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Saturday, 23 August 2008


I opened my e-mail today to find a disturbing post sent by my Malaysian friend, living in the UK. It was regarding a "Cikgu Rusitah" giving racist remarks in class. A teacher, of all people. Surprised? Well, not really. Not compared to say, me being surprised that a friend living in the UK that had told me what was happening in Malaysia!! Actually, I've been trying to stay away from Malaysian politics for a bit, so as to recover from the "throwing my asshole out through my mouth" vomiting bouts I got from the previous political tickers. Still feeling nauseated from the Sodomy Story.
Anyway, I googled "Cikgu Rusitah" and found myself reading Lim Kit Siang's blog regarding this matter.
For those who are too lazy to google it, that's where I come in. There you lazy people, just click on the link below....

Hitherto, I am still waiting for comment approval so that my comment will pop up on Uncle Lim's blog. Just for your eyes though, this was what I wrote...

For those of you are unfortunate enough to work in companies where they block the pop ups, read the script I retype below this photo. Otherwise, click on the photo and trust me, even my grandmother can read the text without glasses.My comment:
"Sure, we can talk about the chinese, malay, indians and the dan lain lains bitching about each other from whatever level it is, but is anyone looking seriously into the Muhibbah matter?
Why are we talking about Muhibbah when even before reaching puberty, we send our kids to sekolah kebangsaan, sekolah tamil, sekolah cina, sekolah dan lain lain? If we are serious about cultivating Muhibbah, then stop pointing fingers at each other, then abolish such schools because the excuse of preserving culture doesn't make sense since the kids can learn that from home.
Come up with school for all races,perhaps english as a medium and anyone can take up any language they fancy for their own benefit. Isn't that the beauty of knowledge?
Otherwise, let's continue this to the next and the next generation, continue the legacy of hypocrisy......"

The British divided and ruled. They came, they conquered, they never left. The genius who came up with this idea, dead as he is today, should be given credit for his brilliance so much so, after decades they left, the practice is still alive and well. We pride ourselves on creating the longest, tallest, flattest whatever not monument there are, yet we have failed miserably in creating a generation of Malaysians. What we have is a Malay Malaysian,Chinese Malaysian, Indian Malaysian, Malaysian Aborigines and so forth. And we got the cheek to talk about Muhibbah.

We celebrate Merdeka Day year after year , screaming Merdeka!! , some get drunk, some just flag away the Jalur Gemilang , tossing the miniature flag onto the streets in time for the Alam Flora to come in, tossing expletives while picking up the national flag turned garbage the morning after, or however we chose celebrate it not knowing that we are still ruled by the "Divide and Rule" system. What are we screaming about? Freedom from who? The British? Are we free from the mental block and the deep seeded racism that everyone pretends not to exist? Certainly not freedom from hypocrisy. Don't blame the British. The people responsible are long dead. The question is, why are the living continuing the legacy?

How come no politicians bother to address this matter? My speculation would be, why should they? It is more convenient to leave it as it is or even better, feed on racist sentiments amongst the rakyat. After all, that was how they got to where they are today, by representing a political group based on race and religion. I won't bother talking about PAS, I am proud to embrace Islam, unfortunately not how the PAS interprets it. It makes me wonder, are they the reason why Malaysia have not recorded any sightings of unearthly intelligent lifeform, obviously because these ETs are intelligent enough to stay away from us.

They, the politicians, seem to be continuing the British rule on the pretext of maintaining harmony. Can harmony and hypocrisy live together in a symbiotic relationship? Perhaps. But for how long? Sometime, something has got to give. So basically, why are we still screaming Merdeka? When we are still governed by the colonial hauntings?

We need a government who actually believe in a one nation, not based on religion, nor race. A government who believe in basic human rights. And this government, not only believes, but is sincere enough to break the barriers, the invisible wall blocking us to progress as one nation. A government that is not corrupted (this is beginning to sound like fairy tale, except only the cronies get to live happily ever after).

A government who see the poor as one race, implements the NEP the way it should be implemented, with Amanah and sincerity to pull out the poor from poverty. A poor Chinese, Indian, Malay etc, have one thing in common. The poor form a race of it's own. They have nothing to loose. People who have nothing to loose can be dangerous, and they will inevitably come back and haunt the society.
Could we be lucky enough to be blessed with such a government?

Cikgu Rusitah is a product of our system. It doesn't matter if her name was Mei Chin, Sathia or Super Bitch, the truth to the matter is that this incident just goes to show that racism is well and alive, and we are sweeping it under the carpet, pretending we are the muhibbah nation, hence not addressing it the way it should. She is just the one who got caught and should be severely punished, simply because she is the teacher. Why are we angry at Rusitah? Humans are the product of the circumstances and experiences in life, plus upbringing. She is a national product of our system. Why point finger at the product when the default lies in the production manager?
So go on with the bitch fight, yikkity yakkity..blah blah...then things simmer down for awhile and everyone forgets until the next Rusitah in some other form reappears causing stir again. It's like pouring water into a holed vessel, religiously pouring to keep the water level full, and not bother to mend the hole. Pointless.

Ask ourselves this question. Is racism right? Anyone who answers yes, then don't bother keeping any religion. Because the gist and purpose of any religion, put aside the trivial differences, are recognizing the basic rights of each and every individual, bringing joy instead of harm into others' lives. Learning to accept and respect each others' differences. If it is not, then why the hell are we still practicing it?

The Muslims will scream, "It is against Islam to have a non Muslim rule the country." . I say, "bloody hell, earn the reign. Just like respect, leadership needs to be earned " . You cannot expect to try very hard to move backwards to the sahabah's days , constipate progress and shun anyone who overtakes you.
I do not want to belong to a generation that the future look back upon and brand as genephobic (Don't bother looking it up, I just made that up) and racist. That we continued the legacy of the British's "Divide and Rule"...we should free our minds from self deceit, and hypocrisy. Then only then, perhaps the word "Merdeka" may feel like it has a meaning to it.


Azroy said...

I played my part, my parent also, so the majority also done,

lastly ask ourselves do we had enough done?

I think so...


pah nur said...

Thank you Azroy for your comment. the words of Michael Jackson in his song," I'm starting with the man in the mirror"...

Let's pray for a better Malaysia in the future, so that we will not depart from our time on earth handing over the next generation, the inheritance of RACISM...