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Sunday, 13 January 2008

I'm back

Oh yes I am back and I'm baaad. Been away for awhile. Call it sabbatical leave, call it unpaid leave, call it absence of soul searching, call it whatever you want. Truth is I was uninspired, busy, jaded and the list can go on and on, and they all fall into the category called "excuses".

I guess this is what happens to a person who has been injured at heart and trying to recuperate. Different people react differently to injury. Some would go out on a rebel with whatever cause causing more detrimental things to follow the cascade of that injury. Britney (as in Spears...duuuh...) went around without underwear,hair,driver's licence and direction. Some people would jump off a building and a few would go around hurting others to get their ego, not heart mended. I guess I am one who'd go for the Red Indian approach to injury. When hurt, rest and recover. Or perhaps, I react more like a tortoise, just retract into my shell and stay there until I feel like coming out, hoping that during my absence, no monkey would tilt my shell upside down. Now that would be shitty.

During my solitary, I am reminded again of one thing that remains true. My life is perfect, even when it is not. The pain I feel today, will make me stronger tomorow. And considering of the huge pains I have obtained throughout my life ( well, I am in my 40s and I have encountered many painS in the ass) , you can imagine the amount of strenght I've gained, so strong, you I may as well wear my underwear on top of my pants and call myself....superwoman!!!

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