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Thursday, 5 July 2007

In response to the car article


pah nur said...

Pak Lah would comment :

"Itu semua khabar khabar angin sahaja. Kereta Proton kita bagus. Sebab itu kita beri nama Waja. Kuat tu..Khabar angin je tu..."

Tun Mahathir would comment:

"We built our National Car for our people, just like we produce our graduates, for local use onlyyyy..Malaysians are small by stature, as compared to the West. Of course if a Mat Salleh drive a Waja and crash at 40miles per hour, he bengkok laaa, because they are all very taaaaalll. We Malaysians can afford to escape the impact of our National Car crash because we are shorter, so no problem with the legs getting crushed and all. It's the Western propaganda. Don't suffer from mental block. Remember, Malaysia Boleh..."

Samy Velloo would comment:

"Who ask you to drive at 40mph? That is 64km/h. With my toll everywhere,plus the traffic jam caused by our tolls,and all the holes dug everywhere on my roads, how can anyone drive past 20km/hour?...Impossible.."

Pah Nur would comment:

If you drive carefully on the road, chances of getting involved in an accident is just slightly more than chances of you meeting an uncorrupted policeman on the road. The crash test was conducted in such a way that the manequin drove the car and just crash without breaking. Kereta lembu pun patak kaki if tak break. Don't tell me at 40mph,(64km/h) we human cannot push the brakes. I push the brake fine at even 170km/hr. Besides, as chances are slim to have your car crash if you don't tail gate the front car, buying a cheaper car carries more chances of you having money to eat, rather than buying an expensive car and paying dearly monthly, and dying from starvation.

pah nur said...

oops!! "brake" , not "break"!!

Hazidi said...


yuteqa said...

it is surprising the upgraded waja managed to get 3 star ratings, wonder what our stock waja will get.
The speed is cos the person who was initially travelling at 160kmph had applied his brakes and collided at 60kmph.
The 3* rating or less for our waja is our way of
1. providing training and experimental raw material for the surgical and ortho residents
2. keeping the potong kereta and kedai botol business going
3. support and encouragement of the funeral business
4. giving some work for the firefighters
5. helping boost the 4D number business
6. reducing the same and opposite lane car’s speed in event of a crash
7. providing excuses for comng late to work- malaysian car what, not reliable lah

pah nur said...

frankly, the bigger picture would be migrating to a country where there is quality of life. That's the big picture.
really yuteqa...tot ur very time to come up with all the 3* rating consequences. Not bad...welcome to the "idle mind with the devil workshop at full swing"....keep it up....