that we are the greatest creation of God, when the clouds are floating up there, laughing at us. For some of us, it's another way to imagine the shape of a a big huge question mark.

If you have the time and the curiosity; here is a brilliant lecture, (roughly about 08 minutes each) given by Prof Robert M Carter, that I feel is truly worth listening to in order to comprehend the current climate change. He gives us the big picture instead of the currently perennial pedantic outlook that had caused the panic by far.

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Part 3 :

Part 4 :

Based on the evidence provided by Bob, it is interesting to note that in the 20th century, following the Industrial Revolution that hit the civilization like MJ hit the Pop World,in the 18th and end of the 19th century, although the level of CO2 was up by 4%, ironically, there was no earthly warming noted. Is CO2 a significant cause of global warming?

Then I bumped into this article that made me chuckle it was in the cns news and this article led me to the latest findings from a study since 2001,( released on Jan. 28 2009), done by Kyle L. Swanson and Anastasios A. Tsonis, two professors in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. "They found that the Earth has been cooling since 2001 and projected that due to “global variation” the climate would continue to cool for the next 20 to 30 years."

You can read the details in has the climate shifted? or in it's html form

And nope, the sun ain't got nothin' to do with this warmin' either, read it here; Gavin Schmidt on solar trends and global warming and in pdf form.

The article is long, but what I normally do is go straight to the conclusion, hoping that I'd understand that at least. And here is what Schmidt had concluded; If you find this conclusion long (pfff...try reading the whole thing then) perhaps you can jump right down to my conclusion of their conclusion, just after all these purple writings....
"[84] We analyzed the GISS ModelE hTi in terms of its trend, LCF against solar forcing, and a set of regression analyses, and found that it gave a realistic reproduction of the observed global mean temperature. In particular, GISS ModelE simulates a response to solar and GHG forcings roughly consistent with the observations, but the exact Figure 9. Comparison between centennial mean values for both S and GISS CTL. These time series are used to estimate the histogram in Figure 8d, showing rations derived from different combinations of the differences between the 100-year mean values. Table 7. Trend Estimates (the Proportion of the Total Warming Explained) and Standard Deviation Derived Using a Linear Model Between Tsun and Year Since 1980, Expressed in the Percentage of Similar Trend Analysis for the GISS Temperature Lean [2000] SW06 ‘‘All years’’Estimate 7% 10% 8%Stdv ±1.3% ±1.3% ±1.3%
The trend estimates are shown as thin dashed lines in Figure 5, and ‘‘all years’’ refer to TSI reconstruction where the mean level for all overlapping years have been used to adjust the PMOD data rather than just 1980.
Contribution from each forcing is difficult to pinpoint using statistical methods alone. Linear regression does not give unbiased and robust results if one tries to attribute the effect
of different forcings on the temperature. The lack of robustness can also give rise to inflated values for the coefficients used in the statistical models of Scafetta and
West. Nevertheless, variations in S appear to have a weak effect on the global mean temperature, but cannot explain the global warming since 1980.

[85] We also repeated the analyses of Scafetta and West, together with a series of sensitivity tests to some of their arbitrary choices. These tests showed clearly that the published uncertainty in their estimates was greatly underestimated. In particular, the arbitrary assumption of their equilibrium sensitivity (Zeq) has a dramatic impact on their attribution of 20th century changes to solar forcing. We next showed that their methodologies were not able to robustly retrieve the solar contribution in GCM experiments where the answer was known a priori. In fact, we found that the presence of internal variability and additional forcings greatly confounded their method’s accuracy. Even in much simpler cases, examined here using Monte Carlo simulations
of synthetic climate time series, we found that their diagnostics had a very wide range in the absence of a true signal, so cannot be considered robust metrics of a solarinduced

[86] We conclude that as with the simpler linear regression methodologies described earlier, the SW methodology is highly sensitive to the internal variability of the climate system and the presence of colinear trends in different forcings. Given the concomitant increases in greenhouse
gas forcings over the 20th century, this implies that their published attributions greatly exaggerate the role of solar variations in global mean temperature trends.

[87] Claims that a substantial fraction of post 1980 trends can be attributed to solar variations are therefore without solid foundation, and solar-related trends over the last century are unlikely to have been bigger than 0.1 to 0.2C."

Set the scientific jargon aside, what this means is that "our gadget fucked up and need to be repaired. As a result of the fucking up of the gadget, the recorded data of warming was exaggerated. The impact on global panic does not fall into our jurisDICKtion, and is to be referred to other department thank you".

So now the apparatus was faulty. Hmm....

If it is not the sun, not the CO2 that is causing the "unusual global warming", what is then? I can imagine my great grandma telling us, in that shrilled voice of hers, (she said it in Arabic which had been translated to us intoBahasa Malaysia, and now I'm translating it to you to English of course) "This world is full of sinners!! That is why the world is getting hotter". So there you go, the real reason for global warming, need rocket scientist for that....

So what's with this Al Gore character going around alarming people with twisted facts?

If by now you still have not wondered as to why science is being twisted, well, you should. Here's another good talk by Lyndon laRouche, (for those interested, click HERE to view his views..which is quite interesting) to understand why this scam, like any other scam pertaining to manipulation of science, or just manipulation of anything, come to think of it, came about;
The video takes 55:06 minutes (posted below) for those who are audio learners and have the patience to listen to yet another brilliant lecture. But if you're short of time, I suggest you go right ahead with the final video in this post.

Now, the next million dollar question that needed answering, especially when politicians have their hands in this global warning panic, "WHO STANDS TO GAIN MOST?". Why are these alarmists going around alarming people?

