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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Florida Burning........

Today marks another history of tragedy to humanity. September 11 or better known as the 9/11 tragedy had changed the political game-play worldwide. Of course I won't be insensitive as to elaborate that while there are people dying in places like Africa, Palestine, Myanmar by the minute, that have ceased to get worldwide media coverage, still, lost of lives is something that all human and humanity should cry and cry foul for. On personal note, I don't see that the value of American lives are more than that of the people of Africa, Palestine or death of Jews during the Holocaust. Humans are humans and every single death, no matter how newsworthy insignificant, is still a death and is to mourn for. Death of one soul is death to humanity as a whole. And the world have for too long witnessed that humanity had been dead since the beginning of time...yet, here we are, walking dead ghosts on the surface of the earth...

The controversy this year, is the issue of the burning of the Quran organized by a Pastor in Florida. You can read bits of it HERE.

What do I think about this? Well it depends. My personal believe is that if you are talking about the dominant Quran Translations we have today and with the exception of perhaps very few, then I think there is a need for them to be burn. This is to facilitate the re-translation of the Quran in it's original form, JUST AS IS, not with translators' method of translation that fits the scenario into the words. Just God's words, unplugged, untempered minus the human's agenda. Trust me, only then the beauty of the Quran (words of God) just like the texts before it, will be able to be appreciated. (I will blog later to justify my sentiment on this). Will we see this happening? Human's ego will definitely get the better of us;

But if we are talking about what the deed of burning the Quran itself SYMBOLIZES, than I am in total disagreement, in the same manner as if the Muslims burn the other religious texts or when they drag the cow's head to protest the building of an Indian temple, or any disciples of any belief insulting other people's beliefs. I condemn such immature acts.

The Pastor claims that burning the Quran is a symbol of protesting against terrorism. He reminds me of George W. Bush, who fought "terrorism" by "invading and terrorizing" Iraq. Obviously he has a pedantic and parochial way of thinking, no better than some of the joker Islamic clerics that from time to time manages to make us wonder who left their cages unlocked, for them to come out and come up with some of the most bewildering fartwas that makes even a teenager go, "HUH?" and not to mention the people dumb enough to follow them blindly.

This insulting each other's beliefs is not why religion is prescribed to the human species, unlike popular belief. If enlightenment is not enlightening...really....what is the point??? I don't really care about burning flags though, as far as I'm concern humans are one and it's the lines that separate us facilitated by political and army backup, ideally, needs to be demolished because those lines caused us human casualties, majority of them the unsuspecting innocent citizens, every time it changes form. The reason why the politicians and the people who are behind every war seem to preach "pride in dying for your country" is because, it is not their children whom they would send to fight for what they believe to be necessary. But that of course is another story...the same story probably caused people like John Lennon to be assassinated.

We must realize that time and time again, religion, color and ideology have been the most effective tool for political conquest, then later sustenance of the governance by the "divide and rule" method, as a follow through to the effort of each conquest. There are too many lessons in "history" to learn from which we have ignored, that proves to us that this is true. And yet we are puzzled as to why history repeats itself. The Crusades, The Muslims Conquests, that killed not only non Muslims, but amongst Muslims via the Chaliphate system after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, The Spanish Inquisition, Apartheid, to name a few.


Take religion for example. Most of the religions started off well but somehow rather ended up corrupted by being redesigned for the purpose of conquest. It is because of the attitude embedded in the minds of their disciples were/are normally "I have a belief and therefore I must force it unto the whole world because God says so", that makes this type of religion susceptible to being manipulated by corrupted governing powers. Imagine the implication of carrying out "the orders of every God" of every religion that said the same thing. It's no wonder there are people out there who now hate God because every time "God said something", it must be done and when it's executed, death of innocent people ensues.

Where is the meaning of faith when faith, fails to recognize the very simple and true teachings of any religion - humanity. Is it very important to impose our beliefs unto others sometimes if not most of the time by force so much so we have failed to recognize the prize that comes with it? That many innocent human lives were/are sacrificed to erect the faith that preaches humanity, yet kills humanity while getting there?

Each human being, needs to not focus on our differences, but be able to recognize and respect one thing that we all have in common, HUMANITY. Humanity should be THE religion. If any religion fails to recognize humanity, then perhaps there is serious misinterpretation of that religion because however we, the inhabitants of this world chose by which method we pray to our gods, which coincidentally and ultimately will end up to one ultimate, shared God, there is no point praying to God if we turn our backs on what He says. The reason why He prescribed to us religion in the first place, was to serve as a kind of manual so that people may live harmoniously on this earth,to embrace our diversity and to celebrate our common goal, which is appreciating humanity.

The enemy is not the pastors, the clerics, the fundaMENTALists etc. The enemy is our own ignorance towards our very own religion and the habit of practicing reticence when religion do not make sense. We tend to, for comfort sake, eat whatever is served to us on the silver platter. For a long time, we have trusted the people who self elected themselves to power, and to govern our religion for us. But all they do is abuse their authority by telling us what we can and cannot do, attributing that to the words of God. Did God really said that? How would you know for sure if what you believe is what another human being tells you that this is what God wants you to believe. want to take that risk with your afterlife?

I suggest, we all take some time off to review the religion we all embrace and be critical of it. After all, when we are dead, there is no one left standing to answer for us, except for ourselves. If you think those people who collect all that tithe and abuse it in the name of god will standby us to act as intercession, well, the choice is yours. On personal note. I don't really trust the majority humans species here on earth with my faith and relationship with my Creator, not when history have shown to us time and time again, humans have let humans down. I have no intention of trusting human's hearsays when I'm dead. I would like to have my answers prepared when I face God. As long as my answers are justified, my fingers, hands and feet, are crossed....(anyone ask, just say I can't from a crescent with my foot fingers..)

My suspicion is, if we all do that, understand and see the bigger picture of our own religion, we will somehow rather end up at the same point, a point which tells us that we are indeed ONE. The sooner we realize that, the sooner this earth will turn into heaven, just here on earth....until then, it's just not Florida that's burning, it's the whole world....

The release of atom power has changed everything except our way of thinking... the solution to this problem lies in the heart of mankind. If only I had known, I should have become a watchmaker.
~Albert Einstein~

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