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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Anal unterlude

I have recently received a number of emails telling me all sorts of things about that famous anal related case. So, to offer a little interlude but still keeping with the anus related theme, I wish to relate a story. a short one, promise.
An elder person from my kampung was once taken to the hospital in excruciating pain in the stomach and anus. Upon questioning, they found out that he had not been to toilet for days, which was the cause of the stomach pain, according to the doctor. The doctor used a proctoscope (is that what it is called?), and found a rambutan seed lodged in such a way that it caused a blockage in the anal canal. The doctor then used a forcep to remove it.
Unfortunately, immediately upon removal of the obstruction a flood of faeces, of different textures and consistencies came rushing out. Needless to say, the other patients had to be directed to a different clinic for the rest of the day whille the doctor, the nurse and the doctor's office were being cleaned.
Ah yes, the anus is such an amazing thing.

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pah nur said...

Hmmm...this story reminds me of that book,"Shit" written during Mahathir's time as to let steam off the writer's political frustrations. Unleash the "blockage" and out comes the rest of the shit.

However, being a cynic and all, even if the rambutan seed was that of the Bangla or Benggali size (probably another myth), the prolonged blockage would most likely cause constipation of which unlikely to spurt onto doctor's and nurses' faces the moment the blockage is removed.
Damn..I hate being a cynic. I'm a bore..