Unfortunately, I'm still struggling to finish reading page 1 of "Economics for Dummies" so obviously I'm not the right person to unravel this. I would appreciate it if someone can come up with a brilliant article on "Which madafakar got away with da dough". Incidentally, someone did, even better, a documentary was produced. And it was done very well indeed. If there is any video in this post that needs listening to, it's this one. It not only explains what's going on with our environment today, in a brilliant.. brilliant manner if I may add, it also offers an interesting possibility of another out of this world reason, for the current mood swing mother earth is facing (maybe she's just menopausing...that at least could explain the dry seasons...), and in addition, it will explain the part I am dumb in...the human politics. (dumb in the part that fail to understand how human can be so inhumane and still insist to be called "human"). This video answers most of the questions boggling my mind anyway...

I thought the picture below is appropriate after listening to the documentary.
The end of human integrity is more like it......

Suddenly, I recall a verse in the Quran that states:

"Your Lord said to the angels, "I am placing a successor on earth." They said, "Would You place in it he who would corrupt it, and shed blood, while we sing
Your glory, and praise You?" He said, "I know what you do not know." [2:30]

Indeed, I have not a single clue, how humans can behave like animals..maybe we still are...still struggling to become actual human that we claim to be. Maybe that was what Darwin's theory is all about..we are not there yet, in the fully evolved form....or maybe Darwin is just as crap as the people who created "peak oil" and "scarcity of food" theories...I'm in an abyss of tell me...
(Oh, don't panic...this article or rather this verbiage, ENDS don't bother clicking onto the other rabbit hole;- it's a technical error...too busy living and no time to correct it)
...Click here to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.....

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Alice Wha' ??!!

I will attempt something new in my posts. I will from time to time post about what I feel are rare but interesting diseases, and will try to present it as layman-friendly(I don't get the term though, it's redundant coz unless it is rape, you need to be friendly to lay a man anyway..hmm..) as possible. I mean, if everyone comprehends the medical jargon, why bother reading my post then right? Might as well log on to the medical website without having to put up with my rubbish right?

To begin this quest for knowledge, I shall start with a disease called "Alice In Wonderland syndrome".

If anyone could recall the classic story book, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" or better known as "Alice in Wonderland" (which I doubt anyone could, since most of us have long past our puberty and "Alice in Wonderland" could well mean a title of a movie that has got nothing to do with Alice the bored innocent girl who somehow fell into this rabbit hole and got herself lost in Wonderland; albeit there are many holes involved yet none of them have anything to do with that made by the rabbits, and adventurous in a different land that made you wonder, "is this the right video we got for the kids?" , looked at the title again and noticed that it was actually "Alice in Wonderbra".....if you catch my drift) you will notice how Alice encountered many odd looking creatures in odd looking forms, huge and small , in which people of the olden days may find it intriguing, but relive the adventures and narrate them to today's society, Alice may end up having to give her urine sample tested for stuff the rock stars pump into their systems. It's that hallucination like symptoms that gave the name of the rare syndrome, the Alice In Wonderland.

If you still can't imagine it,then why not fake a migraine and ask your family doctor to prescribe you DF118, a potent and almost obsolete painkiller. Then tell your doctor, that you can't sleep because of the headache and ask him for Xanax, and anti-depressant/something that can make you go to slumber. Combine both DF118 and Xanax, walla!! you will be with Alice in Wonderland and will be able to visualize how AIW syndrome feels like. . Oh, and that DF118 and Xanax combo...don't try it at home if you don't know the right formula, which incidentally, I am not going to tell you. And everyone thought only the celebrety chefs come up with all the great recipes eh?

Anyway, what is Alice In Wonderland syndrome? Often associated with migraine like symptoms (which is by the way, is a headache that can make you swear you had grown another heart that throbs continuously in your brain and when upon reaching a climax of intense, makes you want to throw out your last meal. So remember, if you have migraine, do not eat expensive meal as all will come out the same way it came in), a person suffering from AIW syndrome has problems perceiving what they visualize. They see things around them in smaller forms. It's not funny when you think you've suddenly turned into a giant, really.

Let me explain to you in a simple manner. Notice how sometimes when we hear people like, I dunno, that Nazri perhaps, talks, (although AIW syndrome does not have any symptoms of spinal level speech, you know, a speech that bypasses the brain), the perception you get is that the statement came from a walnut sized brain; looks like an actual brain but tremendously smaller in size? Now, if you visualize it to be small (never mind if it really is small), this perceiving the image that translates to a small size, termed micropsia, is what a person with AIW experiences. Or perhaps when you see a leader of a country who is more afraid of B1N1 instead of H1N1 (got this from a circulating sms by the way), you visualize that it is his balls that are the size of peanuts. AIW sufferers can also experience the opposite, called macropsia. I think this is more severe, since it is no fun going around feeling like a midget, especially when you have had no time to build up a big ego to make up for the shorter size...err...I meant smaller size.

I don't know about you, I'm more comfortable with the micropsia visual of nuts though. If you look at most of the govern-MENTAL department, you will not need to suffer from AIW syndrome in order to perceive that they have hard earned big and sluggish buttocks. Some even may have an attitude that you may perceive that person's asshole in a macropsia manner...the asshole so big that it became the person as a hole... I mean, whole....until finally, an asshole is what you see before you.
"The most prominent and often most disturbing symptom is that of altered body image: the sufferer will find that they are confused as to the size and shape of parts of (or all of) their body.". Well, if you see yourself in the mirror, and see a distorted figure, first, do not panic. Check if the mirror is of good quality, not something you find in the Petrosains exhibition hall. Do not mistaken this symptom with that suffered by most women, who keep complaining about how distorted their bodies are, and some may even travel back and forth to the plastic surgeons' operating theatre to come out looking like the plastic surgeon had just grafted her buttocks skin onto her face using botox injections. ( A bad botox job would look like the surgeon totally transplanted the whole buttocks onto the face. Hmm...who does this face remind me of huh? Some character who spent RM1.7 million just to study the Disney characters. You can read HERE to see how hypnotizing Mickey really is, or is it Malaysia's first woman PM? Wait...running by proxy does not earn anyone any title, sorry.) No, ladies and gentlemen, this symptom are not of AIW syndrome, instead basically, it is what the laymen call "insecurity". Men too are not spared from this "insecurity" problems, albeit the onset may be much later in life, majority approaching the age of 40 years, when they start seeing vital parts as in need of altering, hence explaining the surge in the sales of "enhancement cream" or Viagra in this age group. Unlike AIW sufferers, people suffering from insecuritities are unable to be treated with mere popping in the pills, rather, they need to go see a shrink..."Insecurity" therefore, did not gain a proper diagnosis it clearly earns, even though they are more rampant than the rare AIW syndrome. Ah well, the poor shrinks need to make money too..

