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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Obama is apologies...Osama is dead..what??!! again??!!

Tuesday morning this week turns out to be a joyful day for Malaysians. Not only we've managed to escape Monday Blues this week, but part of the joy comes from witnessing Arsenal defeating Manchester United in the Premier League, (not a big fan of Arsenal, just enjoy watching an MU defeat...any MU defeat. Come to think of it, I think MU hate club would have more fans that MU fan club.., oh but I digressed) a joy which I must say on personal note, is more meaningful than say the joy felt by some from the death of Obama bin Biden....oops....I mean, Osama Bin Laden. Or shall I say his second death?

Apparently Osama bin Ladin, who I suspect his decade of successfully evading the authorities would be made into a Block Buster movie co starring Bruce Willis in "Die Hard : The AlQaeda version", was killed in an operation by Navy Seal and the CIA, and then was buried at sea, long before anyone can say "Osama is...." .

American economy must be really bad because they finally have to pull out of Afghanistan. I mean, they don't need the illusion of the tyrant Osama bin Laden anymore right? Think about it. Aren't you curious as to how Osama bin Laden, who, "had escaped the most extensive and expensive man-hunt in history, stretching across Waziristan, the 1,500 miles of mountainous badlands on the borders of Pakistan and Afghanistan, had managed his three times a week dialysis in the caves of Afghanistan. United States should at least delayed burying his body instead of dumping it as soon as they can into the sea, for despite cultural and Islamic requirements of burying the dead a.s.a.p, I'm sure Islam would not mind reliving the "Golden Era" by allowing his body be researched in the name of science. I mean, Osama could be the first End Stage Kidney Failure patient to be able to hold on to 10 years of scarce dialysis.

Or, he could have possessed worlds first portable dialysis machine that ran on probably world's first most long standing battery life ever. Even Malaysians with our Malaysia Boleh spirit could not even imagine that such phenomenons can exist. We should even research how Osama had managed to perform all those bank transactions that supposedly have sponsored all those terrorist attacks, way deep in the caves of Afghanistan. We've already established that he used Digi mobile for all that phone calls from the caves to direct his disciples, because only Digi dare claim that they have those yellow beings following their customers everywhere.

Mainstream media agreed to go with the news that he was killed by the US and buried at sea .

An excerpt from the link above:

"We are ensuring that it is handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition," confirmed the official. "This is something that we take very seriously. And so therefore this is being handled in an appropriate manner."

Oh wow. I'm sure the CIA was thinking of enhancing the Islamic practices and traditions when they sponsored Osama bin Ladin's Al-Qaeda's struggles against the Russians some time back, albeit funny how he wasn't branded as a "terrorist" then. So I guess the definition of "terrorist" depends on who you are terrorizing.

And now he was immediately buried at sea. Why the rush? They cannot use the same air transportation to bring him back to land for a decent burial? I mean, if you're worried about carrying a terrorist in the air transportation, he's already dead, killed twice, just to be sure.

I wonder who offered the prayers at sea for his burial ceremony, since we are talking about appropriateness here. Was there a Muslim Navy Seal personnel on board, perhaps a Muslim CIA agent who managed to offer appropriate burial prayers before dumping his alleged body into sea.

Well, he was already dead sometime back somewhere between 2001 and 2002 and you can read the articles HERE, HERE and what the heck.. HERE. Last but certainly not least, HERE's an interesting article from my favourite journalist/author Robert Fisk. Fisk did mention he did not see Osama after the year 2001. He had interviewed Osama three times, why was he not granted a subsequent follow up interviews?

I think the retired CIA directors should attempt to write a book titled "How to kill a corpse for dummies : a CIA retrospect", I'm sure it will be a preemptive bestseller.......

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