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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Glückwunsch to the Germans!!!

Just a short note to congratulate the Germans for doing a good job even the United Nations did not by far, managed to do. CONGRATULATIONS!! Glückwunsch!! You boys have managed to unite the Muslims and the Jews in your country over a simple matter, or should I say, foreskin? Haha…yes, the Jews and Muslims unite to protest against the banning of circumcision on the grounds of it being a kind of barbaric act. (for your information, I as a doctor have blatantly refused to do female circumcision since the day I was allowed to practice…to the dismay of my previous employer….and as for male circumcision, I had to perform on the grounds of emergency, like in the case of recurrent infection in boys or if the male zipped his fly (I don’t mean the insect fly but his birdie) and we have to operate and circumcise it to solve the problem. Why a boy enter this situation is understandable, but why the silly full grown man ended up having his fly zipped, that one probably have to refer to the psychiatry unit). Maybe the UN should adopt the same tactic in the Middle East, just call on a ban on circumcision in the long troubled land just to get these people to unite and stop killing each other over the same god they are praying to everyday. Who would have thought…Jews and Muslims holding hands in union over male’s foreskin (actually it is called in medical anatomy terminology, the prepuce)….such a simple solution to a long time (wasting) problem….. I can hear Shakespeare’s voice from the dead, “To skin or not to skin, is the question"....

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