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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Man in the Mirror....

I love George carlin. He had this talent of delivering deep and meaningful messages (well deep to those who have the capability and desire to ponder upon them), in a package of hilarious presentation. Then again, he was a stand up comedian. Tough job if you ask me. I think today, the only people who can actually make you ROFLOL (that's cyber language for "Roll onto floor laughing out loud" for those of you born in BD, before dinosour, and baffled) would be the politicians.

But listen to this one. Are the politicians comedian by choice, or by chance, or perhaps both? I mean, come to think of it, WE put them there via our democrasy process. Perhaps it is us , the rakyat who deserve to be the jokers who put the politically inclined bigger jokers where they are today to give us mother of all entertainment.

So if we, the rakyat are the people responsible for today's politicians, let's take a closer look at us.

Michael Jackson sang "Man in the Mirror" and people sang along and dance along. But how many actually understood his simple message. Most of us don't even have time except for a quick glance in the mirror on the way to exit through the door in our daily rush to work, just enough time to check whether there is no food particles stuck in our teeths and hairs from sleeping on the dining table due to extreme exhaustion from our daily routine. (well, this could happen especially to career mothers with 4 children for example).

Take a look at how we drive on the road for instance. Take a look at how we go about in our daily dealings with the people around us. Ponder earnestly on these. Ask ourselves this question and answer it sincerely and honestly, "How do I see myself in the mirror?". Am I the one bribing the authorities, the politicians et al, just to get my project executed so that I can make more money to bribe more people along the way to making myself rich? Am I the one who, although did not do something selfish like that , but keeps reticent when I encounter such things happening within the family or to the people I know? Am I the one who likes to put down nasty comments on the blogs and facebook , joining the choir of condemnation of say bribary issues yet feels very happy when I get as many hampers during the celebrative seasons? Am I giving those opinion based on what I think is the right thing or is it because it is the right thing for me and my interest? Do I support and vote for the politicians because they can get the job done right and clean, or do I support and vote for them because again, they take care of my personal interest?

Ever heard of the "Indian Crab Story"? One of my closest Indian buddy use to narrate this to me sometime back when we had the time to sit around after work and enjoy a cup of teh tarik and the complimentary time to bitch about the world. Crabs get on top of each other to surface from the gutter and in the end, the pile of struggling crabs falter in totality. Doesn't this sound familiar? Perhaps Darwin got sidetracked with the amount of hair monkeys have and thought humans evolved (if ever at all) from them. Perhaps Darwin is half right. Perhaps he overlooked that some humans may have evolved from crabs. I mean, some of us are incapable of walking in a straight path yet tells others to do so. And then there's that stepping on each others' heads to get somewhere. Ponder on this.

In the West, people help each other and together they progressed. Their culture is to nurture one another (with the exception of America's Capitalism if I may say look at them). "Development" meant not just mere materialism, but also the development of human as a whole. In Malaysia for instance, our development is mostly covered in the aspect of materialism, and human development is not as a whole, but as a hole...a foetid sinkhole sometimes. I mean, we look at Saifool's case as a hole right? And what a busy hole it is. In short, we have neglected human development and today, cause and effect had taken it's toll. Majority, no longer do the right thing, but the right thing for them to gain personal interest.

So the next time you want to critisize the politicians, as a whole or hole, do me this favor. Stand in front of a mirror for 10 minutes, look at yourself in reflection and ask yourself, "Do I like what is staring back at me?"

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