Treatment of AIW syndrome is that for other migraine prophylaxis: anticonvulsants, antidepressants to name a few, along with strict adherence to the migraine diet. See, here we have a rare disease, we go all around to come up with a diagnosis that is hardly heard of, and yet the treatment is the same as that of the treatment of migraine. And yet people say it is tough job, being a doctor. Becoming a doctor is tough, being a doctor is a piece of cake really.

Actually the trick lies in the diagnosis. Once you get the diagnosis right, you simply whack the fler with the same medications, it's a no brain-er task. That is why anyone can get away with imposing as a doctor simply by dispensing Panadol...after all, it works for fever,and to some extent, headaches and backaches which covers half of problems encountered by the GPs. especially on Monday mornings - where backaches comes from excessive sexual activities and the headaches are from the lack of it. (The other half can be miraculously cured by MC...oh that and antibiotics....I've had idiots coming to me demanding antibiotics to cure her allergy rash). Yuup...general practitioners have the easy peasy job and if they do not indulge in mind intriguing endeavours such as blogging and FaceBooking, they most likely will end up bored. If you've heard of doctors making the headlines, like their brains get blown to pieces because some junkie was not delivered their much needed junk, or if the doctors themselves blew others' brains off, it is because they are simply bored. It is detrimental not to upset a bored don't know what can go on in their minds sometimes...Read it HERE to find out and also in What Irritates Doctors.. , if you're interested to know what goes on in our twisted minds sometimes. Why do you think "House MD" was invented?

A word of caution. Do not mistaken myopic vision as a symptom of AIW syndrome, although myopia sounds close to micropsia and macropsia. Myopia is the inability to visualize far ahead, something you encounter from time to time suffered by our politicians, latest being the English and Mathematics that was reverted back to Bahasa Malaysia simply because they forgot to teach the teachers English first, before asking these teachers to teach the students in English. That is a classic myopic vision indeed, so unfortunate that it is unlike the Alice In Wonderland Syndrome - rare.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

A Midlife Crisis Ehhhh?

I'm sure most of us have had our fair share of what is termed as a "Midlife Crisis". I never really understood the term really. Well, for starter, how would one know it is a midlife crisis when one do not have any idea when he will die. If you don't know your life span, how would you know what age is smack right in the middle? I mean, if your lifespan is 50 years, like Michael Jackson, (may his soul rest in peace), than he would have had his midlife crisis sometime at the age of 25, which we all know was the prime of his career....25 years would be the age of Midlife crisis of Michael Jackson, yet perhaps a quarter life crisis for Woody Allen then. (Wait, Woody Allen suffered from 3/4 life crisis resulting in the affair he had with his adopted daughter when he was with Mia Farrow, his partner - read HERE for a short gossip. Hmm...his was probably more of a case of Men-N0-Pause rather than a midlife crisis) . Okay, I think you get my point.

Oxygen deprived after meal blood in tummy jokes aside,(for those who did not get my humor, don't sweat've actually got to be menopausal to get equally dry humor) , Midlife Crisis is suffered by merely 10% of people in the United States, according to one study done in 1980. I'm sure they can do better if they had changed the venue of study to Malaysia. Then again, it may not be such a good idea after all for Malaysians are so in denial, that even when they suffer from extreme stress, they will never admit it even to themselves, let alone allow medical help in a form of counseling, albeit they won't have trouble gulping in lots of "happy chill pills" using "jet lag" or "sleeping problems" as excuses. In a way, I am blessed. When some people say they have sleeping problems, they meant they have problems going to sleep. When I say I have "sleeping problems", I actually meant "I have problems getting up from sleep".

Back on track, while some may suffer from a true midlife crisis, some from bad behaviour using midlife crisis as an excuse ergo giving midlife crisis a bad name, some just lucky enough not to suffer at all. Of course at one point of one's life, one may have internal conflict, a moment when you pause to look at your own life to reassess it. Life itself has it's Ying and it's Yangs. What I call as Kodak moments and Prozak moments (oh yes it rhymes, just pronounced "Kodak" in American accent). It's impossible to feel happy all the time. The only people who are happy ALL THE TIME are those who are residing in the Mental Asylum, heavily on "chill pills".

As for me, I don't know if it was a midlife crisis or just life's crisis, exactly 9 years 9 days ago, someone I loved very much passed away, leaving me shaken right down to the core. (in a non orgasmic sense of it of course). I am never the same since. My outlook in life changed. I value life as more precious and should not be taken for granted, neither do I take the people around me who are part of my life, for granted. Yes it did, changed me forever. Not that it is a bad thing. In fact weighing the pros and cons, I dare say I have managed to grow out of the whole ordeal, to become stronger and wiser. Of course I kept telling God that I wouldn't mind a bit gaining my wisdom in a less harsher method but He had His own plan to execute, part of His Rububiyat, I pacified myself, when I lay in the darkness of the night wondering, blinking my sorrow away asking God "why me" and I could have sworn I heard Him say, "Why not". As for growing stronger, when my pre-menstrual hormones get the better of me, I can't help but dispute, "where does getting stronger get me anyway". Then again, c'iest la vie...

