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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Empathy....such a lonely word...

Empathy. That is what is severely lacking in our society today. That paired with other lost good traits through time; integrity, honesty, sincerity, the ability to count our blessings, the ability to apologize. What we gain whilst growing as a nation is we develope a self serving culture, (it's a nice way of saying selfishness), ego that needed no viagra boost, amnesia of our own history, discontent, anger over injustice and the list goes on and on.

This my brothers and sisters is the consequences of a solely money driven society. And we all, in muhibbah proportion are guilty as charged. We are not interested in reasoning the facts, but would prefer to listen to things that yields self gain, especially materially. We believe, not so much in the truth, but what benefits us. Human nature.

Let's get back to Empathy. Whether you and me like it or not, history states that the Proto Malays then Deutero Malays came before the Hang Li Poh, the Portugese, the Chinese, and Indians. Here's where empathy lies. Imagine it to be of the reverse. The Chinese and indian came first, followed by the Proto/Deutero malays that automatically go into the "dan lain lain box". Tell me how you feel, honestly.

Chinese/ Indian: Would you have embraced the deutero/proto malays the way they have done so, without claiming that this land is yours forever? Look at the history of China and India. If Malays were to have migrated there, would they be embraced the same way without a fight ? Would you have expected them to assimilate with the present society at the time the way Indonesians, Americans etc had? History of China showed the killing of your own kind so as to unite the kingdom. Ghandi had to fast for long period of time to get the Indians, amongst them, to unite. Look at Singapore. Would you blame the Malays today, for feeling insecure about being a second class citizen on their own soil?

Malays: Imagine if you are being called immigrants even as you are the 3rd descendants born and raised in this country. How would you feel? Is this fair? Islam had taught you that this land is God's land. And that being Islam have no room for racism and injustice. Islam also taught you to rise to the occasion in serving humanity. You cannot claim racial superiority and at the same time claim to be Islamic. That's just a joke.

Malays are irritated with the arrogance of non malays not accepting the fact that they did the non Malays a favor by granting them the citizenship. After all, they could have gone to war and chase the Chinese / Indians out of the country back then. Or would they. Could they? And what would have happen if the Chinese and Indians were sent back? The chinese came to malaya because they wanted to run away from Opium War. Why can't the Chinese appreciate the fact that in Malaya, they found sanctity ? Malays are also irritated at some Chinese/Indian that despite having born and bread here in malaysia, some don't even bother to make an effort to learn the Bahasa Malaysia. But one thing fantastic about the Indians that I note. Almost all Indians can speak English!!

Non Malays are irritated with the arrogance of the Malays for despite contributing to the economy, a huge contribution if I may add and treating this country as their home, they are still treated like "kaum pendatang". (But pendatang halal maaaa..not pendatang haram). But can you blame the Malays for questioning your sincerity towards uniting with them, when you refuse to give up your vernacular schools on the pretext of maintaining your culture. Why? Separating our children from even before puberty ergo impairing unity is less important than maintaining culture? As for the Malays, please...if you want to attract the non malays into joining a One School system, you seriously need to be more sensitive towards making schools that is as competetive, and accomodate the needs of minority to maintain their culture. They are here. What are you going to do about it? Deal with it, but deal with it in a manner complying to the teaching of Islam.

The society we live in today is struggling to achieve unity. We are all swimming in our own racial insecurities, distrust amongst us and for some who had failed to evolve from the nearnandal era, racial hatred. Anyone who dispute this should ask themselves, "who do I have lunch with everyday at work? Is it with my own race or a mix group", there you go, there's your proof.....and it's only because we do not have a ONE SCHOOL system, and i am not talking about the Sekolah Kebangsaan. If we can send an..well, the russians call him cosmonaut, the americans call him astronaut and malaysians call, to the moon, then we can spend good money to build good ONE SCHOOLs. If we cannot come up with a decent ONE SCHOOL, then we should all just shut the f** up...

Of course there are those who have embraced each other and see themselves as just Malaysians. Unfortunately, that is what happens to quality...they come in small quantity and are struggling to find a sense of belonging in society. If anything we are the minority. Heck! I think even the gay community outnumbered us.

But why are we fighting each other? Why don't we make the politicians, all of them, not just LGE apologize to us, the rakyat? Mahathir should apologize for planting the seed to chronism and destroying the independence of the legal system? Anwar for selling anything from under the sun just to become the PM. Let's not forget, he was one of them who fed chronism before he became their foe. Tengku Razaleigh and Musa Hitam for teaming up to illegalize UMNO causing an innocent by stander Tun Salleh Abas to be sacked, and the legal system therein flushed down the Mexico way, only because they did not anticipate Mahathir could retaliate.

These politicians spend too much time in dick waving competition, without even considering what the consequences will be on the rakyat, so just they can show who's dick is larger and deserve that standing ovation. ! They should also apologize to the people of Sabah and Sarawak. These trusting souls voted for BN for a long time and look at how the incumbent government reciprocrated... there are still people in these places who don't know what it would be like to live their lives with electricity. They should also apologize for abusing the NEP which is one of the major contributor to this countries discontent.

So bloody hell....they should be the ones apologizing to us!!!

What a mess we've made of our country!! But the solution is not so much as to look back, but to look forward. If being humble and apologizing is seen as something that is so difficult to do, then perhaps unity is not seen as a pritority after all, so much so, we cannot disable our ego to make way for unity. What is the point of being intellects when we have lost our basic virtue of being human? Like love, sometime we should let our hearts do the talking.

Take a moment and ponder on how lucky we are to be living in this country. It's a blessed land, a blessed country. The people on the other hand.............. Well, we don't have major catastrophes like earthquake, major typhoon, monsoon, we don't have absolute poverty, we only have relative poverty. If you have the time to check up on the people who lives in the squatters area, you'd be surprised to see Astro Arial sticking out of most of their houses, not to mention cars. So we are blessed. Start counting our blessing more than we whine about what we don't have.

Of course there are issues that needed to be ironed out. Ironed them out,by all means, for that we must. But only if we do it with love and respect for each other and with unity as the ultimate destiny, and not with hatred and deception. Remember that the race, religion and idealism ticket are of the most powerful tools for the politicians to manipulate society. Let's not be pawns in their chess game.

Why don't we all stop talking about unity, and start living it. Is preserving culture more important than preserving unity? After all, culture is something humans create and pass it down to the next generation. Why don't we make unity, our future culture??? Let's share this beautiful country, voluntarily....

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