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Monday, 7 April 2008

Signs Without Symptoms....

Sometimes, there are signs that makes you wonder...why? Some make you wonder and smile. Some, wonder and frown. There are a few that makes you wonder, "If I break this signboard to pieces, can I get away with pleading temporary insanity?" These are some of the examples that had captured my attention. You'd probably have seen some of these posted in some of my articles previously. Nevertheless, here they are, collectively.

#1 Is this some kind of a new religion combo? I thought Rumah Methodist belongs to the Christians.
#2 Obviously the doctor running this clinic had not hired a marketing strategist. Perhaps I should keep up with the competitive edge by opening up, Klinic Panickest, across the road. It'll compliment the legend mith of the two shops, "Wee Kian Fatt" and "Soh Kian Wee"...
#3 Talk about confusing consumers with deceptive labeling technique

#4 This is a classic example of the Malaysian sign board. That is why people get lost in our jungles. It's difficult enough to find our way in the city.
#5 My all time favourite sign:
#6 The official UMNO's 13th general assembly. It is very important now, even more so, after the 12the General Election, to stay united and pure.
#7 Ten years ago, this sign would have had a simple meaning. In this millenium, who knows. Looking at where the man's hand is at, it could mean,"Beware of child molesters that look like God fearing men". Actually, they should come up with the same sign board depicting women molesters too. You never know these days.
#8 I found this in Terengganu. I had to bow and pass, like good old malay tradition of passing across someone in politeness, all the way down the stairs.

#9 I came from the time when "back side" was an expletive.
#10 Some people stick to spelling too seriously, literarily!! I can imagine how they'd tell me, "Miss mau buat itu rebonting ka? You punya rambut manyak tebal, manyak bagus punya ubat kite kasi sama lu.."
#11 This is the most irritating signboard I've feasted my eyes upon. How can anyone charge parking on Sundays???!!! I call it the perfect Highway Robbery...

I got a ticket at 8.15am on a Sunday by the way. Unless they come up with "OPS MBMB", I do not have any plans to pay....

# 12 What next? Tongkat Ah Chong? Finally, a business the Chinamen cannot prosper in (so I was told lah..)..

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