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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Dato' is Here for Breakfast

The dato' is here for breakfast,
with ministry officers in tow,
to the cafe dato' enters first,
then jacketed officers in a row.

Dato' is at the omelette counter,
Jacketed officers bravely guarding his table,
Dato' decides on half boiled eggs instead
A timbalan pengarah head for the coffee counter,
Dato needs his coffee waitng at his table
the timbalan waits for his cue.
To bring coffee is a small matter,
To be seen bringing coffee is a matter much larger.
A pegawai kanan scouts the breakfast buffet,
in case of imperfections that dato' might see,
he courageously samples the fare,
risking his life so dato' will live to officiate another day.
He reports of the saltiness of the sambal and bland nasi.
A report from those who dare.
At the table fingers fly on tiny keyboards
Oh recalcitrant people where art thee,
The Dato' is here for breakfast
Oh recalcitrant people where art thee.

Hazidi Abdul Hamid
16 October 2012.

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