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Monday, 28 May 2007

The Reunion

It all started I guess when two old ( and i am not refering to our ages) friends met up and decided to have lunch at oh, pick a guess anyway, you're right, at the Royal Lake Club. It has been , well, lets just say ages since any one of us had sat down on the same meal table to do some catching up. I guess things escalated from there, you put two genius minds together and the idea of , well almost a bank robbery but lunch break was too short hence a reunion of old buddies instead was suggested. And we did it!! We managed to get , well, almost everyone to meet up one fine saturday afternoon.

The reunion went as any reunion should go. (how much public damage can a group of people with possible onset of Alzeimers create in just two hours ) Then Hazidi wrote an article about it. Of course, being me, I cannot keep my mouth shut and had to post a comment. ( I think you should post the article here hazidi ). Walla!!! A blogsite was born. The idea came from Hazidi and i embraced the chance of self expression almost at spinal level because one of my passion has always been writing. Before you start throwing decayed tomatoes at me, take note that i have never said i am extremely good at it, but , as Yoda would have said, " give it my best shot, i shaaaaalllll".

I suggest you stick around, at least out of curiosity, as people in our age box, have quite a lot to share, be it experiences or whatever. I will not introduce myself just yet. I'd prefer to remain a mystery and be known through my writings.


Hazidi said...

I suggest you put your piece on widowhood here. It'll be a great way to start.

pah nur said...

would love to but i don't have it with me. I posted it and it ended up with you. Too shocking for public taste I guess. So I am a little Eminemish,people hate having their bubbles burst by the needle of life