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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Your skirt is too short, I RAPE YOU!!!

The world was shocked, yet again, on the news of a medical student in India, brutally raped by 6 men, the internal injuries which had led her to her demise, just yesterday.

Rape is rape,regardless whether it befalls unto a medical student,a child or prostitutes. There should not be any difference in how we, the society treat them or the degree of which we should feel appalled by this despicable crime. Is there any justification to why media should give priority coverage to a medical student raped as compared to a prostitute suffering from the same fate?

Rape is when a woman say "NO" to sex, regardless of what the event was leading to that word "NO". The sooner the society realizes this, the closer we are to tackling the problem of rape. As a medical doctor, in the past, I had handled a few if not too many rape cases. The very sad part is, those rape cases involved children from the age of 7 years old to 16 years old. I did my part to see the victim be comforted with not only medical attention, but more importantly, with empathy and justice, emotionally and psychologically. A victim of rape need to be told and convinced that what had happened to her is NOT HER FAULT, despite the society's habit of insisting that it is for some cases. Rape is not just about sex, but the power to execute sex. Rapists thrive on the power they feel within, the sexual gratification they obtained through hurting, through forcing their victims in a power display.

Whilst rapists have the excuse to rape simply because they have a disease of the mind, what is the excuse of the society for condoning such act, without realizing we are condoning it? What is the excuse of society for enabling rapists? How exactly we enable rapists? With or without intention, we do it by victimizing the victims. How can we punish the rapists when rape is not seen as a crime when conducted upon women who allegedly instigate rape?

How can we look the rapists in the eye and tell them that they are the scum of the earth when at the same time we encourage them or enable them by saying their victims deserved to be raped because they either look sexy or act provocatively, ergo deserved to be raped. I remember one case of an 8 year old child who was raped by her own maternal uncle, who appeared in court along with her grandmother (mother to the rapist) and her mother sometime about a few years after the incident of reporting the rape. I remember asking her grandmother and mother how the child victim was doing and the answer I got from the grandmother was, "She's fine. There is nothing wrong with her. she's not even pregnant". Grandma's answer had left me mute for what felt like a whole minute which is too long a time since everyone who knows me knows that getting me to shut up is THE problem. I had never in my life felt so disgusted with a statement and this saw my jaw dropped,pupils dilated as I just got up there and then, and walked off without saying anything. I did not thing any words were needed for what I lacked in words, my utterly disgusted facial expression had managed to fill up that void.

This is our society today. This was our society yesterday. How sad is it to acknowledge that despite all that so called modernization, the rising sky scrapers, the infrastructure, the technology, we as a human being had failed to keep up with material development. Our gadgets are ahead of us in development.

We allow the rapist get away with crime and instead concentrate on victimizing the victims.  What does this make us, as a society? What if one of our family member got raped? Will we only then learn some empathy or will we blame our beloved ones for being raped?

And do listen to this video.


What is Nik Aziz trying to say? That if I find his face disturbing to my sight, that I have the right to bash his face inside out? Is he saying by him dressing up in that attire, it makes me uncomfortable and just looking at him makes me feel hot, and not in a good way, rather more in a "is this an early menopausal heat flash?" kind of hot, that I deserve the mandate to rip his clothes apart so that I will feel cooler in temperature as I see less clothing on him? Or am I justified to burn his head attire simply because I feel the need to listen to the gush of blood rushing into the impinged blood vessels to his brains and call the whole deed as brain resuscitation?  Am I justified to bash Ibrahim Ali's face simply because to me, he looks like a toad and that his face is as ugly as the farts he produces through his mouth which he claims to be statements? Or do I attain the right to shave Samy Vellu's hair simply because fake stuff disturbs me?  Or do I get to squeeze Rosie's face just because I suspect that she had a bad botox job done and I had to do something in order to save her face from the lack of the ability to smile?  (Call it face resuscitation)

For something that is not even in the Quran, hence not mandated by God, Nik Aziz is encouraging men to rape women who do not "tutup aurat".  (Read HERE for details of aurat/tudung/hijab or click on  I wonder what next?  Will he preach women to rape women next?

Is Nik Aziz saying that the rape victims I and many more people who handled their cases who comprises sadly of children who had not even attain puberty let alone gain secondary sexual appearances, deserved to be raped simply because something about the victims instigated a compelling desire to accommodate certain feelings and it justifies them to act on this feeling, regardless of the damage done to the victims?

I realize that this video is aged about 2 years ago and the fact that this is circulating again involves political motives. But really,put aside politics, what exactly does he expect when he said something like this. Does he expect people to forget? I have problems even forgiving him for saying such irresponsible things that showed how much lack of empathy he has for women and the rape victims And what about the rape victims? Haven't they suffered enough, that you feel the need make them feel shittier by saying whatever happened to them was their own doing?

It is because of the people like Nik Aziz, who claims to be the spiritual leader that many raped victim had failed to come forward to file report against rape crimes inflicted unto them.  How is enabling rapist by victimizing rape victims be good to anyone's spirit?

The real scary issue is not what Nik Aziz says, rather the support he gets from saying this.  This is totally disturbing.  Listen to the background cheering in the video...and these are just men in this particular video...

When?  When will our society realize that rape is a crime no matter what instigated it.  That the rapist is the real McCoy and that we should start chasing after them instead of going all out to rub salt on the wound of rape victims?

When are Muslim women going to realize that covering the so called illusive "aurat" is NOT the solution to stopping rape?  Did putting women in their hijabs until only the eyes can be seen stopped prostitution industry in the Arab countries? Does this stop women from being raped regardless of the hijab they are clad in?

In a case of Qatif from Arab Saudi, who was raped and then ...get this.....sentences with 200 lashes for being alone with a man !!!  Why?  Rape wasn't enough of a punishment for her? Mind you she was 16 when all this had happened to her.  What were you like when you were 16?  If we were to punish severely our teenagers, I doubt we will have a Malaysia that has a future.  Punishing masturbating boys alone will be exhausting the tax payers' money.

Read it HERE or click on

Is this what our society is trying to work towards achieving?  The answer is within us, and it starts with the word


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