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Saturday, 2 October 2010

No to Sex...until certified halal by JAKIM?

Puteri UMNO may just be on their way to prove to the public that they are indeed, irrelevant. Firstly, there was a suggestion from their premier, that baby dumpers be charged as murderers, never mind the majority of baby dumpers are teenagers. Now, the Puteri UMNO wants the air stewardesses wear head covers.

These are the things that make one wonders, what runs Puteri UMNO. Even if one is not sure of the right answer, it not necessarily mean that one do not know what is NOT the answer and judging by the decisions taken by them lately, I reckon I can safely say this establishment do not run on compassion nor gray matter, but does it matter?

Shahrizat must be suffering from either PMS or perimenopausal mood swings when she suggested that Murder charge be sentenced to baby dumpers, probably forgetting that most baby dumpers are clueless teenagers. They cannot even have sex without being smart enough not to get a baby out of wedlock, not to mention dispose these babies without getting caught, how is it that the cabinet reached to the conclusion that these teenagers are harmful to society and therefore must be sentenced to death.Of course, killing babies or action that leads to babies killed cannot be justified as right. Far from it. Yes, they should be punished. But by death? What is the juvenile court there then, if we are going to punish our thoughtless kids the same way we punish adults?We are the adults. We should not forget that we are partly to blame for this fiasco. The system that we had created had given accidental birth to these baby murderers. If you don't believe me, read the papers. The medical side have encouraged sex education in schools

But lucky for doctors in Malaysia, because majority of Malaysians comprises of shortsighted and not so smart people who cannot differentiate between porn and sex education even if their lives depended on it, ergo explained how they managed to get into medical school without stiff competition. We're not THAT smart actually...just lucky that everyone else is less smarter :->
HERE's why I said that...Below are links to reiterate my point.

2. I'd be surprise if teachers say yes to extra work for them. I mean, it's bad enough that they were threatened with learning English in order to teach Science and Mathematics - if not for the strong Teachers' Union's much needed next GE votes, the Goverment would have went ahead with the plan ergo this, Malaysian teachers say no to sex education
3. Of course we Malaysians tend to really sit down and solve a problem when it is totally necessary. The idea of prevention as a better option then cure, is too much for us to grasp ergo, Debate on Sex Education Rises with teen pregnancy

4. And of course, Sex issues are not Sex issues without the comment of spiritual leaders. After all, religion IS all about sex - prohibited against it, line up seperately and treated differently because you differ in it, abstain from it or punished for it. The religious department may not have enough kaki and tangan to entertain betrayed, frustrated women who are wronged by men in marriage not to mention settle children's allemony form divorce, because most of the time they are not in office....attending courses is the normal excuse (I call it inter-course), but there will always be ample kaki dan tangan to nab couples making out anywhere. These 4 guys are so effficient, they should be working in the CIA, Mossad etc.
Nik Aziz : Sex Education is like teaching thieves how to steal. I hate to break the news to Nik Aziz, but teaching folks to steal would be sending them to prison. In fact, one may go in for petty crimes, and graduate as a full fledged criminal, or at least con artists. If we send folks to prison for sex, like while waiting for sentence of flogging, they may come out as porn artists.

Trust me. The amount of frustrated wives and husbands coming into my clinic for consultation is enough to make me know that not only our children need sex education, some of our adults them too. Hmm..maybe that is why many Muslims are against sex education. They don't want to have their children know more than what they can handle.

Obviously being Muslim, the ultimate goal here is of course ABSTINENCE from sex before marriage. Hello, people!! Stop the hypocrisy silvous plait merci boucoup!!! Haven't we learn in...I mean from the hoo haas going on with the Churches that that is almost impossible?!! Ask the Pope, and the victims of molestations all around,they'll tell ya.. Right now the Pope may be thinking of ways to ban viagra. For now however, he could only manage this:

Humans have needs and especially teenagers, they have crazy hormones, that is a fact and that is nature. How we handle this is of utmost importance. What they need is guidance on how to handle their hormones. The grandmother's method of two tight slaps don't work on kids of today. Right now, I think we have no right to punish our children when part of their mistakes are a consequence of our shortcummings...I mean shortcomings.

How Menteri Besar Melaka handled this situation, which was legalizing child marriages, is shameful. Our duty is to protect our children, not encourage them to legalize sex just so the adults get to solve their headaches. Have they actually thought how they are going to handle the number of broken marriages in the future, resulting from this type of marriages? As it is, it takes Sisters In Islam to do their job for them, ironically for free. Not bad for a "sesat" organization, I must say. Maybe JAKIM or JAIS needs to be "sesat" so they they may learn some work ethics in order to defend humanity, not suppress it.

Again, Puteri UMNO suggested they come up with schools just for pregnant students. I for one believe that a child pregnant should not be expelled from school. You cannot punish a child for a mistake he/she did because of immaturity, by creating new problems on top the preexisting one that they have already been going through. Again, it's the adults' idea of solving problem is punishing. it's easier on their part. Don't bother about prevention because the punishment is allegedly better than prevention.

I suppose it never occured to the Kementerian to send these kids for counselling, and of course it did not occur to them that perhaps other kids may learn a few good lessons when their eyes are feasted upon the product of reckless sex, should these pregnant kids be allowed to resume studying in the same school?

Our school is where we are taught to not accept people who make mistakes, let alone give them support and guidance when they do. This is where inhumanity is instilled in the next and the next generation to come. It begins with the decision the adults take concerning our children who erred.

Whether we like or accept it or not, sex amongst kids is not going to go away. And the problems that comes with them are not going to go anywhere either. Not with the existing system the adults create for our children anyway. Let's just stop the hypocrisy and start working for zero corruption instead of concentrating on zero legal sex. Sex is going to happen amongst kids because it is human nature to rebel and do what is told not to do, and it's human nature to feel horny. Not every kid can handle it, ergo the need for a proper sex education. If Nik Aziz is right, that teaching sex to our kids is like teaching them how to steal, at least let them know about the consequences of their actions. If shit happens, it is the duty of the adult to support them and guide them, not shun them simply because it is convenient for us and that is saves face. Childhood pregnance is not about the adult and how they feel in society, but about the children who erred and need the guidance of the adults even more so now.

I think it's the adults who should start doing what we commonly tell our children to do and that is not just to grow old, but to grow up too.

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