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Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Convenient Lie....

It all started with hackers hacking into emails and came out with these:
If you have the time(and interest)and want to find out the source of these email, to recognize their authenticity, here are the e-mails, hacked from University of East Anglia. Read them yourself and decide, whether this whole Global Warming is a hoax or otherwise. All of them are in HERE.

Here's the video that explains the email:

And here's John Stewart making fun of the whole situation;


Well, if you have not heard about the "Climategate Scandal", that is because the mainstream media propaganda....I mean media, are not keen in chasing after the story of what appears to be the prove that Global Warming alarm is a hoax. Why should they? The very people who came up with this genius scam would most likely own these media anyway. I find it really ironic that after 12 days since the "Climategate Scandal" was blown off it's top, there is less coverage in this major topic as compared to say, Tiger Wood's two hole in one activities,......the scandal must be true then. Besides, it is currently snowing in Houstonm Texas. It's like God Himself telling, " cooling, not warming".

I have written about it sometime in July, titled "The Clouded Truth; Watts Up or Watts Down?" if you care to know the scientific explanation of why Global Warming is a hoax. Please listen to the video by "sceptic scientists" to see clearly, why we are going into global cooling. Check out the videos, they're useful and very informative.

You may ask, "Why go through all the trouble to come up with the hoax?". Well, why do superpowers go to war? Why do people lie and cheat? Of course, it's how the powerful makes trillions. The President of any country do not rule. It's the people who controls the money, controls everything. To quote Mr Clinton, "It's the economy, stupid!!!", or in this case, "It's the Carbon Tax stupid!!!" Imagine how much money certain parties can make out of Carbon Tax, here, take a listen:

Here's another video that answers more of your questions (errr....not about Tiger Woods, concentrate people. This is our future we're talking about):

I'm not surprised when the name David Mayor Rothschild popped up in this video. How do you think he can afford all that expeditions eh? Rothschild family was also mentioned as part of the Anglo-American Zionists by Matthias Chang, in his book which I render to be brilliant ( I could not put the book down!!). I recommend you read this book in order to solve the jigsaw puzzle of the world's event. Another book to read, which is "9-11 myth, Synthetic War Made in USA" by Webster Griffin Tarpley, another brilliant book explaining in details the reason why the world should be skeptical in regards to the September 11 attack on Twin Towers.

Indeed, the misconception is that the US Federal Reserve is a privately owned company has it's manipulative benefits. Learn about the history of the erection of the Federal Reserve and how it is linked to the Anglo-American Zionists from Matthias Chang's book. He also exposed, how Federal Reserve make money out of nothing, and live off the interests. He gives you history dated back from even before World War I and what Tarpley mentioned as "oligarchies" is actually what Matthias referred to as "Anglo-American Zionists". You understand how they become, and how they operate, suddenly, you will understand the Global Warming Hoax and the Carbon Tax and "New World Order" (I don't know what Wiki meant by "conspiracy theory" because this phrase popped up especially during the time when Bush Sr was in the Oval Office).

I leave you with a video, that will open your eyes, to what is really going on in this world. This is the video that will make you understand, why hoaxes in big scales, and wars takes place in this world. It got me to thinking though, perhaps 2012 is about a new beginning. Perhaps the banking system will crumble and the people may be able to get rid of the Federal Reserve. Who knows, maybe that was what the Mayans, Egyptians and Nostradamus was trying to tell us. Maybe that was what that blank book in Nostradamus's prediction meant that the future of mankind lies in the hands of the people. It comes down to the battle between the Evil and the Righteous. I would certainly like to believe so.

Here's a plead from Alex Jones, to what Matthias referred to as "People War":

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Planet of the Monyets said...

I belong to the "boring" side ... i.e. those who belive that the planet is warming and we need change our ways to prevent major disruptions to our way of life. On this boring side are also > 1000 of the best brains in climatology, meteorology,physics, oceanography, ect, etc who have synthesised all findings of the peer-reviewed scientific literature and the peer-reviewed global circulation models and published them as the IPCC 4th Assessment Report which is available on the web. Being a person of science, I tend to agree with them... because the synthesis process has been very robust and has been subjected to thousnads of reviews at various fora.

On the other hand, the claims that global warming is not true or not man-made have not been subject to extensive peer scrutiny nor have these claims been backed by robust analysis.

The analogy is similar to modern medicine vs. alternative medicine. Modern drugs are subject to entensive reviews and clinical trials before they are deemed fit for human beings. Where else, alternative medicine, tongkat alis, quacks, etc do not undergo such stringent tests... hence when I am sick, I will come to see you (a scary thought) rather trusting some quacks.

This is not to say that the climate-change-non-believers and medical quacks are liars. Their reasoning has not been really tested.

PahNur said...

I've taken a hole post to respond to your comment :)

As for non conventional medicine, i've long observed that the reason for the failure for more research to be done on preventive medicine is because,preventing diseases causes big losses to present giant drug companies not to mention not economical savvy for the future income. Well, the truth hurts. That is why I am normally not too keen to attend lectures conducted by drug companies. I am not the only one with this sentiment.....