But you know, a midlife crisis is like a wake up call. We need wake up calls well, to wake us up from a nightmare or a dream. (although sometimes it could wake people up from a dream only to create a nightmare in real life,depends on one's outlook in life) it serves like some kind of "adrenalin" that gives us the push to venture new things in life, make it interesting again, keeps us going, make us feel..well, ALIVE. Life should not be stagnant and predictable. We should from time to time rekindle our rendezvous with chances and fate, teasing them to see where it takes us. (Having said that, please be informed of the term "calculated risk"...Bungee jumping can be exhilarating but please drop in to visit your physician before deciding to make that jump)

"It is not about what life has to offer, rather, what you bring into it"

I think we should all embrace whatever that is thrown to us by life. Because being part of the universe, we have no choice but to comply to change. In fact we should expect change to happen. There is always a blessing in disguise, albeit sometimes, clouded by anger, it is difficult to appreciate this. But if you calm that anger, you will find beneath it a third Newton Law, or some call it Karma, or Qada' and Qadar..whatever, but you will no doubt find it if look for it. And when you do find it, you have indeed attained wisdom. Once in a while, try throwing back things into life, see where it gets you. You will never complain of being bored of life, that is for sure.

"Life is not about waiting for the thunderstorm to pass, but learning how to dance in the rain"

A toast, "Here's to the Kodak moments, and the Prozak moments..may we all get jiggy with it in the rain ....Cheers folks!!"

Friday, 17 July 2009

The Original MoonWalk...1969 (up"dated" and upgraded version.)..)

This is the updated (I mean, literally) and upgraded version of the later post, posted promised;..sorry..can't make it any smaller...

A restored NASA footage of Apollo 11 released 16th July 2009 (US time...not Malaysian time..which by the way could mean a day or even a week later)

And then...there's color all of a sudden:
Restored footage NASA's Apollo 11 mission highlights;

Or if you have the time and patience to watch it from NASA sources, (needs Quicktime application, and too it is not as quick as youtube); click HERE . And here's what could have happened to the original footage;

( Below : Posted yesterday; 16th July 2009)
Today marks man’s 40th Anniversary from the time he took the “a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind” . Yes, the same date, 16th July 16, 2009 ,(PLEASE REFER TO FOOTNOTE FOR COMMENT OF THIS DATE) 40 years ago, Neil Armstrong graced his humanly weight unto the moon soil. For many, it was a proud moment that inspired the generations to come. For some, it was merely an American propaganda during the time of Nixon. (albeit I do have my doubts as to whether he was capable of pulling such a stunt, considering he could not even get away with “Watergate”).

Apparently, NASA had announced that It will release an improved footage of Apollo 11. At the time of this writing, I am still awaiting for the release. However, I post to you the earlier version. Here, take a look - who knows, you may be the first to catch a glimpse of Nixon's nasal reflection in the background and prove once and for all, that it was all a scam. Below is the released footage (the original seem to have been missing apparently) followed by the latest improved quality video. Well, whatever said and done, I post to you “Man’s first steps on the Moon”.


The MOONWALK ...MJ did a better job frankly; I wonder if he could do it as well should it actually be on the moon..we'll never know now would we?


Below, the improved video:

For those who love to indulge in conspiracy theories, nothing wrong with that, considering the fact that there is no reason for us to trust megalomaniac authorities (CIA, ISA , ARABS and many more abbreviations… oh wait, ARABS is not an abbreviation) I give you some of the links which I find interesting - Conspiracy theories ; written in Wikipedia, due to the MISSING DATA and REASONS WHY IT'S FAKE. You can also indulge in MOONMOVIE and HERE . Have fun looking for the truth....

For many years, Neil Armstrong, had stayed under the radar past his historical rendezvous with the moon. Recently, he started giving interviews. Watch his first;

I posted the video below, to show you how sometimes, people can misinterpret a simple speech. Why? Mentally challenged runs high on the probability list, but hey, it's always nice to see people do it in public, the misconception I meant. The actual speech comes after the amateur finished mumbling. Take a listen;

Fraud or not, men had progressed tremendously from the day the controversy of whether Armstrong really did landed on the moon or on Hollywood's "Star Trek" shooting ground. Today, space endevours are more common than the rampant zits occurring in teenagers. Satellites are launched with less hassle then launching, say the firecrackers during any festive seasons. I never thought I could sit and actually call anyone from anywhere on the surface of the earth, whilst sitting and waiting for my bowel to remove yesterday's dinner (provided I remember to top up my mobile he he..). Indeed, it was a giant leap for mankind. For those who are interested, you can click on NASA TV, to catch the video, scheduled to be released today.

FOOTNOTE: Thanks to Planet of the Monyet, who pointed out that I made a mistake with the date. Actually man landed on the moon on 20th July 1969 (thank god I got the year right). Like I told Planet of the Monyet, I was never good with dates (as in both the "when" and "with who" kinda dates.....oh, not even with the fruits) and names (unless they are in Latin like Gluteus Maximus, Satarius, Clamydia or something like that)...I sometimes forget my own birthday, I'm not joking......never paid attention in History class, nor history in general...courtesy of Napoleon who haunts me with those words "history is a set of lies, agreed upon". I'm more of a Maths person (ppfff...that'll explain the wrong date...). But yes, I made a mistake with the date, my apologies. But if Apollo 11 was actually a fraud....i guess not much harm is done in getting the dates mixed up right ;-D

Monday, 13 July 2009

It's now or never.....

I attended to a special patient who was brought in by her daughter. She was about 80 years old, refused to talk. 70% of diagnosis is good history taking, and since my cute little old lady (I have this thing about old folks and kids…. I find them extremely cute and I feel like squeezing them most of the time…err…in a non fetish sense of it.) refused to talk, I knew this case was going to take up much of my time. Internet will have to wait…I sighed. When asked any question, grandma just stayed numb and her daughter quickly filled the conversation void with answers. It did not take me long to figure out, the old lady was angry with her daughter. Her refusal to respond to her daughter when I asked to translate my questions was a dead giveaway. It was then that I requested her grandson, who was standing behind her to ask the same questions asked by her daughter and not surprisingly, the cute little grandma finally opened her mouth. And maaan, although I don't understand Mandarin or Cantonese, or perhaps it may have been Hokkien (my lost really), I could sense a lot of anger in her speech. She could have just summarized them all by sticking out her middle finger onto her daughter’s face, but luckily, she came from a generation that had not discovered the expletive properties of fingers.

