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Wednesday, 26 September 2007

My Fraser's Hill Escapade

Did I get your attention yet? No, this is not the portrait of any one of my bosses that I don’t like, although, I can’t help but understand how you people came up with the metaphor behind it. This is a photo taken of a horse in Fraser’s Hill. This is one of the horses tourists ride on, charged RM4 for one lap.

My daughter was already riding this poor creature by the time I realized, as I photographed her, that the horse was in a sad state, it was too late to tell her to get off it. I really do not care if this is the ass of one of the famous Hollywood megastars, suffering from bulimia or anorexia. They are earning millions, unlike this poor horse, deprived of the proper food they deserve.
I told my daughter to get off the horse immediately. She was initially upset but agreed that we should not support such “recreational” act if it means torturing this creature of God. I guess the next step is to complain of such occurrences.

You know how it is in Malaysia. Things can only get done if you complain. The more you complain, the more get done. The much frequently you complain regarding one complaint, the faster things actually get done. Furthermore, the more important you are in the eyes of society, more things get done at a lightning pace.

I think the cat must have eaten all the horses’ food. I mean, look at it.

He’s friendly too. Obviously, it’s a male cat. Only the male cats know where to put their paws on, when they're in the playing mode, it's a male thing. Can’t help but notice the two balls dangling and banging away. It kind of reminded me of what most government servants do at work.

Even my dad couldn’t resist playing with him. He was probably checking the gender of the cat too. It’s a hereditary habit I guess, some kind of a inborn metabolic error passed down for generations. Lately, looking at many human, the task is getting tougher as there are many gender confused beings. This cat is definitely male, both testes successfully descended.

Fraser’s Hill would be a brilliant short escapade from the hustle and bustle of KL life. (take note the word 'short escapade'. Stay too long, you may end up talking to yourself or if you go with family, you may suffer over-bonding and end up in big squables!!! Stay until just before everyone get bored then grumpy.....) It’s quieter than the more visited Cameron Highlands, and less time taken to get there. We had fun walking though. Walk walk walk. The weather was brilliant. I tried absorbing as much scenery as I could.

The first thing my daughter asked me when we reached Fraser’s Hill, was “ What is that weird smell Ummi? Did you fart again?” . I answered, “That’s the smell of fresh air sayang”. And for the next 3days, we replaced the thick polluted carbon air trapped in our lungs from passive smoking cigarretes and vehicle exhaust, with the fresh air that smelt like my fart, according to my daughter’s nasal interpretation.

We did a lot of walking.
The view was breathtaking. It helped that the air is clean when we fell into that heavy breathing mode.
So you think only overseas have these views? Think again. This is the view taken from one of the old government bungalows, available for rent.
Of course, getting communication can be quite challenging. When people tell me to get lost, I’d go to places where I’m un-contactable, especially by phone, which is total bliss. That's my idea of getting lost in style. But when I want to get transmission, I can be quite tenacious. That’s one virtue I have that most of the time may irritate others.

Although the picture of me trying to get phone transmission may look like a low budget documentary, with the same people in them ( that's my sister jogging at the background), there are scanty people around to take photos of in the first place. I think the population of bugs outnumber human population here.

I fell in love the instance I set my eyes on the “Ol ye Smoke House”. Set in Tudor era, the interior décor was at harmony with the British colony ambience. Here are some photos.

The log was not actually burning. It was fake, but convincing at first glance.

Authentic cononial interior decor that turned my brown eyes blue.
Very cozy. This is the kind of house that if a couple do no practice safe sex, they may produce many accidental offsprings.

I wonder if we can shoot the movie,"Sherlock's Holmes was a Malaysian" in this room...

I took a swirl of this world map and realise, I have so many more places to go to so that one day I can turn around to my grandchildren and say, "I've seen the world". Oh, and since the world comprises of 3/4 sea, I guess I'd have to do a lot of deep sea diving in the future. Hmmm....

Oh, I'm a woman, it's natural that I pay attention to details..

Suddenly,I saw a vision of me growing old with my future spouse. This is how I want to spend my dying days. Smooch and snuggle with my spouse on the swing, just watch the sun set and rise. At that age, we'd probably do not need to get off the swing to go to the loo as we'd probably have a urine bag attached for his prostate and my urinary incontinence condition. Nor do we need to brush our teeths as we'd just have to soak our false teeths in a glass full of normal saline. So that will give us ample time to hang out on the swing all day long.

I haven't found him yet though. At the rate I am going, I suspect I may have resolve into going around kissing frogs hoping one of them will turn into a Prince Charming. Maybe that is what they mean by "men are animals". You may get lucky and kiss the right frog, at the right time. Oh yes, timing is of essence. You don't want to kiss a frog when he is still in the "commitment phobic" or a midlife crisis state.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s? A bit crowded for that, I think. This photo is taken after breakfast at the garden patio of Ol' Ye Smokehouse.

I found this next shot to be quite funny. Maybe to you it is not, but I was high on fresh air at the time, and fresh air can have a laughing gas effect as well. It's either that or you have lost your sense of humour.

I think, sometime in the future, there will be a case whereby the occupants of Rumah Methodist will find their mails end up at this Chinese Prayer Alter. You and I know the capabilities of a few of our postmen…

You think the Methodist House is having a tough time sorting out their mail.?? Check out the next photo.....

Hmm..maybe I'd change my address to Rumah Methodist Fraser's Hill, at the income tax department...


pah nur said...
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kaki.ayam said...

yes, i saw that cat!! It's really cute. He used to climb up to the railings and shit on the horse path...hehe....

I think you are a pretty interesting, will blog roll you...if you don't mind.

take care!

pah nur said...

dear kaki ayam. I belong to the secret society in the ancient times,where we still get clammy palms just sitting in front of the computer. So terms like "blog roll" makes me nervous, simply because i dont know what it means. Unless this "blog rolling" will end me up into trouble or jail, then sure, I don't mind you blog rolling me. Thank you

ruben said...

hi, where did u stay. i am looking for a bungalow for rent, have u any contact details for the place u stayed in