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Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Malaysia for Unity

It's a brilliant video which makes my eyes go glossy with tears. It could either be me, PMS-ing, or it's just me, when my eyes are feasted upon materials promoting Unity. Any spiritual or God fearing human would know deep down in their hearts, that Racism is just so wrong and the vendetta should stop,now.

Have you ever imagine how the human kind would evolve into if we had inter marriages between races since the beginning of human history? The inter changing genes would probably produce an amazing human species.

If I were the Prime Minister of Malaysia, (and I would have won it through a new party that is not based on race, religion, people trying to get back at other people etc etc etc), the first thing I'd do upon my first day at work would be reconstructing our education system. I'd abolish the Sekolah Kebangsaan, Sekolah Tamil, Sekolah Cina, Sekolah Dan Lain Lain, and mix our children in one school, one system. Make all languages optional to those who wants to learn and make English the medium.

Maybe that is why I am not the Prime Minister of Malaysia. (Well that and I have problems answering to my conscience)

I'd feel a little embarrassed to be arrogant with my own mother tongue, Bahasa Malaysia, especially when half of the vocabulary comes from English, Persian etc. I've seen how the arrogant Malay boys, the type who laughed and teased any other Malays who dare speak English, cried in front of the book rack at the library at my varsity when they open the reference books and found out that they need to study double the time others fluent in English study, because instead of having to read one book, they ended up reading two, the actual book to study, and the Dictionary. I guess they did not have the last laugh after all.

I guess the road to Unity is a long and winding one, and I do not see it happening too soon. But at least the dawn of a new Malaysia is on the way...I guess change happens with the man in the mirror....We have to do it because deep down and without any agenda, we know it is the right thing to do...

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