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Monday, 15 September 2008


I was commenting on a fellow blogger's Note when I stumbled upon something interesting, well, at least to me.

Someone was commenting on Malaysia as NOT being a democratic country the way it claims to be.

What is it then? I did some googling and well, I came up with this term;

Here's the search result, KLEPTOCRACY

Oh okay, for those bums who are to lazy to click on the hyperlink, here's the definition:

A kleptocracy (sometimes cleptocracy, occasionally kleptarchy) (root: klepto+kratein = rule by thieves) is a term applied to a government that extends the personal wealth and political power of government officials and the ruling class (collectively, kleptocrats) at the expense of the population.

A kleptocratic government often goes beyond mere cronyism and nepotism, or awarding the prime contracts and civil service posts to relatives or personal friends rather than the most competent applicants. They also create projects and programs at a policy level which serve the primary purpose of funneling money out of the treasury and into the pockets of the executive with little if any regard for the logic, viability or necessity of those project

Fancy that...Malaysia is actually run by Kleptomaniacs...The best person, hitherto, that I can think of, who could actually take over the Prime Minister-ship is someone from Outer Space, because, he would be the only one without relations and friends to take care of and abuse power for. It's too bad that they don't really come to Malaysia.. they are after all, what we refer to as Extra terrestrial intelligent beings...( intelligent enough to stay the hell away from us...)


Taxy Driver said...

You realise rewriting our history books is gonna cost a bomb, right?

pah nur said...'s a bit of a hassle changing all the words printed as "democracy" to "kleptocracy"...but should we find an extra terrestrial to rule the country..then the future history books may sound like "X-files" sitcoms....that's a good best seller sign because "X-files" was box office material!!!