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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Let me see you ge'in jiggy with it........

One of the favourite question my patients like to ask me, is "How on earth do you stay slim?". My favourite answer is the standard, "Sorry, genetics. The only valuable thing my great grandfathers had passed down" (apart from the genes that enhances hair to grow everywhere, which would have proven to be useful, in the Ice Age, and not at the present day - my forefathers were Yemenis and the best choice in life they have ever made was to migrate from Hadhramaut to Tanah Melayu). Having said that, you have to have the discipline and the knowledge of how to make that God gifted genes to good use, and not be the first to tamper with those good genes by leading a sedentary lifestyle. You don't want to be remembered as the first person in your lineage to distort those good healthy genes right?

I love singing and dancing, even though I was told by the people who had seen me perform, to best keep my day job, just in case. Nevertheless, the show must go on, and to avoid distorting others' genes for good eyesight and hearing, I restrained my performances in the bathroom and within the four walls of my house.

Below is a video, of a deleted scene from the film "Step Up 2". The only reason I could think why it is deleted, would probably be because there is not a single half naked women prancing around in this one. Frankly, had my parents not insisted I pass all my exams all the way through, I would have picked show biz as my profession. It's way cooler than sitting on the ass dispensing Panadol. But since I can't perform like these guys in the video, I'll continue to practice out of humanly sight.

Just wanted people to remember, it's never to late to dance. It's one of the best way to exercise. I've had older patients coming in with severe backache, from an overnight of non stop dangdut. Except for the choice of dangdut, I fully understand the euphoria behind the cause of the backache. I sing and dance all the time, even at work (my staff had gotten used to me, having thought I was a looney upon our first acquaintance), when the clients are not looking of course. Like I always say, fidgeting is one of the best ways to loose calories. So when you're tired at work and nobody's looking, loosen up and dance!! Stay healthy and enjoy the fruit of all that hard work, and not spend all that hard earn money on hospital bills instead. Enjoy the video.... .
(A little footnote: Err.....for those above 40, or those who think exercise has all this time been an expletive,kindly consult your physician before attempting any part of this choreograph. It's safer to stick to dangdut )

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