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Friday, 19 October 2007

"Reign Over Me"

For those of you who need to reminisce on how true friendship feels like, please, I urge you to go watch “Reign over me”. “ What is it about?”, you ask me. Well, before watching, allow me to offer you a gentle reminder. Keep a tissue box beside you, just in case. If you do not touch the tissue, then perhaps you need to see a shrink.

It is about two college roomies who bumped into each other after nearly 15years post graduation. Charlie Fineman, played by Adam Sandler (no, I did not narrate the synopsis from the back of the DVD I just purchased. What? DVD not in the market yet? OOPs got me there....syyyyyyyyy...), had lost a whole family to plane crash. His wife and four daughters died in a plane crash while he watched the news over the TV screen at the airport where he was suppose to have fetched them. Can you imagine loosing a whole entire family in a blink of an eye? No, I don’t really think you can. Only those who have actually experience such a lost can. I lost my husband to a car accident and I still am struggling to get my life and my mind back together. Imagine loosing a whole family.

It’s not a wonder that Charlie shut down completely and eluded himself from any conversation involving his family. Alan Johnson (played by Don Cheadle), who was a well to do dentist with the perfect family, stuck by Charlie even though he was insufferably temperamental, to the point of sudden outbursts of physical manisfestations of anger. Trying to get Charlie to a shrink was a process. And when the breakthrough came, when he actually started talking about his family, not to the shrink, but to his friend, Alan, he became suicidal and tried to kill himself.

I’ll stop here because I do not want to be a killer joy and blabber the whole story. What touched me most was how Alan, even when Charlie made it quite impossible for him to stay as friends, stuck to him nevertheless, without being judgmental nor prejudice. Perhaps that level of friendship is totally out of this world, ergo, it only exists in the big screen.

So you think Alan helped Charlie back on his feet again? In a way, yes he did. But you’d be surprised on how much Charlie, on the other hand, had unintentionally, through his process of going through the pain he experienced, changed Alan’s life.

“A friend in need is a pest indeed?” . Yes, they can be pests at times. But sometimes, pests may be good for you. You may learn a thing or two, about life and yourself, just handling pests. Besides being a pest myself, I have a few pests I keep as friends. And I love them with all my heart. It’s a kind of an unconditional love. It may not be perfect, but hey, what is?

As Oscar Wilde brilliantly put it,

“Friendship is far more tragic than love. It lasts longer."


Hazidi said...

busy eh?

pah nur said...

hey, I am busy in the sense of not being able to stay at home and enjoy the zen that envelopes it. That is coz i have to be at work most of the time. But at work, I get patients in quantum pulses, so within the busy pulses, I goyang kaki and what better way to hinder the devil from entering my idle mind by writing.....why? dengki ka??

Melayu Lelaki said...

Marina, you are just jealous. You are out of the malay mainstream. It has been your could have been the Puteri ketua when you are younger but then your father hasnt thought about it yet forgetting that umno was getting more irrelevant.

Until I gave him the idea..well I like to think it was me..I wrote about it long before blog was the in thing in the internet or was it just great minds think a like.

Her speech contains some of your ideas. what you hate is that it came from her. You have no platform, so you are just left ot fight or to comment and being the mouth piece of the Chinese through the STAR.

To change UMNO you have to be inside it. Look at the masses of Malay faces and tell them what you think should be done. But you didnt want to. Your heart was not into it. you wanted to enjoy for father's position but at the same time thought low level politics is beneath you. You cannot connect with the mak ciks. You represent the malay bourgeois hob nobbing with the rich Chinese families.

You can never attract a malay man so you can only attract any matsalleh as it is your only choice.

But that is your right. But you cannot deny the other malay women choice who choose to fight within umno. Do not take pot shot at them as the mouth piece of the Chinese and hiding behind your father's power.

Just like the anonymous business owner, you have to accept your children are foreigners not malaysians as they are fathered by non Malaysians. Thats the law and it is naturally acceptable in a patriarchal society like the arabs. Men dont take kindly to their women who let themselves be fucked by foreign men. Men will always be men...

Hmmm back to your vicious attack on UMNO Puteri Ketua.. face it you are not in the limelight. When was the last time your ideas was of importance to the Malays..

I have read her speech...well nothing wrong with it..what do you expect? Rocket science? In politics its the style not the substance..year in year out or day in day out you have to perform...

You are jealous actually becuz Noraini heads the most attractive part of UMNO. Noraini and her pretty bunch shows the Malays what they have to protect. What they have to nurture and what they have to love. Things which you don't earn or have.

The beautiful face of UMNO is Puteri. People are attracted to beauty. The rest are natural to political parties but young beautiful women are an asset to any society. In fact it is society function to protect their beautiful women. Those beyond the breeding stage should play a more matronly role and can contribute more academically. But the young women, they have a lot to offer sexually and society is driven by the future of the young.

There are pros and cons to any argument but to resort to namce calling and dimwiting other women just reduce you to the typical female gender of hair pulling. Give me your stand on anything and I can tear it down. I call it pure female jealousy of their own gender.

Because the UMNO men just love her and her puteris..their eyes light up whenever these young women perform and their presence itself lend glamour to UMNO. You cant say that of other parties can you?

In fact UMNO is now heavily dependent on Puteri. Would anyone put their trust in Mahathir or Abdullah Ahmad or KJ or Muhamad Taib or others old men in the party? would the men in the street care what these self seeking leaders say?

What turn the tide to UMNO when it was back pedalling? It was the realisation that life itself have gone out of UMNO when it try to be as religious as PAS when the truth is the malays want their culture back their music their dances their beautiful women back!!!

Did any UMNO members especially the male members protested or comment negatively anything against Noraini speeches? No. They are just happy that Puteris are there while they strut their stuff as if it matter…hahaha….you Marina Mahatir is the dimwit..old hag…

Melayu Lelaki said...

marina I brought this matter up to the malay media. I saw that Azmi Sharom was belittling UMNO, the PM the angkasawan. In one breath he was talking about meritocracy but he mentions that cannot happen if umno takes part!!? When UMNO is the policy maker..? The success of Muzafar was too much for Azmi belittling his handsome model looks...god..wonder what else the malays have to do to prove they are the best they beat all indians and chinese candidates to space...the last two standing are malays hahahah ...but you wouldn't understand you are just a chinese stooge too thankful that the Chinese STAR allow you to say your bullshit ideas..

pah nur said...

heloooooo.....this is a happy blog. Want to get intense, go do it somewhere else please...

Thank you.......