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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

9/11...revisited...again...and again...

I have always been intrigued by the mystery surrounding the event of 9/11. Before we proceed beyond this point, let me make it clear to you that my interest is purely in uncovering the truth. As far as I'm concern, all life form is sacred and any average Joe with the interest for the truth can agree that the world have since changed after this tragedy, and not in a good way. Humanity died , yet again on that very day. Many innocent lives have been given up thereon in the name of "holy war" or "war against terrorism".

My prayers and well wishes are for all the victims of 9/11, be you in that building that day or the innocent lives that were sacrificed in the subsequent events pertaining to that black day of humanity. Because of that tragedy, many more lives, innocent lives, were sacrificed in wars that did not even justify the event of 9/11 itself. You were all a part of a bigger plan. Unfortunately, this plan was... I mean, is, not that of the higher being but by a group of war mongers who feed their very tummies and the tummies of their families with blood money and surrounded themselves with worldly riches yielded from this very tragedy that took your lives away from your loved ones. May justice find you in the here after. In the mean time, may the living seek the justice in truth until we all join you.

Now. Tell me how such terms can ever make sense to the human brains? "Holy War". There is nothing holy about wars. There is nothing holy about killing your own kind. In fact, there is nothing holy about killing. If you have to go to war to defend yourself and the people you love, then it may be noble, but remotely, holy. Somewhere somehow along the lines of "holy wars", "war against terrorism", "mother of all wars" whatever, innocent lives are taken, and 99.9% of time, these lives do not comprise of that from the royalty, or those powerful people who instigated and insisted that the war was necessary or important in the first place. Most of the powerful people who insisted that war is necessary ended up not dying from war they help created, but from a rich man's disease such as a heart attack.

When a person blows himself up to bits, did he know that he was going to make innocent children from innocent fathers and mothers bystanders become orphans? Or was he thinking of the promised 99 virgins he was going to have halal sex all day long with when pushed that button? The world lacked virgins, what made him think that there would be more in heaven?

Frankly, when any war happens, it's more like "Holy Shit" bullshit more than it is a "Holy War"....

The enemy isn’t conservatism. The enemy isn’t liberalism. The enemy is bullshit." —Lars-Erik Nelson, political columnist —

"War against Terrorism" . Now what in the name of cow's dung does that mean? You destroy terrorism by inflicting bigger terror ? So what does that make you? A certified Terrorist? Really, can someone tell me what the fish it means, this war on terrorism. I'm sure people like Gandhi would wonder, if anyone wants to die for a good cause, why not just fast to death to prove a point? I don't think Bush could have handled even half day of fasting though. He did not make sense with a normal blood glucose level, imagine what blunder, I mean, bigger blunder, he may have done with a low blood sugar in the brain. Then again, rumours has it he hired surrogate brains to do his job whilst he was off golfing half the time when he was in office.

What prompt me to rekindle my 9/11 research? It started when my eyes were feasted upon this article published this month, which originated from a 2009 article by Gordon Duff in Veteran Today.


Turned out, the conspiracy theorists theories were right - that Osama bin Laden was long dead before his ghosts started appearing on videos come political elections. Somehow rather reminds me how the syyyyyyyyyyyy...May 13th tragedy would float during our elections. Here are some articles back in 2001 that reported the "possible death" of Osama bin Laden. Frankly, I would really like to purchase Osama's dialysis machine that had been able to operate somewhere deep in the caves of Afghanistan and do justice to some of the patients suffering from End Stage Renal Failure because of it's durability not to mention the long battery operating capacity since 2001 when Osama had failed to turn up for his scheduled three times a week dialysis.

Meanwhile, many wars had been waged whilst they debated, "To decease or not to decease, is the Question" game. Many lives lost. Many hearts broken. Innocent lives. Innocent hearts. Just like Smeagol, his fickle mindedness had it's cascades of detrimental consequences.

Then they debated the authenticity of the videotapes released. BBC ran an article on video threat. Take not that this was going on since 2002. The U.S "experts" said the video is authentic, but the Swiss "experts" claimed it was not. Later the Swiss refused to verify other videos pertaining to Osama Bin Laden. Frankly, Swiss makes great pocket knives, chocolates and their watches have excellent time precision. U.S on the other hand, makes war and they had gotten good at it according to George Carlin. So I'd vote for those Swiss boys.

CBC ran a documentary on a movement comprising of Architects and Engineers who in 2006 decided to run an independent investigation on 9/11. It resulted in overwhelming evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.

I had posted in my blog earlier, should anyone have the passion and patience to read and listen for the quest of finding the truth. You can read it HERE

In 2004 however, Webster Tarpley came up with a very analytic outlook on 9/11, in his book "9/11 Synthetic Terror Made in USA". (you can download it FOR FREE HERE, in pdf form. Notice the capital letter spelled for "free"? That is because I know we Malaysians luuuurve anything that is free. But you can buy his book at the local bookstore). You can also listen some of his video clippings..

Here's history and economics coming towards you.

Another architect involved in Truth 9/11 movement, Kevin Barret, also gave his take on 9/11.

They needed Osama bin Laden to remain "alive" , illusive ,un-captured, lost and undiscovered to enable them to wage the wars they already did, which never could have been waged had Osama been captured. The convenience came from ransacking the nations they wanted to ransack, in the pretext of looking for him. Did they know that he was dead back in 2001? Maybe, maybe not. More importantly, does it matter now?

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