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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Proposal of a Social Contact....oops...I mean Contract!!!

Tired of nagging our discontent about Malaysia? Well, I'm not. My jaw feels like its going to drop off at some point of yakking away my disheartenments and I don't even have leprosy to begin with. Why we nag then? It's because deep down, we all share the same sentiments, we love this country, regardless, and we know we love each other as citizens of Malaysia. It would be great if we can say the same about the imbeciles...oops, people running it though. (sorry, I'm still under treatment for my verbal diarrhoea).

You may be Malay Malaysian, Chinese Malaysian, Indian Malaysian, Dan Lain Lain Malaysian, Wannabe Mat Salleh Malaysian, Wanna be Malaysian from Bangladesh Malaysian, but at heart, we know deep within, despite all the expletives we avow to express our anger at our local issues, in our hearts,deep down somewhere, we know we are ONE MALAYSIAN and we all love this country...we have come a long way, why give up now? The people of Malaya never had problems integrating with each other as evidenced by the mixed marriages, products of "Mamak" as we all know them and also the Babas....(no, I don't mean Baba as in double B.A. Honors, but the Baba and Nyonyas), or just simply rojak mixed, which I think is extremely cool. It's when the politics gets the better of us, that we tend to forget the aspiration of our forefathers in working towards a country to call our own, a country we can be proud of, and a place we call home. We may be of different religion, color, culture, but we all know how to swear the authorities in all different languages, now dare I say could that be a start towards unity? Besides, unity is what the gist of all religion teaches us, albeit I've never met an atheist or free thinker who would say otherwise either. Have you heard of any religion who teaches hatred towards others, regardless of our differences? Let's rekindle the same kind of spirit our forefathers had shown in the past.

Enough of my rantings, let me get to the point (well, finally). While most of us spend our time endlessly complaining about this and that,a good,exemplary Samaritan of Malaysia, Anas Zubedy, have taken the effort of unity to the next level. Instead of just bitching about things, he had come forward with an effort to unite Malaysians by putting a full page advertisement in The Star due May 06th (this Wednesday ; finally, a reason for me to buy local papers besides getting a few tickles before actually hitting the comic strips). Here, click I PROPOSE A SOCIAL CONTRACT THIS WESAK to find out more about the list of contract. I think it's a noble thing to do. And I love the logo. Do your part people...go on....spread the love..spread UNITY...let's make it contagious!!! Let's not look at the past mistakes unless with intent to learn from them. It's time we look forward to building one nation....ONE MALAYSIA, in all honesty......It's the best gift we could ever give our children - hope of a great nation....

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