I asked the daughter why was she behaving that way and I was told that she had been difficult for the past two months, refusing to eat and interact with others ever since she was admitted into the old folks home. Suddenly, the lady’s pertinacious deed became unraveled in its reason. She was just angry and silently protesting. I told the daughter just that but the daughter argued “Nooooo…. my mother is happy there” to which I answered at spinal level “She doesn’t look happy to me,” and I looked at her son and asked him, “does your grandmother look happy?”. Of course the son was smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

As everything got settled, and whilst they were all waiting for the medication to be dispensed, I could hear grandma’ daughter scolding her mother in a high frequency even dogs can listen.. I got really upset all of a sudden, and I went out into the commotion, intervened the impolite one way conversation, and politely told the daughter, “Using that tone on her is not going to settle anything”, and continued to mumble something else that I could not really recall now, as I have this inbuilt “spring” in me that snaps and my mouth goes on autopilot verbal diarrhea and out comes all the nasty thoughts and anger, unplugged version, when that happens. If there is one thing I cannot tolerate, besides having my queue cut, is people who are rude, especially to the elderly, be it related or otherwise. My “wire just putuihhh…”… I did remember telling that nasty woman, “you only have one mother, you should show her love and respect now. Even when she’s dead, you can’t turn those into papers and burn them to transport them to the after world”. Odd enough, that shut her up. She did not look very happy, in fact she looked pissed (like I care) and I could have sworn in ol’ grandma’s eyes, there was a hint of smugness in them. She may not have understood what I had said, but it made her daughter shut up, so she must have reckoned I said something effectively sharp. That and probably my smug expression when I headed back into the consultation room.

Honestly, can someone answer me this question, I throw it to the vast void, “If one mother can take care of many children, how can these many children have problems taking care of just one mum?”. The same applies to fathers. I can understand the concept of a nursing home, as senior citizens who need special care, such as Alzheimer’s may need constant monitoring which most children cannot provide since they need to go out and make ends meet. But what fault lies in simply being old? How can the children not appreciate the sacrifices made by parents in order to give them the best possible future? What use is it that one becomes successful in life yet failed to acknowledge let alone appreciate the very element that got him to where he is today? How big a house do you want, how big a car, how big your account in the bank you need to possess so much so you neglect your duty of being human on the road to success. Can you define your life as successful, if you have failed your own soul in nourishing it?

In most deaths, people cry not just because they miss the dead, but also they are haunted by guilt; guilty for not spending enough time with them, or taking them for granted, guilty this, guilty that. If you are busy right now, stop to ask yourself, when was the last time you spend quality time with your parents. We keep procrastinating spending time with them, because in our minds, our parents will live forever. It’s human nature. There is no point showing love when they are dead, just as there is no point giving Datukship to someone who is already dead. Humans need to be loved and appreciated when they are alive.

Ask yourselves this question. How would you like your children to treat you when you are old? Children, will follow what you do, not what they are told to do. Turn out, this “ settling your parents into the old folks home” may be “genetical” passed down too…..

Saturday, 11 July 2009

A Vegan F1 ?

Remember this line from Forrest Gump? No...not "Run Forrest Run..."..that one is the Govern-MENTAL theme, when the "Point System" failed to procrastinate (err...point system as in if you go to Counter A, they point you to Counter Z and back and forth like a squash ball) . Nope, not that one. It's this one I'm talking about :

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.”

Actually if you make a habit of finishing the whole box, on more than one occasion, you more or less can prophesize what you're going to get, but we are not here to talk about migraines and liposuctions, or nymphomaniacs (you mean you don't know? Chocolates are said to have aphrodisiac properties). Well, apparently Scientists of Warwick University found that chocolate can be a source for biofuel. But wait!! Before I embark into the biofuel chocolate story, why is that there is no terminology for men who are hyper sexed, unlike women with the "nympho" term? Is it because all men are hyper sexed so a masculine term for nymphomaniac is simply "men"? or is it because women are hypo-sexed but when they match that of a man's desire for sex, they are termed hyper sexed? Hmm..the law of relativity so applies here.

Another thing. I always wonder why some people are so not comfortable talking about sex. It's especially when they need to talk about it, like when they have problems "getting it up" is when they fall into the choice of keeping mum. I notice though, it's those who don't like joking or talking about sex are the ones who are really sexually active, under the radar (well, if you have at least 4 kids, and well, there's a lot of hard work involved in getting one kid, based on the stressful lifestyle in this modern world, well, you do the math...). Talk about action speaks louder eh? Those who talk about it as though it is like talking about what to eat 3 hours from now, are those who are quite harmless. Well, empty bottles makes the most noises.

Hmm...then again, I come from a medical background. We use to crack "dirty jokes" when we run out to get us some lunch. Dirty jokes were all we could manage since none of us even had time for masturbation during mad..I mean med school. Come to think of it, we never really had time for anything else after graduation except listening to other people's story about their sexual encounters and adventures, and the side effects that got them to sit on the chair in our consultation room. See...I bet you are feeling uncomfortable reading this. I rest my case.

How come, I wonder at times, that we can spend hours passionately talking about food and eating them for example and when it comes to sex, we get uncomfortable. Sex is just human needs, just like we need to eat, pee, defecate, pray, love, sleep etc etc etc. Of course the Church wasn't any help when they insisted even married couples should practice abstinence..I mean, helloooo...what's the point of a marriage then? Might as well don't bother about getting married not to mention the catastrophe of divorce should it come to that if you are not going to have sex. Just hold hands until both sexual organs just shrivel like dried prunes.

