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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Aliens have landed?

Oh, here's some news. Stephan Hawking came up with a statement that

Aliens may exist but contact would hurt humans: Hawking

And HERE's what The Christians science thought of that statement.

Islamic cleric however were not interested to comment because they are still struggling to agree on the methods of caning the women...err..the human women. Unless of course we are talking about aliens driving their spacecraft under the influence of alcohol, (with the exception of the tapai), or fornicating/adultering aliens, then one can hope that there will be such comments from these clerics. I wonder if whipping have any physical effect on aliens, or alcohol for that matter...if alcohol doesn't make an alien "intoxicated" then would the whipping fartwa stands?

After all, they are God's creation, and I'm sure they need to be "Islamized" if they happen to be infidels....well, my guess is that I don't think with all the retarding inhibitions posed by "Islamic" laws, that there be any Muslim alien that would ever make it through space...I mean, where are they going to face when performing the prayers...questions...questions... we Muslims are stuck in time answering too many unnecessary questions while the rest of the world progresses to more complex and necessary ones..

As usual, I digress.

Back to the aliens harming us, I am pretty sure though, that it is us the humans who have the anti-Midas touch...and therefore be avoided like the plague....we hurt just about everything we "touch" in this universe and especially to each other, we make the News business a great business.

I must say this alien topic has been around longer than Barisan National, and it intrigues us all to know whether there are other species out there worth killing apart from our own species. It's the majority of humans going, "Hmm....what else is there to destroy"...

Anyway, I for one am not arrogant to think that we, the human sodding species are the only intelligent beings God had created. I don't know about intelligence, but it's more like God's failed experiment, the universe is trying to get rid of. Why, haven't you notice the increase occurrences of earth quakes, followed by the tsunami, then the volcanic eruptions? Doesn't that sound like the earth is trying to keep the population in check? It's nothing personal really, it's just how nature works.

Nevertheless, won't it be cool to have an alien as a pet? I can just teach It to play tricks like abduct my in laws or my boss, or something more meaningful like abduct religionists and corrupted politicians.... When I was younger and have the curiosity that could have killed me instead of the cat, I often stare up the clear night sky and wonder about a lot of things that especially religion cannot answer, but of course that is another topic all together. Gazing at the vast sky that made me feel like an infinity speck of nothingness, awed by it's beauty and the secret it holds, sometimes, I wonder about other intelligent beings out there......

For instance:

What ticks them?

Or rather, how do they handle the ticks..

Can they sing or dance or both simultaneously? Are they survivors, like us humans? I found an old video that held a satisfactory answer to these questions:

Have they been spying on us? Or if they did, what was their take home message?

Do they have plans to attack us? Are they training to prepare for some covert operation that is more effective than the Ops Sikap (maybe we should come up with the same Ops Sikap but we monitor sikap polis eh?)....

Well, technically, I consider Rocky an Alien past Rocky 6...I mean, how can any character that old, last that long?

What could they possibly be like? Could they operate like the Vogons?

Huh...funny how that video reminded me of our Opis Gomen.....(Government Servants)

If they are more intelligent than us, do they hold the answer to life's ultimate questions; to life the universe and everything...

I'm sure if given to the Malaysian Kampung (not sure about Kampung Baru though) and estate dwellers, the answer to the ultimate questions; to life the universe and everything... may just be "Barisan National"...I mean, that is what is fed to them by the incumbent government, can you blame them?

Are they waiting for us to contact them? No, not BN, but the Aliens...stick with the programme will ya..

You know what, if you have metal scrap you need to recycle, here's something you can do in your free's handy if you have nasty neighbours ...but make sure they have their annual medical check up done, and their health insurance updated.....

I hope Prof Hawking's statement will put an end to the Alien-deniers (well, branding people seem to be a trend nowadays....climate skeptics, climate alarmists, terrorists..etc..etc...I'm jumping on the bandwagon...) claim that those who are abducted by aliens are pranksters and attention seekers... Like God, just coz we can't visually see Him, doesn't mean He doesn't exist...All in all, I think Calvin and Hobbes may have the answer as to whether there are really intelligent beings out there, somewhere in the creases of the universe...

And there you need space scientist for that answer....


Pat said...

You say we're '...more like God's failed experiment, the universe is trying to get rid of...' and I think that you're right. And here in Malaysia, we're giving the volcanoes, earthquakes, etc. a helping hand with bullets.

I don't believe that we're the only ones in the universe either. And never mind god's role in that - for that's another story.

But as to whether they're there, I agree that Calvin sums it up perfectly!

PahNur said...

Haha! Pat...Calvin never fails to deliver :-D