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Friday, 24 April 2009

Are you a Facebook Junkie?

I was browsing through CNN when I saw this article, which made me chuckled instantly, really, more instant than the most instant noodle. Apparently there are Facebook junkies to add up to their brotherhood junkies like junk food junkies, hard core drug junkies (plainly known as "junkies"), Malaysian politics junkies, Blog junkies, Telenovela junkies, Reality TV show junkies to name a few. We are all junkies in some way or another. At least I'm no Junkie junkie. Be damned with other CNN headlines, there's always political trouble brewing everywhere, it's a never ending story, and with the Homo Sapiens, they're hardly good news. (if you don't want to run out of job, be a journalist, a doctor, a restauranteer and a coffin maker; unless of course you live in a community who cremates the dead) You are more important so you must find out if you are a Facebook junkie

Me? I'm a blog junkie for sure, no need to go into any psychological evaluation, I confess!! "Hello everyone....I'm Pah Nur.....and I'm a Bloggaholic, please don't save me.". And I can put my bottom ringgit (which isn't worth much these days anyway) that there are many out there who would greet me back, "Hello Pah Nur.....". It's so nice to know that you're not alone in the universe of bloggerhood.

Although I love popping in and out of Facebook off and on, it has not gone beyond the point of being dysfunctional. But when it comes to blogging..perhaps....especially when I start writing articles, I can get really self indulgent and anti social, but hey... most great artists are anyway..heh...heh..heh...(oh just bare with me....I mean, bear with me in a journey of narcissim, I don't plan to join the politics, so I'm a syiiiiok sendiri narcissist, no harm caused). I read somewhere Leonardo da Vinci use to lock himself up when he had a lead and was working on something. But my blog junkieness compliments quite well with my nature of work,( I kill time in between blogging by attending to my patients. How traggic can a cough and cold be you tell me. All I need to do is say "yes", "uhhuh", "really?" , "poor thing", "oh no", "ohhh.."....while thinking of what to write next) and since I'm a workaholic, well, I'm a functional junkie!!! Of course once in a while I tend to make a boo boo, but a minor and harmless one. For example, I'd put my stetoscope on someone's chest (of which I already know he was too well to give out medically thrilling sounds fromwithin his chest - he looked too well for that) and I'd think about a brilliant line to pen down, since the whole checking the lungs process can buy me up to 5 minutes of time to think, and I told him "open your mouth" instead of "inhale". (Sometimes, it's the other way round). But it's okay, because he can't be bitchy about it, as I've made sure he can't speak when I shoved that thermometer, which I know is no going to indicate he's having any fever, into his mouth. (I'm so on the way to becoming Dr House....just need to become phenominally and abnormally brilliant). But enough about me. How about listening in to this video to find out more about this new phenomena...noooo, not me, (I'm an old phenomena ) ; about Facebook junkie.

And read this; Five clues that you are addicted to Facebook. If you've just found out that you're a Facebook junkie, distress not, because here's what you need to do, medically speaking, "GET A LIFE!!!!" A real one out of internet............if you can't stand your own species, have it with the aliens, apparently, they exist. Read here and here if you don't believe me . I warn you though, any "intelligent form of life out there" who chose to come in contact with the human species, cannot be all that intelligent after're better off a Facebook junkie.


Anonymous said...

Membebel je pah nur ni... do check your email as i have added u into my FB .. check it out.. BJOE :) p/s :- thanks for the milo tgh hari tadi..

pah nur said...

Careful big milo I'll put julap and make you membebel from the other end of your usus ;-D