For Muslims however, sex is a very important thing (and that's almost ALL we talk about ; Check out the Malay papers and mags and see how many stories involving artist "kena tangkap basah") that basically run the establisments such as JAIS or JAKIM or kawasan kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya. They are so efficient, that couples get caught "sebelum sempat basah lagi". They are more active in catching the sexually active in the community lot, so much so, that when women who were divorced by their husbands walk into the Pejabat Ugama, half the staff will not be around due to either attending courses (probably inte-courses) or out in the park to catch couples. Either or, there are many backlogged casses of child support unsettled by fathers who's idea of making babies are enjoying the process of getting there and what happens to the product of that sperm that made it, was totally ignored. Oh well, that's just my thoughts. I talk about sex as though I'm constantly having multiple orgasms, when in truth, even my cat is more active in the community than I am, err..sexually...wait...I can't even be compared to my cat because the only way I'd get laid is probably if someone comes and rape me...oh, did I make you uncomfortable again? Well, stop reading then...
(The actual purpose of this article will be finally revealed once you enter the rabbit hole clicking the link below)

Having that curiosity out of the way (the same curiosity that did not kill the darn cat), here is what this article is all about. Apparently, latest discovery revealed that chocolate has become the source of energy. Soon we may have a Vegan Car on the market.

"Scientists of Warwick University believe that this car is the fastest car to be powered by biofuel and to be made of biodegradable plant based fiber materials. The designer of the car believes that the car can reach speeds of even over 145 mph when the car is being tested on race tracks in a few weeks time. They also believe that the car gives a fair amount of knowledge and ideas about how to build more eco-friendly vehicles."

I'm thrilled about the going green part, but I don't know about watching F1 in slow motion mode though. last I checked, Mika Haekkinen/Finland and David Coulthard/Scotland have set up a new formula 1 speed record for the Hockenheim Circuit: 356 kilometres/hour (that's more than 221 miles/hour) and a Mclaren F1, on March 31, 1998, reached 386.7 km/h, charting it's record on the Guinness Book of Record; read it HERE

If you're into chocolate indulgence, then read it HERE and how is that possible?

This is what I love about science. We can make cars eat chocolate if we want to. I wonder if this will give the dudes in Pixar ideas on "Cars" the sequel, with characters of cars fueled by chocolate. Hmm...maybe they can throw in a couple of "horny cars" fueled by aphrodisiac chocolate characters to spice up the storyline. Wow, that would be like a "Dynasty" version of "Cars"...

Cars in the future may run on chocolate. The plus point apart from saving the planet is having another good excuse to be late for work besides the cliche "traffic jam" excuse. (Oh in fact, saving the planet is just an excuse to be late for work). The setback however, would be for us chocolate lovers, as the tendency to run out of fuel before "fuel" even enter the tank is higher in probability (chocolate lovers will eat the wrappers if they are made out of chocolate!!!)
(Chocoholic article ends here)
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Thursday, 9 July 2009

Pusing pusing keliling pokok Mulbery.....kegirangan...

Do you know that when you are lost, you will subconsciously move to make a whole round circle and end up where you started? Well, can't say it's an exception with our "Science and English back to Bahasa Malaysia". The verdict is out. Unlike the truth that is conveniently "out there", this verdict unfortunately is here and is here to stay. Read it in Bernama and in Star online Honestly, I'm contemplating whether to remove my whole uterus so that I will not give birth to a next generation that have to subject themselves to the failure of our education system.....

Here's a video on the announcement:

And here was the public response;


(well, it was what I had in mind, until I realized that I am a woman..)

(find out more when you click below)

Here, take a look at the verdict in full text;
Memartabatkan Bahasa Melayu, memantapkan bahasa Inggeris:
Tawaran Baru Sistem Pendidikan Malaysia
Kenyataan Akhbar Timbalan Perdana Menteri

I cannot decide as to which was more traumatizing, the having to read the whole text above in order to try to comprehend the verdict to sticking to BM, or the reading between the lines or the verdict itself. Turned out, the failure of PPSMI is the failure of the teachers themselves to teach the subjects in English. Of course you cannot blame these teachers for they too were the product of our education system. How can you expect the blind to lead the blind, when you had the power to remove their cataract but chose not to. It makes you wonder though, weren't the people responsible for the birth of PPSMI suppose to look into this matter regarding the standard of English amongst teachers and settle that BEFORE embarking into PPSMI? What is the word I'm looking for here, ah yes.....foresight?

You can read what Mahathir's thoughts on this in the Star Online and in chedet. (But wait, wasn't he the one responsible for the emphasis of Bahasa Malaysia suatu ketika dahulu?) . In June 14 2009, Dr Chandra Muzaffar wrote an article in JUST, take a read in HERE

Here's the thing. This is the era of Science and Technology. The economy runs on technology for god's sakes. It's good that English Literature will be re-introduced because any knowledge, is an asset to a person, but isn't this goes to show that our government do not know where the priorities lie? We need world class Mathematicians (umm...even part time prostitutes cum mathematicians are welcomed in this dire need for expertise) and Scientists, more than we do Shakespears in this challenging millenium. Unless we are able to come up with our own technology, like Japan for example, and publish it into the proud Bahasa Malaysia (although those who understand English may not even need a translator, as, after all, most terminologi...I mean, terminologies were derived from "English word that had been tattooed an 'i' on their butts"), perhaps then, we can afford to be arrogant with Bahasa Malaysia. In the meantime, this arrogance is costing us in terms of the rat race towards technology excellence.

We did not send a poet to the moon, we sent a man of science there and don't even let me touch the topic of what it cost to get a spaceflight participant...oops...I mean an astraunaut to the moon. And let's not indulge on who benefited from that "Man on the moon" program. Point is, we sent the first Malaysian to the moon, a doctor, a man of science, not Pyan Habib or A. Samad Said, although there was a controversy of whether he should be called an astronaut, or cosmonaut or even a man for that matter. His manhood was questioned as evidenced by the circulating SMS that goes something like this; "Russians call him Cosmonaut, Americans call him Astronaut, Malaysians call him Gay-or-not". Okay, weren't you delighted that I digressed this time around?

