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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Welcome to the new luncheon's special, more bull's shit..

Welcome to the new layout. So, okay, Hazidi thinks that it is too feminine. Of course it is. Women almost always get their way, at the end of any argument . It's just a matter of time, or whether the male counterpart realizes it or not, or how long it takes for him to realize it. The sooner the better. That is why the male have a so called feminine side of them. It is a backup excuse in case they can't win a fight. Women will just say, "get in touch with your feminine side" to salvage a male's ego, and the male would take it as a gentle passage out of an argument. Frankly, who wants men to be in touch with their feminine side. The reason why women fancy men is because they are not feminine. Otherwise, we may as well be a lesbians, if we're looking for feminity, and it'll be one "head" less to worry about malfunctioning or misbehaving.

Trust me. Anyone who is and had been married to any woman would know that it is crucial to keep her happy. For instance, try to forget your girlfriend's or wife's birthday for just once. See what happens. Trust me. By the time you get it all sorted out, you'll never forget her birthday again.

Sometimes, we women use subtle approach. This is reserved for men with ego bigger than his love tool, this applies more to Malay and Indian men (I'm referring to the ego part). We make them think they're the boss. We've got the art of making men feel they won the battle, while we silently gleam at our actual victory. What can I say, it is but an art. That is why I guess gay marriages are called "gay". Both partners are happy because none of them are a female and not many arguments involved in ascertaining who wears the pants in the house ( because both do, unless well, when they don't ).

In straight marriages, men wears the pants but we women have the talent to determine the type and color of pants worn, or in some cases, on what day should each pants be worn. Women are cunning creatures and want their way most of the time. That is why I will never be in a lesbian relationship. One fox is just about enough to get a relationship going. Ever heard of the saying,"too many cooks spoils the broth"?

My daughter got this from god knows where, "The men are the head of the household. Women are the neck, we determine which direction the head points towards". It's one of the best kept secret of longevity of marriage. The women makes the men think that they are in charge. As long as men think that, then women can rule insidiously in peace. Otherwise, the marriage will just feel long.

So, why the flowers? I figured we're all old, in almost our "rumah kata pi kubuq kata mai" ages, so flowers are what we will get when we lie six feet under. My daughter disagreed and told me, if that was the case, then I should have gotten stones as my layout. Kids. That is why I do not believe in leaving too much inheritance. I'd like to feel missed as a human being when I lay down under, in a very non Australian manner.

Anyway, I hope to write again pretty soon. Expecting to be busy sometime soon, so don't give up on me, I shall be back.


Hazidi said...

I was expecting more blood and gore but thisis nice too.

pah nur said...

see..I rest my case. We women rule...

megaman said...

Seems like ur daughter is quite witty. Can intro or not ?

pah nur said...

Did michael jackson send you?