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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Here's to Dr Jemilah....

Tan Sri Dr Jemilah, the founder of MERCY Malaysia, had given up her post as head of Mercy, to embrace a new post in United Nations as Branch Chief of UNFPA. (UN Population Fund), giving way to a new leadership. You can read HERE IN THE STAR.

Although I have never volunteered via MERCY, (almost did, but didn't) for some reasons only I will know,(or maybe perhaps I'll leak some throughout this post for old times' sake, what the heck), I hold very high regards to this amazing woman, who obviously inspires many hearts who are into humanitarian work, or even more so; the non humanitarians since they tend to admire something they themselves cannot achieve.

Just to get the story and my conscience straight, I do volunteer, but through a less political body that have got nothing to do with my religion,especially my race (if you insist on calling me by what race I was born in; as far as I'm concern though, I'm a Malaysian, full stop), or whatever form of partisan criterion a human being can possibly generate to erect exclusivity. (for those who are feeling a little bewildered as to where this article is going, well, it isn't about Dr Jemilah, I'm an Aries, naturally I'm self absorbed so this article may well be about me...well, lets see as I write along..Besides, you can google her, you can't google me)

Mercy, in my opinion (a two cents worth of it, if I may add), although championed many good cause in general, do tend to lean towards Islamic aid. Then again, most organizations are, especially in Malaysia, even the one I volunteer in. I'm uncomfortable with that. I volunteer through one of the Buddhist Organization, just to prove the point that poverty and starvation, unlike us human beings, do not discriminate, so why should we? So okay, Buddhist organizations are still religion based, but I could have volunteered via PAS (of course you know this is a freaking example right? I won't be caught dead having anything to do with PAS or any organization that thinks women are second class citizens, or human beings), if I wanted to but I chose a different religion instead. MJ's "man in the mirror" must have gotten to me subconsciously for took it literally.

I just want to send a message to society, that to help the unfortunate, we do not need discriminate them, to add to the discrimination they face from life itself. No one requested to be born poor or of certain race ( although I want to be born a megastar in my next life, a humanitarian one like George Clooney. Heck!! I wanted to be born George Clooney in this life, but some lucky soul made a better deal with god, so here I am stuck a Malaysian, who gets excitement from things like checking out Rosmah's new website, out of curiousity, to see if she could explain ONE EXPRESSION better than she did ONE MALAYSIA, even if it was by proxy).

One fine day, who knows, I may start an organization that operates based not on any criterion except on true humanitarian. Problem is, by the time I get to do this, I wonder if I'd find any volunteer at all, that shares the same vision. For starters, being non political in this country is like Pak Lah trying not to sleep during meetings, or Nazry, trying to say something that makes complete sense when he tries to explain the potential cases that almost always ends up in Malaysia's very own X-files, or even Toyo, trying to smile defying all that tight botoxed face muscles. (I wonder how he'd looked like trying to evacuate a constipated shithead).

Nevertheless, back to Dr Jemilah, (I have had some dealings with her, enough to recognize that she is indeed, a true gem), I have no doubts whatsoever, that she will again do the Malaysians proud. You go girrrrrllllll!!!!!

This is a drafted version of my post, of which I fear I will not have ample time to undraft it, due to my busy-ness entertaining hypochondriacs, given the current medical circumstances. So any gramatical error or whatever, is very much regretted. Have a great week folks...


Planet of the Monyets said...

"being non political in this country is like Pak Lah trying not to sleep during meetings". ha ha.

Jemilah has done more good that Toyol and Nazri put together. Many times over, perhaps.

PahNur said...

I'm sure there are unsung heroes out there who do their charity under the radar...unfortunately,and not to undermine Dr Jemilah,(she deserves the title),this is malaysia (of which we need to make a change), the right color tone gets the right publicity. This has to change. People have to recognize a good deed as simply a good deed and reward should be given without prejudice (someone may think I'm from outer space for sounding so idealistic)....