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Wednesday, 14 January 2009

III. The Rise of The Machine..oops...I meant..Zionism..

I'm back and if you're wondering what this post is all about, please browse through the 2posts prior to this one. Once you start with the history of Palestinian-Israeli conflict, you will get stuck in it with no other way to go, and this is just the writing, not the killings.

Where was I again? Ah yes. Rise of Zionism. Who needs to define anything in their writings when you can just hyperlink it, so go ahead and tap on the word zionism to know what it means, in the context of Israel. To the Jewish, the need to go back to Jerusalem is more like the need for Muslims to go to Mecca, it's considered their "holy land". That and the connection to Jerusalem with dreams of messianic redemption So although the Jews are exiled, emigrated, they keep going to the holy land of Jerusalem or Palestine in minute numbers.

In the nineteenth century, the emancipation of European Jews, inspired by the French revolution, had brought Jews of to the Ghetto and into the modern world. They became comfortable with the ideas about Israel and Zion. The emancipation of Jews provoked an anti-Jewish sentiments amongst political and social movement in Europe, hence stimulating the emigration of Jews to Palestine.

In 1897, Zionist movement became a formal organization and they held the first Zionist congress in Basle. Check out their agendas here. The Jews aim to establish a Jewish Homeland in Palestine under Turkish or German rule. They ignored the Arab population and assumed that the Arabs would agree to voluntary trnasfer to adjacent Arab countries. The Zionists (take note of the word "the zionist" and not the Jews), established farm communities in Palestine, and later a new city called Tel Aviv. Arab population grew simultaneously (with the help of keeping women at home, restrained from window shopping , with no TV or Play Station to keep them occupied) and by 1914, total population of Palestine was approximately 700,000, comprising of 615,000 Arabs and the rest were Jews.

I wonder if the Arabs secretly knew the Zionist agendas and started to procreate to ensure that there are too many Arabs to shoo away from Palestine, or, procreating is their National Sports, but whatever the reason, the consequence to that "Forrest Hump"ings was that the Arabs were too big a majority to shoo away.

So now what? We have two races, one believes that Palestine in their religion is the holy land, the Promised Land and will do anything to redeem it. The other, well, imagine removing one Arab from a room, in the hotel you stayed for your vacation, and now multiply that to 700,000 times over. Get the picture?

No, of course the story did not end here, in fact, this is just the beginning to the conflict. ( I know, it took me 3 blogs to get bloody here). The rabbit hole had just turned into a rabbit abyss, quite similar to the abyss created in our local political scene. No, I'm not talking about the abyss where the missing "Government X files" and Altantuya's immigration record plunged into....(at least we know Khir Toyo shredded his files).

Oh, I shall be back to prove to you that "when things can go wrong, it just will". So stay tuned folks


Hazidi said...

nice summaries of a few thousand years of animosity. Great for general information but I would caution any history students out there. There's more!!!

pah nur said...

Thanx. Indeed there is...... unfortunately. It's a bloody history (literally!!)