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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

CLIMATEGATE - ROUND 2 pt. 2 : What you don't hear from mainstream media

As promised, this post compliments my earlier post on the Climategate Investigation. You will find most of the information you don't find in the mainstream media here. For those who do not see the relevance of this matter to us Malaysian...just wait till Malaysia start imposing carbon and me can predict more or less what will happen then right?

If you walk up to a kid picked at random, and ask them what they understand about Climate Change, you will probably encounter the same scenario and answers from them as the ones posted in this video. Take an eavesdrop into this video:

You have to agree the mainstream media is biased towards "climate alarmists" right? Ever wonder why? Just in case you don't know yet, most mainstream media are tools for imperialists to achieve what we call a Propaganda Control's mind control basically. And if you think I'm talking nonsense, then I suppose the Silent Government has succeeded in their task to keep the majority under some kind of mind hypnotism.

Look at how mainstream media was used during the Iraqi invasion for example. Generally, the American and their allies' government know that their people are reluctant to go to war unless a scenario of them being under siege is put forth so much so, going to war would look like self defense. Why people go to war to instill peace is another story altogether. But bear in mind that countries like the US are that of military complex. In short, war is business to them. How do you think only a few people in this world got filthy rich? Obviously they don't think like you and me....

Let's talk about the Science behind Climate Change..forget politics behind it. Here's Prof Bob Carter's simple explanation of an update to the situation of Climate Change. Apart from his eloquent and articulate way of presenting his arguments, another one of the reason why I love listening to him is he has his House MD moments...take a listen..

Again, here is the science to explain the science to prove why human is not a major cause of climate change.

Here are two lectures in two parts, delivered by Roy W. Spencer PhD, explaining why the IPCC model is wrong. Spencer, in 2006, had criticized Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth saying,

"For instance, Mr. Gore claims that the Earth is now warmer than it has been in thousands of years. Yet the latest National Academies of Science (NAS) report on the subject has now admitted that all we really know is that we are warmer now than we were during the last 400 years, which is mostly made up of the 'Little Ice Age.'"

For yet another article on evidences of why it is not man who are responsible for the climate change happening, click HERE.

Below is a video in two parts, that shows why the Climate Model is not wrong:


The issue here, is not climate change. Climate changes, it has been changing, still changing and will always change, period. The issue here is the manipulation of certain parties to gain personal benefits out of this otherwise normal changes. Al sodding Gore, has been going around to schools to make sure that the next generation gets their minds embedded that Global Warming is human's fault and we have to stop it. Gosh, George Carlin comes to mind right now....when being reminded of human's habit of inserting self importance ...the arrogance of it all...Let's take a break and listen to the wisdom of Carlin.

This video summarizes why Al gore is wrong, but too late, he's already gotten the Nobel Peace Prize for coming up with one of the biggest scam of the century...Funny that the other recipient of the Nobel Prize of the same category as Gore, John R. Christy, had declined the award. He wrote THIS on the Wall Street Journal. Of course we won't get to hear about this on CNN and BBC news.

The issue of climate change is more of socio-political rather than the science itself. Ever wonder why? Well, listen to these videos that you won't get to listen from the mainstream media, that may instigate you to make your own research and not just swallow what is shoved by the mainstream media into our throats, without question, and make your own conclusion.

Climate will change. The universe have the capability to absorb changes and re-balance it. Our duty is not to stop that change. That's just arrogant. Our duty is more towards the survival of the species living on earth, in adaptation towards these changes. That's what we do...that's what all species do...we adapt. Maybe that is what is meant by :

"Life is not about merely surviving the storm, rather, learning how to dance in the rain"?

Okay, maybe not....but who knows what technology can do if we channel our energy into the right channel...remember what happens to the sperm that went into the wrong hole?

Al Gore is wrong on two occasions. One, Global Warming is not the fault of the humans. Two; The debate is far from over.

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