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Monday, 20 June 2011

Finally, the Ultimate Solution to the Middle East Crisis.....

I have stumbled upon the Middle East solution, yes, finally. I'm sure the Zionists ( I said zionists, not jewish...), would be delighted if this resolution becomes a reality. Well, the zionists and probably Arab women who not only can't drink (alcohol) but can't drink and

Before anyone starts screaming "AllahuAkhbar!!!" and charge at me with a whip, or stones, or sword just so they can kill in the name of the same God I submit to, please halt, and do something that differs us humans with's called "thinking".

We Muslims should not get instantaneously angry when non Muslims mock our religion, until we can justify whether do we deserve to be mocked in the first place. Laugh if you may in the name of humour upon watching this video, but if you think about the state of Islam today, you may end up crying, especially if you're a Muslim women and homosexuals.......

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