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Thursday, 6 November 2008


Someone left a comment on Facebook saying,"Obama enters White House. What should it be called next? The Black House?"

Funny though,from my perspective, I am not really euphoric over Obama's triumph simply because he is the first African America to enter the White House, but rather, he symbolizes hope,that, there are good politicians out there who are sincere enough to serve the nation, rather than serve their own interests.

If you follow his autobiography, you just cannot help but admire this man, and wish that Malaysia may some day be blessed with such a leader.

Not many will know that when he was the Senator of Illinois, he forbid his staff, including himself to travel via private jet. They travel via commercial airlines. This is to avoid exclusifying themselves from reality of everyday struggles of everyday people.

He understands the word "empathy", such a lonely word besides "honesty", they should make a song for it.

Having said all these things, we have yet to see the actions of his words, as we all know, that action speaks louder than words.

Amongst my favourite Obama Quote is "an economy that honors the dignity of work"...something we Malaysians have to work on, against cronism, against a bunch of politicians who are busy politic-ing instead of doing what politicians are elected to do, that is to govern the country of the people who got them there in the first place.

Beyond color, culture, religion, gender. It sounds idealistic because people create reality to make sure ideals die and impossible to exist. That is when, once in a while, we need a "hero" a champion in a form of leadership to guide us in our own ailing country..that is what hope is all about...and Obama reminds me of that hope..


Taxy Driver said...

His mastery of the spoken word makes your hair stand on ends, don't they?

pah nur said...

I think the people who speak from their heart gives the best speeches...but when the speeches materialized into action, then we know he is "The One".

I remember having tears rolled down my cheeks the first time I heard him give a speech. The way he mention peoples struggles as though he was there to witness them, and when I did some background check, true enough...he spent some 3 years helping the under privileged instead of accepting lucrative job offer.

This is the kind of leader the world needs. It breaks my heart to realize, we have yet to be blessed with our own Obama....It's just heartbreaking...

zewt said...

i wonder if we will ever have such a leader in malaysia.

pah nur said...

Dear Zewt, thank you for dropping in.

Actually, when Martin Luther King made that speech, he knew deep down that he will never live to see that day. He knew, however, that he will, inspire his and the next generation to make that dream happen.

I guess, it is us who should be giving that speech to inspire ourselves and the next's a long and winding journey, but it has got to start somewhere....