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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Leave Sir Elton John alone, go protest against yourselves lah

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." 
 -Albert Einstein- 

This quote came to my mind soon after I read THIS . At first I thought PAS leaders did not like Sir Elton John's hair do, because it doesn't matter if a woman or a man cut his hair, it will still be "hedonism", (depending on who's looking at it...hedonism for Elton John if male cuts his hair and Hedonism for PAS if female and male cuts his hair). After all, in Kelantan, PAS had made this into a by-law ( I wonder if he actually meant "bhai law"...maybe gay people should not get their hair cut at all......must ask Karpal Singh regarding this matter) Read it HERE. Never mind who cut his pubic hair, I'm quite sure given a chance, PAS will have the time, if not make time to find out and determine whether this would be haram or halal too.

Turned out In regards to the hair cut; PAS spokesman said that,

 “It is in line with our government's policy to safeguard women and curb sexual harassment at work places,”

I think PAS should seriously take a look on their definition at the word "safeguard women" because if we were to follow the practice in Kelantan, by the time the girls become women and are of working age, probably half are victims of "legalized rape"( Malaysian Law states legal age of marriage is 18 years old...anything less than this age is considered as "rape" or some may see it as legalizing pedophile) because, it is legal for children at the age of 16 and sometimes probably younger by permission of auta-rities to be married off in Kelantan right? If there is any safeguarding to be done, it should be when they were still girls at young age, in need of protection from the supposedly wiser adults.

 If anyone were to run a statistics on divorce today, some may even agree that marriages should be banned altogether! I mean, we ban Muslims drinking (in public) because alcohol has more detrimental consequences as compared to it's benefits.. But applying to the logic behind the auta-rities banning this and that ; since marriage happens to have a high risk of causing so much emotional and financial damage to the victims, (probably worst impact on the effect of alcohol put together) why not just ban marriages?

After all, we have no qualms banning ballets(reason: the tutus ), we ban singer Erykah Badu (reason: for the tattoo), we ban Madonna from TV (reason: for being Madonna), we didn't ban Pussycat Dolls but fined them(reason: for being sexy ...albeit I suspect the actual reason for the fine was the name "Pussy" that may be related to "Puspal"...although I find this bewildering since Puss pal should by it's name, be Pussy friendly no?). Then we banned Irshad Manji's "Allah, liberty and love" for whatever reason they like to give, but I will still suspect because Islamic authorities have problems associating Allah with the word Liberty and Love". (where will their position as "authority" be if Allah grants liberty to His subjects and is full of Love instead of having pleasure in punishment?). If there is anyone who had downgraded Allah from the word "mighty", it would be the auta-rities with their perception of the word "mighty" pertaining to Allah, but this is another article and another time. I'm still waiting for them to ban Tapai and cigarettes.

Here are some suggestion of what PAS should protest against, since they claim that Islam is their theme: 

1. Protest against marriage altogether, since as I've explained earlier, marriages can lead to divorces, ergo emotional, health and wealth catastrophes.

2. So okaylah, if don't want to protest against marriages, then protest against child marriages: (reason elaborated above)

The Kelantan Islamic Family Law Enactment stipulates the minimum marriageable age for women as 16 years unless there is approval from the Syariah Court,"

 3. Protest against women and men (or for and men, women and women), circumbulating the Kaaba during pilgrimage and Umrah, without clear separate line based on gender to avoid immaculate conceptions.

In fact they should protest how men look like women clad in ikhram wear. How different is a man in Ikhram look as compared to Ancient Greek man...They should also hold a side protest against men not wearing underwear underneath those white cloth garments. They should also protest against Shakira's song "Underneath those clothes...there's a different story...." because this smells like Jewish propaganda against Islam or the very least, some Freemason agent would be involved in this one, if not the CIA. So why not protest against heterosexual circumbulation and just protest against men and men queuing in one line?

Is this some kind of the same double standard applied to how everything else ends with "ey" in Kelantan language but somehow when it comes to Kota Baru, it did not become "Kotey Baru"?

4. Protest against polygamy.

Based on 4:3 and 4:129 from the Quran, anyone with minimal IQ that qualifies him to be defined as "human being", would be able to deduce that polygamy is indeed discouraged and is hoped to be weaned off.

4:3 If you fear that you cannot be just to fatherless orphans, then marry those whom you see fit from the women, two,and three, and four. But if you fear you will not be fair then only one, or whom you already have contract with. So that you do not commit injustice and suffer hardship. 

4:129 You will not be able to be fair regarding the women even if you make every effort; so do not sway too greatly and leave her as one hanging in a void. If you reconcile and be aware, then God is Forgiving, Compassionate.

So why is PAS not protesting against the disrespect of the teachings of the Quran?

5. Protest against public consumption of Tapai, known to be drowning in ethanol (second group in the alcohol family and the only group that have the property of intoxication)

6. Protest against Tobacco companies (this should be interesting) for continuing to sell their cigarrettes despite it's association with increasing the risk for heart diseases not to mention lung cancer?

7. Protest against the negligence of alimony by divorced fathers. Instead of wasting tax payers' money going after couples on Valentine's Day, why not go after these irresponsible...well, I cannot call them father because they fail the definition badly, so let's call these species sperm donors shall we? Yes, why not go after these irresponsible sperm donors instead?

8. Protest against the loud noises made via the microphone from the mosques (which incidentally are made by infidels and therefore deserve a protest of usage as well), despite the Quran clearly stating to not make noise : (for details of this matter, click HERE)

17:110 Say, "Call on God or call on the Gracious. Whichever it is you call on, to Him are the best names." Do not be loud in your prayer, nor quiet; but seek a path in between. 

7:205 Remember your Lord in yourself out of humility and fear, and without being loud during the morning and the evening. Do not be of the heedless ones.


We all know that, "Everyone is entitled to become stupid, some just abuse the privilege".

So why not protest against the privilege of working towards being stupid? After all, it is stated in the Quran that:

10:100 It is not for a person to acknowledge except by God's leave. He casts a wrath upon those who do not reason 

10. Last but certainly not least, why not PROTEST AGAINST THEMSELVES, since clearly they do not abide to 10:100

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