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Friday, 25 September 2009


It is said that “Journey of a thousand miles, begins with the first step”. Well, here we are, the first breakthrough since ages. Finally, scientists have found a vaccine combination that can cut the risk of contracting HIV by 31%. Of course, some may say that you can achieve a 100% result by merely practicing abstinence from sex, but lets face it, just like love, sex probably makes the world go round even more so. One of the oldest professions in the world that remains illegal in most countries hitherto is prostitution. That in itself says it all.

Despite the entire hypocritical rebuke against this profession, most men tend to enable this profession secretly or openly, by increasing demands for sex, especially those who are with power. After all, sex can be something that is not personal; its just business; when there are demands, there will be supplies. Even an economic idiot like me can understand that. Why do you think men go for more money and more power? Well, it’s to get more women of course, legally, or otherwise. I think it is easier for the world to look for a vaccine against HIV or even a cure for AIDS as compared to us combating human’s sexual desires that manifests in many forms.

As for those who got infected by this deadly virus for silly reasons like pricking themselves accidentally with infected needles, by ways of good intentions like people from the medical forefront, what can I say, life is not fair and don’t bang your head against the wall regretting the fact that the same disease outcome from screwing around sounds more like fun. At least you made an effort not to get the disease in the first place. As for those who get infected by ways of pricking themselves to get high, well, thank your lucky stars the rest of the society empathizes with you even though some may think that you’re a waste of taxpayer’s money. For those who got infected by ways of just pricking themselves, well, the scientists have found just the right vaccine for you.

Humans err…and the only right thing for the rest of the world to do is to offer help and support so that you may well live through life to learn the lesson in life, and for the rest of us lucky ones to do the same. Life’s a lesson; you’ll learn it when it’s through (can't remember from which song I got this lyric from). As for those who are so very lucky to not get infected just yet, count your blessings and please try and stay safe. Shunning the HIV and AIDS victims who are in need of attention or condemning them, will not make you the better lot…just a condescending bunch. Unlike diseases caused by organisms, there is no medication in the form of tablets for those who suffer the disease of arrogance.

The beautiful thing about being human is that we are blessed with the gift of hope. True enough, all these years of hoping for a breakthrough to combat this deadly pandemic disease coupled with earnest efforts to do so, the hard work did not go unanswered.

Here’s to life. Let’s stop judging and leave that to God. Lets spend it sincerely living, loving, giving. After all, that’s what makes us all human.

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