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Monday, 9 April 2012

Before you agree to go to the Anti Lynas Rally at the mosques...

I read about the intended worldwide...oops sorry , nationwide (well there is a potential of this going worldwide via BBC and CNN, probably under "why we are developed and they are not" section) rally against Lynas at the mosque. You can read it HERE. Here is my comment on that :

Sure....why not...go ahead and use the mosque for political reasons....mosque was in fact historically a place used for political agendas, it is a place to pray loudly, just in case God cannot hear us from earth.....

but before marching for the protest, please make sure that all the people who want to protest tick this check list of things they SHOULD NOT BRING TO THE ANTI LYNAS...oops...ANTI RARE EARTH TO AVOID BEING BRANDED AS HYPOCRITES :

1. Smartphones, eg iPhones and Androids because they contain powerful Rare Earth magnet made of Neodymium (Element 60) to be able to vibrate. The speakers too are made of the same element. (Suggest borrow the mosque microphone instead for communication.. they are designed to be heard not only for muslims who menuntut ilmu sampai negara cina, but also sampai Mars boleh dengaq)

2. The ear bud head phones also contain the same element 60. (Pity, because even if you're not IN the mosque, you will still badly need these ear bud phones to mask all the noise clearly prohibited by the Quran to be made by the mosque but the people who run the mosque seem to think they are smarter than the smart phone and God...)

3. Toyota Prius which contains 5 pounds of Lanthanum (Element 57) and 2.2 pounds of Neodynium (Element 60). So naik beca is safer...or tumpang mat rempit then run a statistic to see mana mati lagi cepat, duduk dekat mat rempit or duduk dekat lynas plants.

4. Compact energy-saving fluorescent light bulbs, rely on a coating of rare earth metal Terbium (Element 65) to create a bright white glow. So make sure sampai mosque, sila pecahkan all these compact energy saving fluorescent light bulbs. Guna yang non saving energy. Sure T&B happy.

5. Make sure monitor all the recordings of these protests in black and white mode, because without Rare Earth elements, colored TV will be dull like those dim, barely colored images from the 1950′s. In the 1960′s, Europium (Element 63) was added to television screens, bringing brilliant reds. Terbium (Element 65), produced bright green hues. But look at the bright side (pun not intended), the whole anti lynas on black and white will be as entertaining as a charlie chaplin and harold lyods movies (especially for those who understand what rare earth'll be damn funny)

9. Come to think of it, don't come to the rally via any form of vehicle especially those that uses diesel since Cerium (Element 58) ,the most abundant rare earth metal is added to the diesel fuel to help it burn more efficiently . It is used in catalytic converters and other pollution control equipment so basically it is found in almost all vehicles today. Since you want to rally using the mosque, datang naik unta...lagi sunnah

10. Dysprosium (Element 66) is used in lasers, fuel injectors, compact discs, and increasingly in hybrid vehicles. Those who just had lasix surgery, please don't come.

11. Europium (Element 63) is also a part of the chemical process to screen for Down’s syndrome in a patient. So, if Lynas is stopped, bad news...more Down syndrome cases than we already have for the future anti rare earth rallies...vicious cycle this one...

12. Erbium (Element 68) is used to produce photographic filters, sunglasses, jewelry, and fiber optical amplifiers. So folks, come to the rally but strictly NO PHOTOGRAPHS to be taken, no ornaments in fact hide them under huge hijabs that closes the eyes to avoid using sunglasses. aiyah...with the mosque microphone, who needs amplifiers..

13. Holmium (Element 67) has the greatest magnetic strength of any element, and is used in medical/dental and nuclear control rods. So, only people who seek treatment from the seh seh and bomoh can go to the rally...and oh...people with rotten teeth too.

I don't think rare earth is the least of our problem.. I think our probem is RARE BRAINS..

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Hazidi said...

I still think we should go to these gathering if and only if they prepare free food for all.