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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

A wireless notebook Charger!! What next!!

Tired of tripping over wires? My bedside has......let me see, phone charger wires, (two of em), reading light wires, my Epilator charging wire, the telephone wire, you know, the conventional one invented by Bell, wire charging my computer, and of course if this place we live in is anywhere but Malaysia, I would have a charger for a dildo as well, but I think you get the picture of how many wires are running and how you tend to trip over at least one of them.

Well, these irritating wires may sometime in the future disappear, so much so, we may just miss the idea of tripping over them. (you know how it is, you tend to miss something that may be irritating when they are there, a husband for instance, and when they are not present, you feel something is missing...)

Well, weary no more, for Dell have just the solution for you. Can't say it's a cheap solution, but solution they have. Read it HERE to discover the latest technology applied on a notebook. A wireless charger!!!! In case your curiosity runs deeper on how a wireless charger works, well then, click HERE to find out.

What next? A wireless brain charger? As it is, as we are speaking, Japan has the technology to use brain waves to move chairs for the invalid. I joke you not my friends. This is what happens when humans spend more time indulging in progressive things unlike those who are stuck in rot of deciding which religion is the best one to suppress the human minds.


Planet of the Monyets said...

The wireless brain charger already exists. It is called money. Given enough, it will charge the brain and make people vote for complete idiots.

PahNur said...

aren't you glad you're from planet of the monyets...can i emigrate from earth the your planet? coz m getting sick and tired of the homosapiens...