Yes, the government sent a man to the moon, never mind the fact that he had to perform mysterious scientific experiment at the expense of the taxpayers ( I say mysterious because I cannot comprehend why "Sheikh Muszaphar performed experiments on board the International Space Station relating to the characteristics and growth of liver cancer and leukemia cells, the crystallisation of various proteins and microbes in space" - is it because we are sending our cancer patient to live on the moon? ) to allegedly inspire Malaysians of the next generation. So why is it that they are not consistent with keeping a high standard of Science and Mathematics to support this instigated inspiration?

And what does he meant by this statement ;
  • Untuk mendedahkan murid dengan istilah-istilah sains dan teknologi dalam bahasa Inggeris, elemen sains dan teknologi akan diserapkan dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran bahasa Inggeris.
What the fish does this mean? Let me translate this;

"In order to expose the students to Science and Technology terminologies, scientific elements will be incorperated into the English Language."

WTF?!! How can you incoperate scientific terminology into english if the article is a non scientific in nature? What, they're going to teach our children how to slip in some scientific terminology on "When shall we three meet again in thunder, lightning, or in rain? When the hurlyburly's done. When the battle lost and won" (Macbeth Act 1, Scene I ). If you're going to put science into English, then why bother going to all that trouble when all you could have done is maintain Science in the english language?

I studied in UKM and if it is not for my parents' insistence and encouragement to read especially English books, then I would have become one of the students who cried in front of a reference book because they had to take extra time to read the dictionary in order to understand the content of the text in front of them. The same type of guys back in high school who love to tease people who speak English, calling them unpatriotic and what not. Guess who is having the last laugh braaaadddeeerrr.....

Indeed, this is a sad day for Malaysians. The people who do not put the trust in the system they help build ( or rather, destroyed), as evidenced by them sending their children to private schools ( I wonder on who's money), are the same people who insisted that we loose out on technology by setting a language barrier right across.

It's simple. What the government need to do is to invest in the education system. Make teaching an attractive if not lucrative profession. Send the existing Maths and Science teachers to courses (after all, that is what government sector is famous for...nothing gets done literarily because half the department had gone off for kursus) to enable them to teach in the English language. Only then, the PPSMI can succeed. You cannot run a program and brand it a failure when the failure came from your part, err....the part where you fail to manage.

The problem with governance, one tend to make a decision mainly to enable him to stay in power. When will they realize that one should not do what one need to do, rather, realize the right thing to do, and just do it. I's wishful thinking....The matter has a simple solution, unfortunately, politics got the better of always...
(oh and nagging ends here...the rabbit whole below was due to technical error and the lack of time to correct's okay to exhale now..)
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Monday, 6 July 2009

I did not do it, Nobody saw me do it, Can't Prove anything....

I have problems digesting Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Mainly because I think that a reverse Darwin would explain much more. A human is what he is conditioned to become, by his environment/situation he lives in. Judging by the appalling ongoing drama going on in Malaysian politics, not to mention the hoo haa in our parliament, it is only logical to think that human are indeed, going AI on this one, the reverse way, and I don't mean AI as in American Idol or Artificial Intelligence...(hint..hint...).

(N.B.Just a tip on medical before I proceed, since a thought occurred to me upon mentioning AI. Should your sons experience the insertion of anti-pyretics anal suppositories or even a thermometer shoved in through his asshole, and they somehow seem to not cry in fact enjoy it, unless you are okay with them being gay, I suggest you should start worrying then. I'm quite sure there are many other politicians who quietly enjoy their temperature taken from the rear end, it was AI who was unfortunately caught, oh wait! It was their sperms on that darn mattress that almost get caught but didn't due to some technicalities.... so I suppose until I have another reference to use, I suppose for now, AI will just have to do)

Now, back on track, why do I say humans, well, some, are fast evolving into apes? Well, read this and tell me the people responsible for this outrageous deed can be categorize as belonging to the homo sapien.

‘Ray of hope’ that turned out to be a nightmare'

If this piece of news does not stir immense anger within you, most likely you too are experiencing the AI version of Darwin's Theory, and I beg you to go seek treatment before you hit hirsutism.

Oh, and here's a true story. I had saved these links on Microsoft Words and ironically, could not find it this morning. The fifth time I looked, I saw the letters WTF, and it dawned to me, that that was how I felt at the moment I saved it. Really, I'm a scatter brain. Here, have a ball feasting your eyes upon these people who claim they care.

Taman Sinar Harapan is a place to care for the Mentally Special (Orang Kurang Upaya Akal), here are the objectives:

Objective Taman Sinar Harapan

Oh well, we all know Malaysians are good at coming up with idea in order to create income from the loop holes. Don't you ever wonder where all the "DERMA" go to? Implementation is our number one problem. Oh, that and maintenance...I'm sure most of us can agree to agree on that this.

Here's the Dasar OKU
And here's the Expert Opinion regarding this matter...
If that is not enough, I give you the Carta Organisasi of JKM. Very impressive indeed, got carta and all...reminded me of Kementerian Kesihatan days - "Everything looks alright until you dwell in them"

And here's the Selangor branch...getting hotter...

JKM Selangor

Oh what the heck, I'll throw in an AKTA ORANG KURANG UPAYA just for fun.

And if you have nothing better to do, feel free to bug them with questions, in HERE and HERE

Apparently, the e-mail received complaining about this incident came from "overseas". I don't think it was "Penang, or Sabah/Sarawak, Langkawi" kind of overseas, but I can't help but to wonder whether this, like most of the things that gets highlighted in Malaysia, is the work of some political chess play. I say that because, guess who stands at the top most of this JKM "Food Chain" ? Walla....I give you Shahrizat's Department...never saw her taking photos with any one of these naked OKU mental...hmm....not photogenic I presume...

