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Thursday, 14 October 2010

What if the Chile incident happened here in passing tot...

Once in a while, as though to give us a break from bombardments of sad news vis a vis humanity, we will be reminded of it. As you are reading this now, 33 trapped miners in chile are being rescued. You can read the update HERE or listen to a snippet of it in the video below.

Indeed, watching the rescued workers being portalled through a man made hole in a special vessel designed for the rescue, I cannot help but wonder, what would have been the fate of our miners should they be trapped after such devastating catastrophe hit them.

We all know, that it is the norm here in Malaysia, that unless you are a "somebody" or related to that somebody, then most likely only simple rescue would be possible. At this point in time, I fail to see Malaysians being able to conduct such rescue efforts. I suspect, we, the Malaysian have lost the sense of value of life. Of course, this is a different scenario, when it comes to rescuing "somebody"s.... Although I do value even the lives of some worthless politicians, but it gives me the goosebumps how much it would cost to save VIPs like saaaaaay, Rosie ( yes, yes, Rosie from Phua Chu Kang, if you insist )..for instance...imagine how much tax payers money wasted to come up with the rescue vessel you see in that video, not to mention the extra diameter of the hole they need to create....the only suspense moment felt for most Malaysians should we rescue such characters would be, "Oh dear, do you think her buttocks will get through that small bore hole?". And of course being Malaysians, bookies would have a field day taking bets.

I also cannot help but imagine some of the possible statements some may avow, should this kind of mishap happen in Malaysia (God forbid..really,.... God forbid):

BN : Don't worry, those minors, oh sorry, we mean miners will be rescued as soon as we can. We always take care of the minors....we mean, the miners....
Under their breaths : Aisey maaan, tak cukup bajet la...GE dah dekat...macamana ni?

Nik Aziz : Saving the infidels by taking them out of the hole is like making the hole and puting the Muslims in it. Umpama melepas anjing tersepit. Lepas tu kena samak 7 baldi air, satu baldi lumpur. Eh, tak kiraaaaa....walaupun pegang anjing sekarang lagi bersih dari pegang lumpur....hukum tetap hukum tu...

Samy Vellu : I think we should build a toll somewhere in between the tunnel to sponsor the cost of rescuing.

Karpal Singh and probably Kit siang : We must investigate as to why there was such dreadful incident happening at the mines. The earthquake was just a minute richter on scale, the vibration is just enough to cause orgasm for the frustated widows and divorces. Who is the people behind the company that owns the mine. And we will not hesitate to take action.

Hishamudin : We should use our Keris to dig the hole...after all, it did a good job digging holes in between the ears of some Malays.

Karam Singh Walia : Harapkan pagar, pagar lagi tak boleh harap.

Anwar Ibrahim : Tight hole? Where??!!!

Ibrahim Ali : A united rescue team in Malaysia? We'll unite the Malays first, so that Malaysians will be united as a result of this, and then, we rescue them. Otherwise don't tokshit tree taims.

Rosmah : We have brought the matter up in our first First Lady Summit, and they have voted to use my video that I dueted with Mawi, as a tool to create a hole in the earth for the rescue efforts.

Islamist FundaMENTALists : "Abu Jahil Al kohol heard Abu Huraikanlah said that the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, 'Saving the lives of infidels is like cuting our long beard.'..."

Well guys and gals, got to rush to work...if anyone can come up with more possible statements, please feel free to jot it down.. ;->


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