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Monday, 2 November 2009

What's love got to do with to do with it....

How can I pass off this eye catching topic? Here, read WHY WE KISS. Apparently, a man and a woman need to kiss each other because there is a cytomegalovirus that needed to be, well, kind of vaccinated into the woman, so that she will built natural immunity against this virus. The virus is not dangerous to the kissers but to the pregnancy. Nothing personal really, it's just a kiss to vaccinate the mom in order to protect the baby. And I thought it's the most romantic thing to do....just kiss for the longest time. These scientists had to spoil romance by researching the reason behind kissing. What can I say. Oscar Wilde was right when he said, "Thinking kills romance".

Hmmm....apart from the selling of rethorics by some reckless politicians, the mouth have found recognition to it's actual use to mankind after all. First there was that blowjob to immunize people from HIV , and now there's this. Hmm...maybe that is why prostitutes refuse to kiss the customer, (so I was told). Why waste time when she's not planning to carry his child. But a fellatio, now that's something else. More blow jobs means increase immunization against HIV.

A few issues boggles the mind though:

1. What if a gal have multiple partners, would she be super vaccinated hence super immunized?
(Actually, I know the answer to this one. She may get superimmunized to cytomegalovirus, but she will increase her probability to getting Herpes Simplex 1 or cold sore instead)
2. So why do gays kiss then?
3. What about the Muslim men with four wives. Basically sharing a mouth is as good as sharing a needle for vaccination. Any plans to research that?
4. What happens if one kisses a smoker? After all, smoking involves a cigarrette at one end and a fool on the other". that's what that song "Kissing a fool" meant....would it be a good vaccination, or they will have to kiss again after the smoker stops smoking in order to get a good immune response.

After reading the hypothesis proposed by these scientists who had just killed romance, I can almost hear the cytomegalovirus singing, "What's love got to do with to do with it....", every time I see two people are kissing....or worst..when I'm kissing ...probably a fool....


Planet of the Monyets said...

you are your wicked self

Hazriq said...

That poor princess. She did not suspect that the frog had it's own agenda of conquering the world through breeding into majority of human being, when she kissed it into a prince.

PahNur said...