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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The untold cause of cardiovascular disease

Has anyone ever told you that driving in Malaysia, is one of the cause of Heart Disease and stress induce gastritis? No? Well, it has to be. Perhaps it is not recognized in the medical text as one just yet, but I feel it ought to be. Have you tried driving in Kuala Lumpur lately? I will not mention driving in Penang, as we need to address this matter in smaller scale.

Yes. Driving in Kuala Lumpur could be detrimental to one's health. The built up anger confined within us, in the name of maintaining civilized behaviour had caused insidious blood pressure rise that may perhaps result in heart failure much later in life. And we blame it solely on the unhealthy food we eat everyday. My great grandfather ate everything told by medical textbook to avoid, and in excess mind you. Yet he lived till 90. He passed away due to pneumonia. But you see, he had never driven a car.

Well, okay. I know you don't buy my grandfather's story, I'd be worried if you do actually. Truth is, there are too many vehicles on the road to date, to the point of hypercongestion. I am sorry if I offend the motorcyclists. It is a known fact that if you drive a car, you will accuse the pedestrian, the motorcyclists, the lorries , even the animals crossing the road to be the culprit of instigating an accident. If you are a motorcyclist, definitely you would point fingers at every other type of vehicle, including the helicopter used to forecast the traffic jam, for causing you to fall down, although you are driving like you are driving the hoovercraft under influence of alcohol at 110km/hour.

Personally, I think motorcyclists should ponder really hard as to why they have to pay road tax much less than other vehicles, and that they should apply that proportion to the area of road they use. The way some of them drive, zig zagging, in between other road users, as if their grandfathers had sponsored the tar, reminded me of the flies, only thing it is easier to kill a fly using Bygone spray, rather than run a motorcyclist over and plead temporary insanity . And you don't have to have your guilty conscience bugging you if you kill a fly. I am sure if you are a motorcyclist, you would have a lot of expletives to throw at especially us, the motorcar drivers. Us, who fail to give a simple signal when we change lanes, a simple gesture that could save lives in some scenarios. But hey, too bad, I am hogging this blogsite and I happen to drive a car. I suggest you open up your own blog site if you wish to express your disheartments.

Should I address the problems regarding the "Mat Rempits"? Personally, putting them in jail is not going to help really. They may walk in prison as Mat Repits, but the likelihood of them leaving with the prospect of becoming a con artist is quite high. I heard people acquire many skills when they are in prison. My sentiments? I feel that these Mat Rempits should be sent to the Orthopedic and Neurology Department in the bussiest of hospitals when they are caught. There, they should serve community service. Make them clean bedpans and change bed covers stenched with urine of accident victims, every body parts of crash victims, except their outlets of excrements are wrapped in plaster of paris. It would be amazing what revelation one can be enlightened with when their eyes are feasted upon consequences of road accidents.

Frankly, I think most road users are insane. Perhaps the JPJ should consider running everyone applying for a driver's licence through the MRI brain scan, and psycologists evaluation. Only and only if they pass both, will they be granted licence. Oh yes , I am being emotional. I deserve to be, as I have seen enough motorvehicle accident victims to last me a lifetime.

Where is this story going really? Nowhere, actually, just like our local political scenario. We're going nowhere. Sigh. Truth is, congestion on the road can be resolved by upgrading our public transportation system. Oh yes, we have our LRT to be proud of. I am sure our transportation system is still better than the rest of the south east asia countries, that is what the government's excuse is when asked for comment. Why compare ourselves to India or Pakistan, when we can just look south and see how good Singapore's Transportation system is.
Singapore is a small country, easy to handle,everyone kept insisting. Ever heard of the saying "size does not matter" ?

I have a Malaysian friend who works in Singapore. He left his car back home because he does not feel the need to bring it in since the public transportation system there enables him to access any part of Singapore conducively. Think about it. We no longer have to pay loan for an excuse of a vehicle ( oh, i am refering to Malaysian cars especially, as I feel ripped off owing a bank for an unworthy scrap metal with inbuilt machine embeded within it ).

Sue me, but I suspect ( oh, everyone loves a conspiracy theory ) that the government is not really sincere in fully improvising the public transportation system, not just in the main cities because in doing so, it would plunge the sales of especially our local cars. Since we're talking about conspiracy theories, can someone tell me why is it that when we follow some of the confusing road signs , we'd end up in another toll?

Oh we can do so much better. Looking at the present government, sadly,I am pessimistic about change in the near future. I am not Karam Singh Wallia who ends his reports with a mind boggling "pantun" that put hopeless malays like me to shame. But I dare end my writing with a reminder to everyone including myself. We can, at this point of time, (apart from gulping in pain killers as a prophylactic treatment to the headache we are about to get prior to driving) drive carefully. Please do not drive like we can afford the damage, not to mention emotional damage. We have always been proud of our culture, rich with courtesy. Let's bring that mutual respect and courtesy we practice at home to the roads of Malaysia. Change begins with the man in the mirror says Michael Jackson ( but oh,look how he ended up ).

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