Last but definitely not the least, here is my prediction of the Kementerian's (all that should be held accountable) response to crisis, besides the famous, or rather infamous utilization of what we call "The Point System" (it's wnen you get to point A and you will be pointed to point B, and so forth), this video is the standard response to crisis by any Kementerian; take a listen...........

Saturday, 4 July 2009

This is how we should all remember MJ most....

I know that there are many controversies surrounding MJ while he was alive, and is still surrounding him in death. Apart from being a remarkable philanthropist, here is how I would love to remember MJ most...

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

HHHaaaa AAaaHHHHH !! oooAAAhhhh!! "YESSS!!!"...S'il vous plait, merci ...

One of my many passions, especially during my college years is sports. I tried my hands on most of the events and when I finally got bored with track events, I had a long term love affair with tennis. I remember getting up during the wee hour of the weekend mornings to play, till the noon sun looked down upon us, probably irritated that we were not intimidated by it's might, apart from going down again in the evening. Boys who were in queue used to get irritated because, by underestimating my passion for tennis, they tried to intimidate me, by purposely warming up just by the court hinting for me to quit, thinking I would be tired by the time they completed their warm up and stretches. I was not intimidated by the sun, (in our society, the darker a girl gets, the less the Mas Kahwin will I was told) , so what made them think that I would get intimidated by them...

It took them a couple of occasions to understand, that I was there to stay. (and bloody hell not for any of them...). I remained the only girl on the tennis court for the next 2 years, which was frustrating for the boys in our "circle". They use to ask me, "when are you bringing some girls down here with you? Everyday it's just your face we are seeing, it's kind of boring" to which my standard reply was, "you guys are looking for love in all the wrong places. Try the pedicure manicure shops". ( what am I? A pimp?)

Most other girls thought I was nuts, they were probably right, mainly because I was stupid enough to burn my skin and risk not looking fair and pretty, apparently.( to which I have no regrets - what a waste of life, having beauty to dictate it). I could not care less. Besides, my boy friend back then was an Indian guy, (totally not into sports - I guess it's true that opposite attracts..only obviously not that long, because he became my ex), so he can't really complain can he? (In fact, if I were to recall, he was more unhappy about having to share me with tennis rather than the metamorphosis of my skin tone, from fairly fair, to, well, like a prawn just before it gets burnt on the BBQ fire). I'm sure he saw past my dark skin as I did his...(oh, but the tendency of being attracted to men with darker colored skin as a result of teenage reading of "Mills and Boons" (destructive pieces of literature) as an idea of the perfect man - tall, dark and handsome may not count as "tolerating color" can it? These books gives you the idea that men who are not tan are not manly. Hmm...maybe they are on to something there..People like George Clooney digs this, that is why most of his free time is spent sun bathing)

Perhaps it was because I was the only gal on the court, or maybe because I believe that grunting was only appropriate during sex, I don't know, but one thing I have never done, not even in any tournament, was to grunt to enhance performance. (and I'm no longer talking about sex now). Apparently, there are some professional tennis players out there who think passion on tennis court warrants the same kind of expression as passion for making babies.

What the hell am I rambling about, you ask me? Wait..I'm feeling intense and feel the need to perform at best here..ooohhhh...haaaaakkk aaaahhhhhh....uuhhhhhh...iiiihhhhhhhh, yessss...there you go, now I feel less tense...Where were we? Ah yes, well, it seems that there is a big hoo haa going on regarding "grunting" on court raised by International Tennis Association . Personally, I blame it on Moaning Monica (as in Selles, not Lewinsky....hmm....there's something about that name "Monica" that implies corpulation ....)
Listen to her in this video if you don't believe me...(caution all the videos are PG 18)

If that was not forepl...I mean foul play, I don't know what else is....The distraction coming out of her mouth may cause a back hand to turned into a lob. Perhaps that was why she got stabbed, some time back, probably by some sadist inflicting pain when he was just about to have an orgasm from all that erotic play....who, take a peep if you have the patience...or the passion...

And then, Maria Sharapova took it to the next level, next pitch more precisely, by basically grunting in a pitch fit for the frequency even the animals can attain orgasm if they are into bestiality. For me though, the sounds she made jerked me back to the day of my internship at the Obstetric Labor room. Sounded more like she was going to give birth to a durian...if you're into self expression, in it's extreme manner, go ahead and listen to this woman play;

I mean, I can still understand Mc Enroe, at the age of 48,voicing out his opinion to the referee. After all, well, he did come from a free country that encourages free speech. Take a listen;

But grunting on court....give me a break....

Apparently, after years of torture to the ears by more players who contracted "gruntirhoea" (err..grunting diarrhoea? Don't bother looking it up in the medical dictionary...I just made that one up) from Selles, the International Tennis Federation had decided to put their foot down on this matter. Read it in Tennis body mulls grunting penalties and The grunts stops here . Chris Everts, was also asked to comment .Chris Evert: Women's 'grunting' getting out of hand - ESPN
and here ;Chris Evert calls "grunting" in female tennis both "shrill" and "distracting" (you don't say..I think these gals got their alphabets mixed may grunt when you play the penis but not the tennis.....get that?).

Just to be fair, let's hear what science have to say about grunting while playing anything. Take a peep;
Does grunting help tennis players with their game?

If we want to watch porn, this is the age of the AI, ( in Artificial Intelligence, we're not talking politics here so AI is not Anwar...although I must say it does tally though..) we will log in and watch porn. It's when we turn on to watch tennis, it's tennis that we would like to watch, minus the discomfort of an unintentional erection for some...I think these grunters should attend psychiatric treatment, just as McEnroe should attend Anger Management courses.

I've saved the best for last. If you've missed all the videos, perhaps this last one would be the one you should watch. It's Venus Williams vs Maria Sharapova, in a match of what I term as Sports Porn titled "Gran...I mean Grunt Masters" ....enjoy.....The tennis was just bonus...