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Friday, 11 April 2008

Good Girl Gone Bad, the Non Rihanna version

Picture this.
You have a child who is a genius in Mathematics. You imagined the world would be at her feet.
A couple of years later...........
she still is a mathematics genius, only that she has a different approach to the application of mathematics. She uses, according to her, maths to stimulate her clients head, both heads obviously, while harlot-ing. Got to give her marks for ingenuity though. (I did quite well in maths during my student years, never thought of reciting maths while having sex. And I thought I am the sex goddess...). Well, the poor girl gets media coverage again, but this time for the wrong reasons. I am not going to go into details because, by now, everyone would know intimate details about her.

There are talks about saving her. There are talks amongst Malay students in UK saying she's been charmed. Hmmh...You can send the Malays to the Antarctic and they may still use the black magic excuse, as the reason for the iceberg melting, but that is another story.(err...i meant "us Malays", well, some of us lar..)

It's a lesson for each and everyone of us. Everybody has their own journey in life, that they and only they need to go through it,and at the end of it, learn the lessons. Let's not pass any judgments, Sufia still have a long way to go. She's just 23. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying being a prostitute is right. Even worse if it is by choice. But, although our heart breaks upon hearing the the Sufia story, it could happen to anyone. Given her past, I am not surprised that she ended up prostituting.

Come to think of it, there are many out there who are whores. After all, the definition of a "whore" is "a person who fuck others for money". I could think of a few, for examples; politicians,lawyers, doctors (sadly, there are doctors who took the hypocrite oath instead of Hipocrates Oath. No, putting scopes into human orifices and charging them is not considered as "rape" because patients have to sign a consent form for these procedures), etc..etc..etc...

She gets paid 130 pounds an hour to get fucked. I get fucked by patients' temperaments, who come in and give crap stories, take me for a ride with incoherent symptoms, making me think hard to come up with a diagnosis, only to realize 15minutes too late that they just wanted MC. And I only get RM30 an hour.There are people out there who are philanderers and ended up with a list of STDs. They have one night stands, one night two stands, or whatever other rubbish you can imagine. At least a prostitute is slightly smarter to charge.

We can only hope and pray that someday, Sufia will realize that perhaps charging costly for sex still makes her a genius, but that doesn't make it right. We can only hope that she will get out of it. We can only but pray. In the meantime, there are great lessons to learn from her story; that:-

1. I am not the sex goddess that I thought I am,

2. for those who hate maths, mathematics can turn people on....

3. fucking around is stupid, until you start charging. Then it becomes smart but unethical.

4. A doctor gets less pay than a whore.

5. Do not force your kids to learn maths...especially when you yourself flunked big time and needed your kids to re-live your mathematical dreams. Otherwise your kids will turn to prostitution just to piss you off.

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Hazidi said...

sad but true, unfortunately.