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Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Remember this? Saudi Clerics say Mickey Mouse must die. Well,even though my response to that was the standard response of I'm sure most of us, which was WTF?! Well, turned out, the Cleric with the too tight a turban may be on to something after all. Have I gone cuckoo? Gee I don't know, why don't we ask Twitty Bird about that? They're all in Disneyland. Perhaps Walt Disney have some kind of a devil's plot that can turn a mere mortal into Satan, thus bypassing the controversial genetic engineering methods. It's true then, Mickey and the gang,are the "soldiers of Satan", hypnotizing humans at an early age, embedding good seeds for bad deeds. I have to take my hats off to Satan though, for being very....creative.

Here,Take a look at how it's being done.

(Click on to decipher the extent of Mickey's Hypnotism capabilities....)

And that was just one baby. Well, these kids grew up to become some of the prominent figures in history (I didn't say for the good now did I?). I mean,look at what's been happening lately. Mickey and friends had casted their Satanic Spells over politicians around the world. First it was Khir Toyo, our very own former Menteri Besar Selangor who is currently webbed in financial inquiry, here, read it yourself Khir Toyo, entourage went on RM1.7M holiday when MB.

This amount of money spent cannot be non other than the work of Satan and his advocates as wastage is not encouraged in Islam. How else could one explain rebel against the religion's teachings? There's more. There were money spent elsewhere too, the most interesting being the RM1200 spent in Indonesia on welcoming Toyo and his delegates to Indonesia. Teng, the person in charge of the inquiry, would probably have become an overnight hero for the simple question he posted to Toyo's representative during the inquiry,(Mickey was busy shooting a new cartoon sitcom hence forgot to give out directive to Toyo to attend the inquiry), which went something like this "So we welcome ourselves?" (Reported in yesterday's The Star).

So okay, perhaps this phenomenon may be explained as shortcomings on the Mickey Intelligence Unit (what do you expect from a mouse's brain) since he'd probably was plagued by the misconception that Toyo is actually one of Satan's accomplices ,the Toyol..(these bloody mice! They can't even spell "cheese" even if they can sniff em, they should all be sent to Sesame Street), hailing Toyols all over the world to come join them in an International Summit of Evil in Disneyland.

That was then, and perhaps one can brush that off simply as an "intelligence error"; you know the sort CIA came out with - Weapon of Mass Destruction famously abbreviated as the WMD as an excuse to cast an attack upon Iraq. Although, to save face, an Iraqi journalist showed Bush that he was not all that dumb after all, and that the WMD existed, and was finally "uncovered" from the journalist's feet when he threw his shoes at Bush, one for the world I dare say. The only mishap in that little incident was the fact that he missed. Bush must have known how infamous he is, and probably would have started off his day during his presidency, with practicing how to duck from Unidentified Flying Shoes...Unlike Pak Lah, who avowed that "wining the 2004 election" was his best ever achievement in life, managing to duck that shoe was probably Bush's best achievement in the entire 8years career occupying the White House.

And then there's the Illinois Governor, Ron Blagojevich. Check it out. This guy is in the midst of getting convicted with charges of 16 federal felony, and if found guilty, it could well put him away behind bars for the rest of his adult life.

Blagojevich indicted 0n 16 federal felony charges
and here;

Questions in the affair of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

(For those interested in finding out more about this, well, some call him mentally challenged, and that was just them being polite. The rest calls him a lunatic.
Complete coverage of Blagojevich )

And amidst all this hoo haass, what is he doing right now? He is, as I'm typing this away, with the whole family having fun in Disneyland. Read below if you think I'm pulling a Maddoff on you.....

Blagojevich goes to Disneyland

He is charged with 16 federal felony and instead of running to the lawyers' office to hire a few, he had instead decided to spend his time with Mickey and friends!!! Wasn't that the mother of all hypnotism!!! It is axiomatic that these astute creatures are the soldiers of Satan. Is Mickey the man or what? Err...I mean the rat..I wonder who else are the Satan's disciples. I guess the dead giveaway would be tracing list of names of who have paid pilgrimage to Disneyland on money from Unidentified Freaking Origin, or UFO.

What can we learn from all these ordeals my friends? I don't know about you but I'm not going to leave any kids in front of the TV with Mickey and gang in it. Second lesson would be, being cautious when naming your child. My daughter's friend's name is Fakhim..(this is by the way one example of how English may have extensive word coverage. This name would sound brilliant in Arabic though). I mean what were his parents thinking about huh? Last but never the least, never vote for a man with funny names because they may turn to be one of those Disney characters' evil disciples. Furthermore, you don't want suicide bombers to come after your kids when the clerics shun them for having any association with Disney Characters. This Disney characters are detrimental to our future generation. As it is, it's bad enough that we have to put up with such characters currently, in our very own parliament....
(the hypnotism ends here)
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