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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

By golly gee!! It's Jit Murad!!!!!!

I bumped into Jit Murad today. Yes I did. I was in La Bodega's to pick up tickets for his stand up comedy show, when I saw him upstairs, probably preparing for his show tomorrow. This is what I like about having unusual lunch time, I have higher probability of bumping into people who try not to bump into the crowd, that is, if you can call 11am lunch time. It's like what I told management who insisted I cut down my lunch hours by 15 minutes everyday to come in early to work, "It's not possible,there is no lunch available until after 12pm. There's no point giving someone a lunch break at breakfast time is there?". Of course they were not very amused by my cunning answer, but that is another story.

Question. Does everyone become the ultimate idiot when facing their idol, or is it just me? I waved when I saw him, and he actually came over. I remember vaguely having a conversation I thought to be decent at the time I was having it,if of course it can be defined as a conversation, since I'm probably the one having the verbal diarrhoea and next thing you know, I was heading out of La Bodega, going through the whole moment, wondering, what the hell was I muttering about? What the bloody hell had gotten into me?!!! And he's not even straight!!

What is it about celebreties that makes a person go duuuuuuuuhhhhh ? Well, not all celebreties, just the ones that matters really. It's like suffering from White Coat hypertension I guess. You can't help having your blood pressure shoot up the moment you see a doctor. It's one of those rare occasion when I was actually not analyzing nor working up a diagnosis as I was having conversation with someone (It's the job, blame it on my bloody profession), because I was too busy trying to not let my brains ooze out through my ears in the effort to keep my cool...a couple of degrees lower, and I'd probably turned into Vanilla Ice... How can I, IT'S JIT MURAD!!!

Oh don't worry. I'm not the stalker material. The only thing I ever stalk in my life is my daughter, just to make sure she brushes her teeth, make up her bed blah blah, you get the picture. I respect Jit's talents and more so his wittiness. He can't help it, he's just so funny, intelligently witty, his stand up comedy almost always gives me mental orgasm...if there is such a thing. It must be tough on him to keep up with the expectations of being funny all the time, people may think he's down with meningitis if he attempts to be at all serious. To me, he's one of the best stand up comedian, if not the best, and I'm sure to many others. And stand up comedy is something that is really tough to do. It's hard to just be funny, let alone be funny on stage. He does a brilliant job in other aspect of literary endeavors too, I remember being mesmerized by his story telling. It was a simple story, about his journey in life but presented in such eloquent manner that you just can't help but fall victim to all ears. And Jit, if you ever happen to read this, in all that blabbering, pardon my manners for I forgot to tell you, "my condolences for the passing of your father, may his soul rest in peace".

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hazriq said...

Jit is definitely the best stand up comedian. He's funny even when he tries not to be.