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Saturday, 10 January 2009


"History is a myth agreed upon"
- Napoleon Bonaparte -

"That is why men should stick to mathematics old man, because with Maths, when you are right, you are right. Ilmu Hisab on the other hand, have many personal history attached so that is why Science and Mathematics be taught in English"
- Pah Nur -

Everyone's talking about the assault on Gaza strip. Come to think of it, Palestinian and Israel have been in conflict, for the past, well, as far as I had learned to utilize my memory cells. When something have been around too long, we tend to take it for granted. The same, to me, goes to that region. It has been in troubled waters from the time just about past the extinction of dinosaurs, (ergo the term A.D. for "after dinosaur") until, well, hitherto.

For the first time in my life however, I took the trouble and the time to dig deep into the history of Palestine, in an attempt to decipher the existing conflict. What I found out however, is , it could be made simpler, should both parties practice less arrogance and learn how to compromise. The past cannot be altered. How can you alter history of a land that have been conquered by numerous "civilizations"? (Well, as far as I'm concern, any "civilization" that go into war for whatever reasons behind them are barbarians. Nothing civilized about killing our own species to prove whatever madness point the politician have in their corrupted minds).

Even if one party wins this war, the victory was long dead, and there is nothing to celebrate, except peace. If any country decide to go into war, it simply meant they have not learned from history of Palestine.

It is my intention to produce a non biased history of Palestine, so as for us to comprehend the current conflict that has grabbed world headlines, again. War, genocide, assault against human is the act of inhumanity. It takes two to tango. No one wants war and it is never a fair event. I just want to bring you into history of this region, unbiased, in order to learn the truth. Of course looking for absolute truth in history is like looking for uncorrupted politician, but, I guess we have not much choice but to rely on them.

I will not write down every single thing, because I will end up writing a book instead. What I'll do is what the Bumiputra contractors are famous for doing, that is "mengAli Babakan" the contract. So I'll "Ali Baba" (with double B.A hon - get it, B.A. and another B. A. so okay it's a dumb joke. I'm just trying to wake everyone up to this boring history. I sleep in history classes most of the time by the way)

After doing some fishing in the net, I concluded that the war in Palestine did not start from within Palestine itself, rather, instigated by Jewish outside Palestine, who faced pressure to exile from places where they have emigrated to via Zionist movement to create an Israeli state met by resistance from the Arabs that came later to settle in this land. That brought me to mainly, Germany. Besides the allegation that Hitler suffered a syphilis induced schizophrenia, ergo making him mad enough to slaughter , claimed, 6million Jewish in Germany in what is termed as a holocaust , I was intrigued by his speeches prior to the holocaust itself.

Here are some snippets I took from the above link;

"Prior to the beginning of World War II, during a speech given on January 30, 1939 (the six year anniversary of his accession to power), Hitler foretold the coming Holocaust of European Jewry when he said:

"Today I will once more be a prophet: If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshevization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!"

Christian Gerlach has argued for a different time frame, suggesting the decision was made by Hitler on December 12, 1941, when he addressed a meeting of the Nazi Party (the Reichsleiter) and of regional party leaders (the Gauleiter). In his diary entry of December 13, 1941, the day after Hitler’s private speech, Joseph Goebbels wrote:

"Regarding the Jewish Question, the Führer is determined to clear the table. He warned the Jews that if they were to cause another world war, it would lead to their own destruction. Those were not empty words. Now the world war has come. The destruction of the Jews must be its necessary consequence. We cannot be sentimental about it. It is not for us to feel sympathy for the Jews. We should have sympathy rather with our own German people. If the German people have to sacrifice 160,000 victims in yet another campaign in the east, then those responsible for this bloody conflict will have to pay for it with their lives."

These statement got me wondering, what did the Jews actually did to have cause Germany to go to war, World War1. (this is what happens when you allow men to lead their countries. Should women run their countries, then men would learn how to behave!!!). It is difficult to search for articles on the role of Jews in instigating the Germans to go to war, as Hitler had mentioned in his speech. You can however easily obtain articles depicting the holocaust, written by Jews writers.

The question of "how did the Jews made Germany go into war?" is still unanswered. The closest I could get was the political influence of Jews in German political scenario" as written in the Wikipedia, please tap HERE. My suspicion would be, it was the political influences via the positions held in German politics at that time that had led the them into World War 1.

You can however learn this from a non Jew source, via a book written by David Irving titled "Hitler's War". David Irving was jailed in Germany for having written this provocative book and was deemed a holocaust denial . You can download it here
The holocaust made it necessary for the Jews living in German mainly to establish the Israel state.

There's more on the next blog. So stay tuned

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